AAS members—who currently number over one thousand individuals—are elected by their colleagues in recognition of their eminent works of scholarship, artistic endeavors, or public engagement in pre-twentieth-century American history and culture. Members are also elected for their broad support of cultural institutions, manifest interest in bibliographical and collecting matters, or distinction as community or national leaders in humanistic affairs.

The membership includes scholars, educators, publishers, collectors, cultural administrators, civic leaders, journalists, writers, and filmmakers, as well as lay persons with an interest in the field of American history. Fourteen presidents of the United States have been members, and AAS members have been awarded eighty-two Pulitzer Prizes and seventy-one Bancroft Prizes for their work. Members have been elected from every region of our nation and from thirty-three foreign countries.

Recently Elected Members Members Directory, 1812-Present

Current Members

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Name Location Election date
John Edward Herzog Southport, CT October 2001
Christine L. Heyrman Churchville, MD October 2002
Eric Alden Hinderaker Salt Lake City, UT October 2021
Barbara A. Hochman Jerusalem, Israel May 2014
Graham Hodges Hamilton, NY October 2001
Michael H. Hoeflich Lawrence, KS April 2002
Rana Asali Hogarth Champaign, IL April 2024
Vanessa M. Holden Lexington, KY October 2023
Thomas C. Holt Chicago, IL October 2000
A. Woodrow Holton Columbia, SC April 2003
Harold Holzer New York, NY April 2006
Melissa J. Homestead Lincoln, NE April 2022
John Neal Hoover Saint Louis, MO October 2009
James Horn Jamestown, VA October 2006
Helen L. Horowitz Cambridge, MA April 2000
Thomas Aquinas Horrocks Cambridge, MA April 2005
William Newell Hosley Enfield, CT April 2001
Lawrence R. Hott Florence, MA April 2016
Daniel Walker Howe Sherman Oaks, CA October 2008
Frederick Eugene Hoxie Evanston, IL April 2006
Alexia Iola Hudson-Ward Cambridge, MA October 2021
Timothy James Hughes Williamsport, PA October 2000
James Hunnewell Jr. Chestnut Hill, MA October 2008
Dard Hunter Chillicothe, OH November 2020
Cheryl Hurley New York, NY October 1995
Dorothy Margaret Hurt New Haven, CT October 2018
Darrell Hyder North Brookfield, MA October 1995
Andrea Lynne Immel Princeton, NJ April 2013
Nancy G. Isenberg Baton Rouge, LA October 2001
Elizabeth Bernadette Isenburg Hadlyme, CT October 2010
Holly Varden Izard Storrs, CT October 2005
Holly Jackson Cambridge, MA April 2022
Kenneth Terry Jackson New York, NY April 2002
Leon Jackson Columbia, SC October 2012
Petrina Jackson Cambridge, MA October 2022
Robert H. Jackson Cleveland, OH April 2009
M. Howard Jacobson Needham, MA October 1976
Sheryl Jaeger Tolland, CT April 2017
Lewis K. Jaffe Philadelphia, PA October 2019
Maya Jasanoff Cambridge, MA October 2023
Honorée Fanonne Jeffers Norman, OK May 2014
Clay S. Jenkinson Bismarck, ND October 1994
Nathaniel Jeppson Chestnut Hill, MA April 2013
Brock William Jobe Winterthur, DE April 2006
Richard R. John New York, NY October 2008
Charles Richard Johnson Seattle, WA April 2002
Elizabeth B. Johnson Boston, MA October 2001
Michael P. Johnson Baltimore, MD April 2003
Ronald Angelo Johnson San Marcos, TX October 2014
Sherita L. Johnson Hattiesburg, MS April 2024
Walter Johnson Jr. Cambridge, MA April 2008
Arnita A. Jones Hightstown, NJ October 2006
Daniel Spencer Jones Naples, FL April 2004
Gavin P. Jones Upton, MA October 2022
Jacqueline Jones Austin, TX October 2008
Martha Suzanne Jones Baltimore, MD October 2018
Daniel Jordan Jr. Charlottesville, VA October 1989
Florence Marie Jumonville New Orleans, LA April 1990
Priscilla Juvelis Kennebunkport, ME April 2002
Brewster Kahle San Francisco, CA April 2012
David M. Kahn Blue Mountain Lake, NY October 2003
Helen Ross Kahn Montreal, Canada October 2007
Laurie Kahn Watertown, MA April 1995
Michael Alexander Kahn San Francisco, CA April 2011
Seth Todd Kaller Harrison, NY October 2012
Jane Kamensky Cambridge, MA October 2001
Prithi Kanakamedala Jackson Heights, NY October 2021
Edward Walter Kane Concord, MA October 2021
Katherine Deffenbaugh Kane Denver, CO April 2011
Nicholas Kanellos Houston, TX October 1999
Stephen Kantrowitz Madison, WI April 2019
Ann F. Kaplan New York, NY October 2009
Carol F. Karlsen Hamden, CT October 1995
Kenneth Karmiole Santa Monica, CA November 2020
Stuart Eli Karu Palm Beach Gardens, FL April 1990
John Franklin Kasson Chapel Hill, NC April 2011
Joy Schlesinger Kasson Chapel Hill, NC April 2011
Sam Katz Philadelphia, PA April 2022
Stanley Nider Katz Skillman, NJ April 1981
Josette Kehaulani Kauanui Middletown, CT October 2010
Mary S. Keefe Worcester, MA November 2020
Thomas Joseph Keenan Wakefield, RI April 2006
John Michael Keenum Richmond, MA April 2007
Maureen McGady Kelleher Worcester, MA October 1995
Thomas David Kelleher West Brookfield, MA April 2016
Mary C. Kelley Lyme Center, NH October 1991
Catherine E. Kelly Norman, OK October 2009
Louise Marshall Kelly Moorestown, NJ April 2019
T. Michael Kelly Easthampton, MA April 2016
Alison Clarke Kenary Worcester, MA October 2012
Samuel Clarke Kenary Worcester, MA October 2015
Alexandra Kennedy Northampton, MA October 2022
Amos Kennedy Jr. Detroit, MI April 2021
Peter Michael Kenny New Paltz, NY October 2010
Linda K. Kerber Iowa City, IA October 1981
Carl Robert Keyes Worcester, MA April 2015
Lisa Kirby-Gibbs Worcester, MA October 2017
Richard Stewart Kirkendall Seattle, WA October 1978
Laura Kitchings North Grafton, MA April 2022
William M. Klimon Ashburn, VA April 2017
Lucia Z. Knoles Jefferson, MA October 2003
Thomas G. Knoles Jefferson, MA October 2003
Steven Samuel Koblik Claremont, CA October 2007
Sally G. Kohlstedt Minneapolis, MN April 1984
Richard Henry Kohn Durham, NC April 1992
Diana Korzenik Lexington, MA April 1995
Alex Krieger Jamaica Plain, MA October 2012
Rodger R. Krouse Boca Raton, FL May 2014
Donald William Krummel Urbana, IL April 1988
Jon Keith Kukla Richmond, VA October 2006
Karen Ordahl Kupperman New York, NY October 1985
Gary Francis Kurutz Sacramento, CA April 2011
Dean Thomas Lahikainen Salem, MA October 2008
Elizabeth Gourley Lahikainen Salem, MA October 2008
Marie Elaine Lamoureux Spencer, MA April 2006
Philip J. Lampi Gilbertville, MA April 2016
Christopher Warren Lane Denver, CO April 2003
Linda Zeva Lapides Baltimore, MD April 1989
Sidney Lapidus Harrison, NY October 1996
Edward J. Larkin Newark, DE October 2017
Judy Lorraine Larson Santa Barbara, CA October 2001
Donald Lassere Chicago, IL October 2022
Bruce G. Laurie Pelham, MA October 1995
Brenda Marie Lawson Belmont, MA May 2014
Rodrigo Lazo Costa Mesa, CA October 2010
Suzanne Dee Lebsock San Francisco, CA October 2005
Erika Lee Minneapolis, MN October 2021
Genevieve McClelland Lee Chelsea, VT April 2017
Henry Metcalf Lee Boston, MA April 2001
Lewis E. Lehrman Greenwich, CT October 2009
Michael Leja Landenberg, PA November 2020
Mary Beth Leonard Dulles, VA October 2015
Jill M. Lepore Cambridge, MA October 1998
Laurie Ann Leshin Worcester, MA October 2018
David Matthew Lesser Woodbridge, CT October 2004
Dana Robert Levenson Shrewsbury, MA October 2019
Barbara Abramoff Levy Hillsborough, NC April 2008
Earl Lewis Ann Arbor, MI October 2000
Henry William Lie Lincoln, MA October 2005
Susan Weiser Liebegott Brooklyn, NY October 2022
Ellen Fogelson Liman Palm Beach, FL April 2018
Patricia Nelson Limerick Boulder, CO October 1992
Edward Tabor Linenthal Witz, VA April 2012
Ann Terese Lisi Worcester, MA October 1997
Kent P. Ljungquist Jefferson, MA October 1995
Sandra Mackenzie Lloyd Flourtown, PA May 2014
Kenneth Alan Lockridge Missoula, MT October 2002
Timothy Loew Boylston, MA November 2013
Jacob Loewentheil New York, NY April 2024
Stephan Martin Loewentheil Stevenson, MD October 2005
Chris Loker Orinda, CA November 2013
Steven Mark Lomazow West Orange, NJ April 2008
Charles Robert Longsworth Concord, MA April 1989
Polly Ormsby Longsworth Concord, MA April 1991
Christopher J. Looby Hollywood, CA October 2007
Valerie Stoddard Loring Falmouth, ME October 2005
Mark L. Love Paxton, MA October 1997
Margaretta M. Lovell Berkeley, CA October 2001
Klaus Lubbers Mainz, Germany April 1995
Peter Carlton Luke New Baltimore, NY April 2017
Peter H. Lunder Portland, ME April 2013
Ted W. Lusher Austin, TX April 2013
Brian P. Luskey Gettysburg, PA April 2024
Clare A. Lyons Silver Spring, MD April 2011
Kelly Lytle Hernández Culver City, CA October 2021
Ingrid Jeppson Mach Maynard, MA October 2008
Barry L. MacLean Hobe Sound, FL April 1996
Philip G. Maddock Barrington, RI April 2011
Gloria L. Main Boulder, CO April 1987
Barry M. Maloney Worcester, MA April 2022
Peter Cooper Mancall Los Angeles, CA October 2008
Daniel R. Mandell Worcester, MA October 2014
Jen Manion Wellfleet, MA November 2020
Bruce Hartling Mann Cambridge, MA October 2008
Richard Manney Hastings-on-Hudson, NY April 1988
Stephen A. Marini Wellesley, MA October 1996
Jeremy B. Markowitz Summit, NJ April 2022
Nancy Peery Marriott Potomac, MD April 1991
Joshua Micah Marshall New York, NY October 2011
Megan Marshall Belmont, MA May 2014
Robert Martello Needham, MA April 2022
Ann Smart Martin Madison, WI April 2008
Michelle Holley Martin Seattle, WA April 2021
Robert Eden Martin Glencoe, IL October 1992
Robert Sidney Martin Lady Lake, FL October 2005
Katharine Martinez Marana, AZ April 2009
Martin E. Marty Chicago, IL April 1978
Peter Langton Masi Montague, MA October 2014
Nicole Maskiell Columbia, SC October 2021
Louis P. Masur Highland Park, NJ April 2003
Paul Matthews Worcester, MA November 2020
Stephen Matyas Jr. Kalamazoo, MI April 2011
Dwight A. McBride New York, NY October 2016
Russell A. McClintock Jefferson, MA April 2010
John Francis McClymer Shrewsbury, MA October 2005
Drew Randall McCoy Melrose, MA April 1991
John J. McCusker San Antonio, TX October 1988
Samantha McDonald Worcester, MA October 2023
Lisa Hill McDonough Worcester, MA October 2016
Neil Douglas McDonough Worcester, MA April 2008
Meredith L. McGill Jersey City, NJ April 1997
Emily McGinn Baltimore, MD October 2023
Nadia Totino McGourthy Worcester, MA May 2014
Timothy Joseph McGourthy Worcester, MA October 2016
James Patrick McGovern Worcester, MA April 2006
Erin McGuirl Brooklyn, NY April 2023
Elizabeth McHenry New York, NY April 2003
Maurie Dee McInnis Stony Brook, NY April 2016
Bruce Evan McKinney San Francisco, CA April 2000
Edward Richard McKinstry Kennett Square, PA October 2009
David John McKitterick Cambridge, United Kingdom April 1995
Elizabeth Peterson McLean Gladwyne, PA April 2001
Martha J. McNamara Boston, MA April 2007
James Munro McPherson Princeton, NJ October 1989
James Hart Merrell Poughkeepsie, NY October 2008
Barbara Wuensch Merritt Worcester, MA April 2001
Ellen A. Michelson Minneapolis, MN November 2013
Thomas Stuart Michie Brookline, MA October 2004
J. William Middendorf II Little Compton, RI April 1958
Stephen A. Mihm Athens, GA October 2007
Gary Marvin Milan Beverly Hills, CA April 1992
Leonard Lloyd Milberg Rye, NY October 1992
Ellen Gross Miles Bethesda, MD April 2003
George Albert Miles Branford, CT October 1994
Tiya Miles Cambridge, MA October 2011
Harold F. Miller Willis, TX November 2013
M. Stephen Miller West Hartford, CT October 2011
Marla R. Miller Hadley, MA November 2013
DeLisa Minor Harris Nashville, TN October 2023
John Odlin Mirick Worcester, MA April 1981
Louise Mirrer New York, NY October 2012
Bert Breon Mitchell Ellettsville, IN April 2001
Koritha Mitchell Northborough, MA April 2024
Satya B. Mitra Worcester, MA April 2017
Richard Palmer Moe Washington, DC April 2005
David Olav Moltke-Hansen Asheville, NC April 1995
Willis Jay Monie Cooperstown, NY October 2004
Maria E. Montoya New York, NY April 2022
Joycelyn K. Moody San Antonio, TX October 2009
James Eugene Mooney Ogunquit, ME October 1967
James David Moran Charlton, MA October 2021
A. Mitra Morgan Brookline, MA April 2012
David A. Morgan Durham, NC October 2008
David Joel Morgan Baton Rouge, LA October 2009
Jennifer Lyle Morgan New York, NY October 2017
Philip Robinson Morgan Boston, MA April 2009
Philip D. Morgan Baltimore, MD October 1998
Richard Parker Morgan Mentor, OH October 1992
Beverly A. Morgan-Welch New York, NY April 2005
Frank J. Morrill Charlton, MA October 2021