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AAS Welcomes Ann Daly, the Hench Post-Dissertation Fellow for 2021–22

Headshot of Ann DalyAnn Daly will spend the coming year at AAS revising her dissertation into a book about the origins of money. In traditional interpretations, currency emerged as a replacement for barter, and then followed a linear progression from coin to paper money to the contemporary world of credit cards and fiat currency. Daly takes a different perspective. In her project, titled “Minting America: The Politics, Technology, and Culture of Money in the Early United States,” she examines how the state used gold and silver coins to power American capitalism. Daly focuses on the material processes of mining and minting: The innovations of skilled workers, from expert enslaved women working Georgia’s goldfields to chemists who brought the latest science to the U.S. Mint, became tools of governance as the federal state deployed the design, production, and distribution of government-issued coin to regulate financial markets.

Daly, who recently accepted an appointment as assistant professor of history at Mississippi State University, received a Ph.D. from Brown University where she received the History Department’s Distinguished Dissertation Award.


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