AAS members—who currently number over one thousand individuals—are elected by their colleagues in recognition of their eminent works of scholarship, artistic endeavors, or public engagement in pre-twentieth-century American history and culture. Members are also elected for their broad support of cultural institutions, manifest interest in bibliographical and collecting matters, or distinction as community or national leaders in humanistic affairs.

The membership includes scholars, educators, publishers, collectors, cultural administrators, civic leaders, journalists, writers, and filmmakers, as well as lay persons with an interest in the field of American history. Fourteen presidents of the United States have been members, and AAS members have been awarded eighty-two Pulitzer Prizes and seventy-one Bancroft Prizes for their work. Members have been elected from every region of our nation and from thirty-three foreign countries.

Recently Elected Members Members Directory, 1812-Present

Current Members

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Name Location Election date
Lara L. Stein Charlottesville, VA October 2016
Robert Steinbock, M.D. Louisville, KY October 2001
Kate Davis Steinway St Petersburg, FL April 2009
Brenda E. Stevenson Los Angeles, CA October 2022
James Brewer Stewart Saint Paul, MN April 2005
Rick Stewart La Grange, TN April 2013
John Robert Stilgoe Norwell, MA April 2005
Roger Eliot Stoddard Concord, MA October 1965
Keith Stokes Newport, RI April 2023
Steven B. Stoll Guilford, CT April 2009
Harry S. Stout III Branford, CT October 1990
John Cleveland Stowe Boylston, MA October 1992
Jean Sacconaghi Strauss East Brookfield, MA October 2016
Jon Calvert Strauss East Brookfield, MA October 2016
Frank Streeter Jr. Lancaster, MA October 2012
Susan Elizabeth Strickler Manchester, NH October 1994
Graham Stanley Stubbs Escondido, CA November 2020
Michael S.J. Suarez Charlottesville, VA April 2011
Arthur Sulzberger Jr. New York, NY April 2000
Robert Kent Sutton Bethesda, MD April 2010
Elizabeth Svendsen Chehalis, WA October 2022
Charles Swartwood III Cotuit, MA October 2012
John Wood Sweet Chapel Hill, NC October 2023
Szilvia Emilia Szmuk-Tanenbaum New York, NY April 2010
Winston D. Tabb Baltimore, MD April 2004
Page Talbott Bala Cynwyd, PA April 2023
Susan Jaffe Tane Corning, NY May 2014
George Thomas Tanselle New York, NY October 1970
Alan S. Taylor Charlottsville, VA April 1995
Benjamin Blake Taylor Brookline, MA October 1998
Nikki M. Taylor Washington, DC October 2022
John Wei Tchen Newark, NJ April 2008
Daniel Grant Tear Northborough, MA April 1999
David A. Tebaldi Worthington, MA April 2009
George W. Tetler III Worcester, MA October 1996
Fredrika J. Teute Williamsburg, VA October 1998
Richard Thaler Jr. Charleston, SC October 2010
Thomas Warren Thaler Boston, MA April 2017
David Thelen Bloomington, IN October 2014
Julie Briel Thomas Maheru, France April 2001
Sarah Thomas Baltimore, MD May 2014
John Coe Thomson Chevy Chase, MD April 2018
William N. Thorndike Boston, MA October 2019
Richard Thorner Manchester, NH October 2023
Tamara Plakins Thornton Buffalo, NY April 2022
Robert Mark Thorson Storrs, CT April 2018
Sumner Tilton Jr. Worcester, MA October 1986
Bryant Tolles Jr. Concord, NH April 2006
Mark Daniel Tomasko New York, NY April 2004
Christopher Lawrence Tomlins Berkeley, CA April 2011
Kyla Wazana Tompkins Claremont, CA October 2019
Kimberly Toney Worcester, MA April 2023
George Keith Tonna Worcester, MA April 2018
June Sprigg Tooley Pittsfield, MA April 1996
J. Thomas Touchton Tampa, FL October 2003
Josephine Herron Truesdell Worcester, MA October 2014
Andrea J. Tucher New York, NY October 1995
Louis Leonard Tucker Cambridge, MA April 1979
Alan Turetz Newton Highlands, MA April 2004
John W. Tyler Cambridge, MA October 1998
Ron Tyler Fort Worth, TX April 1986
Laurel Thatcher Ulrich Bala Cynwyd, PA October 1991
Ira Larry Unschuld New York, NY April 2006
Dell Dell Upton Culver City, CA April 2010
Mark R. Valeri St. Louis, MO October 1998
John Chamberlin Van Horne Wynnewood, PA October 1998
Herbert Mason Varnum Worcester, MA October 1984
Robert Arthur Vincent Thompson, CT April 2016
Maris A. Vinovskis Ann Arbor, MI April 1977
Ben Vinson III Washington, DC April 2024
Michael Vinson Santa Fe, NM October 2019
Henry B. Voigt Wilmington, DE April 2023
Albert J. von Frank Pullman, WA October 2003
Eugene Garland Waddell Charleston, SC October 1983
Julian Davis Wade Worcester, MA October 2018
David L. Waldstreicher Wynnewood, PA October 2005
Celeste Walker Jamaica Plain, MA October 2003
Jeffrey B. Walker Sandy, UT October 2009
Kathryn Walkiewicz San Diego, CA October 2022
William Dean Wallace Worcester, MA April 1999
Altina L. Waller Willington, CT October 2003
John Walsh Jr. Los Angeles, CA April 1985
Peter C. Walther Rome, NY October 2003
Alice Louise Walton Millsap, TX April 2008
Geoffrey Champion Ward New York, NY October 2017
Michael D. Warner New Haven, CT April 1999
Wendy A. Warren Princeton, NJ October 2019
David Russell Warrington Arlington, MA October 1995
Robert Warrior Lawrence, KS April 2012
Matthias Waschek Worcester, MA April 2012
Margaret Washington Ithaca, NY October 2001
David Watters Dover, NH April 2006
Crystal Lynn Webster Vancouver, BC Canada April 2023
Robert Wedgeworth Chicago, IL April 1981
Adrian Chastain Weimer Providence, RI October 2022
Robert McColloch Weir Blythewood, SC October 1982
Barbara M. Weisberg Ghent, NY October 1998
Charles Stuart Weiss Holden, MA April 2018
Stephen David Weissman London, United Kingdom April 1980
James Alvin Welu Worcester, MA April 1995
Edward Eaton Wendell Milton, MA April 2016
Richard Harold Wendorf Bath, United Kingdom April 1996
Meridith Daniels Wesby Northborough, MA April 1981
Michael D. West Pittsburgh, PA October 2003
Richard Samuel West Northampton, MA October 2006
William Elliott West Fayetteville, AR April 2013
Nicholas Kilmer Westbrook Old Lyme, CT October 1994
Mark Robert Wetzel North Granby, CT October 1997
Barbara Ketcham Wheaton Lexington, MA October 1988
Deborah Gray White Metuchen, NJ October 2002
Richard White Glendale, CA October 1999
Shane White Sydney, Australia October 2007
Wallace French Whitney Princeton, MA October 2014
Edward Ladd Widmer Providence, RI April 2006
Wayne August Wiegand Walnut Creek, CA October 1999
Caroline Wigginton Oxford, MS October 2023
Craig Steven Wilder Cambridge, MA April 2013
Robert Sean Wilentz Princeton, NJ April 2007
Dave Harrell Williams Greenwich, CT October 1997
Erin Williams New Salem, MA April 2022
Frank John Williams Hope Valley, RI April 1995
Heather Andrea Williams Philadelphia, PA October 2022
Peter Creagh Williams North Grafton, MA October 1981
Reba White Williams Greenwich, CT October 1997
Susan S. Williams Columbus, OH October 2008
Ian Willison London, United Kingdom October 1995
Garry Wills Evanston, IL April 1988
Don Whitman Wilson Beaufort, SC October 1988
Douglas Lawson Wilson Galesburg, IL April 1995
Lisa H. Wilson Mystic, CT May 2014
John Richard Windle San Francisco, CA April 2021
Douglas Leo Winiarski Midlothian, VA April 2019
Michael B. Winship Philadelphia, PA April 1986
Michael Russell Winston Washington, DC April 1984
Caroline Winterer Stanford, CA April 2016
Calhoun Winton Franklin, TN April 1995
Kelly Wisecup Chicago, IL April 2022
Michael John Witgen Ithaca, NY April 2022
Michael Witmore Washington, DC October 2022
Clarence Wolf Bryn Mawr, PA October 2008
Wendy A. Woloson Camden, NJ October 2016
Ilyon Woo Cambridge, MA April 2023
Charles B. Wood III Cambridge, MA April 1995
Gordon S. Wood Providence, RI April 1976
Joseph S. Wood Rehoboth Beach, DE April 2006
Marcus Wood Brighton, United Kingdom October 2009
Peter Hutchins Wood Longmont, CO October 1979
Walter W. Woodward Storrs, CT April 2009
John Woolsey III Providence, RI April 2007
Robert Gene Workman Hot Springs Village, AR April 2008
Nazera Sadiq Wright Washington, DC October 2019
Paul Michael Wright Boston, MA April 2004
Shirley Ann Wright Worcester, MA October 2001
Karin A. Wulf Providence, RI October 2004
Hilary E. Wyss Hartford, CT October 2014
Xine Yao London, United Kingdom April 2024
Richard Yarborough Los Angeles, CA October 2023
Kariann Akemi Yokota Denver, CO April 2015
Kevin Lowell Young Washington, DC April 2018
William Jay Zachs Edinburgh, United Kingdom October 2010
Rafia M. Zafar St. Louis, MO April 2005
Rosemarie Zagarri Arlington, VA October 2009
John Merrill Zak Farmingdale, NY April 2006
Nina Zannieri Boston, MA November 2013
Mary Saracino Zboray Pittsburgh, PA April 1999
Ronald J. Zboray Pittsburgh, PA April 1999
Philip Zea Deerfield, MA April 2004
Larzer Ziff Baltimore, MD October 1979
Kurt Zimmerman Conroe, TX April 2024
Michael Zinman Hawthorne, NY October 1985
Hiller Bellin Zobel Boston, MA October 1967
Michael W. Zuckerman Philadelphia, PA April 2000