Hearst Foundations Fellowship

Hearst Foundations Fellowships are for creative and performing artists and writers.

Application Procedure

All applicants are considered for both the Hearst Foundations Fellowship and Robert and Charlotte Baron Fellowship

In addition to completing the online application form, the elements listed below are required for the completion of your application. Information about the required elements is given within the online form.


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Date Name Affiliation Position
2024 Alison Clarke Edmonton, AB Poet Research on Harriet E. Wilson for a historical fiction trilogy
2024 Tina Spangler Narrowsburg, NY Documentary Filmmaker Research for her historical film about the life, work, and massive influence of artist Frances Flora “Fanny” Palmer (1812-1876)
2023 Danielle Legros Georges Boston, MA Poet Research for “Acts of Resistance to New England Slavery by Africans Themselves in New England,” a series of poems about Black self-determinism and articulations of freedom within and against the context of Northern slavery
2023 D. Lance Marsh Oklahoma City, OK Playwright Research for “Macbeth/Forrest/Macbeth” a radical reworking of the text of Shakespeare’s Macbeth as seen through the lens of the Astor Place Riots
2022 Shirley Hunt Boston, MA Musician Research for concert/lecture which focuses on early 19th-century lutherie in New England
2022 Darryl Lauster Arlington, TX Sculptor Research for a series of bronze sculptures that will visually identify with scrolls and parchment manuscripts
2020 Michael Schlitt Los Angeles, CA Storyteller The Pursuit of Happiness podcast: a multi-episode audio series about Americans' quest for an elusive, aspirational ideal of happiness
2020 Melanie Cataldo Worcester, MA Illustrator The Making: An illustrated novel that focuses on the struggle of two young girls living by 19th century standards in mid 20th century New England
2019 Brece Honeycutt Sheffield, MA Mixed Media Artist A series of artworks that demonstrate at their core a respect for the natural world in ages past
2018 Brian Mullin London, U.K. Playwright Play inspired by the community of freed African-American slaves who lived freely in an abandoned British garrison in the West Florida territory following the end of the War of 1812