AAS members—who currently number over one thousand individuals—are elected by their colleagues in recognition of their eminent works of scholarship, artistic endeavors, or public engagement in pre-twentieth-century American history and culture. Members are also elected for their broad support of cultural institutions, manifest interest in bibliographical and collecting matters, or distinction as community or national leaders in humanistic affairs.

The membership includes scholars, educators, publishers, collectors, cultural administrators, civic leaders, journalists, writers, and filmmakers, as well as lay persons with an interest in the field of American history. Fourteen presidents of the United States have been members, and AAS members have been awarded eighty-two Pulitzer Prizes and seventy-one Bancroft Prizes for their work. Members have been elected from every region of our nation and from thirty-three foreign countries.

Recently Elected Members Members Directory, 1812-Present

Current Members

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Name Location Election date
John Curtis Jr. Williamsburg, VA October 2006
Leslie Kelly Cutler Worcester, MA April 2005
David Francis Dalton Chestnut Hill, MA April 1992
Karen C. Dalton Springfield, MA October 1994
David W. Dangremond Old Lyme, CT October 1998
James Philip Danky Stoughton, WI October 1996
John Christie Dann Dexter, MI October 1980
Robert Choate Darnton Cambridge, MA April 1983
Marlene L. Daut New Haven, CT October 2022
Cathy N. Davidson New York, NY April 1987
Elliot B. Davis Dedham, MA October 1996
John Harlan Davis Deerfield, MA April 2018
Laurel Ann Davis Boylston, MA April 2004
Phillips Sherwood Davis Boylston, MA April 2013
Thadious Marie Davis Nashville, TN April 2010
Thomas Joseph Davis Gilbert, AZ October 2000
Shannon Lee Dawdy Chicago, IL October 2010
Cornelia H. Dayton Ashford, CT October 2000
Margery MacNeil Dearborn Worcester, MA October 1989
Helen R. Deese Ann Arbor, MI April 2002
Alan N. Degutis Holden, MA October 1996
Alice Mohler DeLana Cambridge, MA October 2010
Andrew Henry Delbanco New York, NY October 2006
Jeannine M. DeLombard Santa Barbara, CA October 2009
Philip Joseph Deloria Cambridge, MA October 2000
Christine M. DeLucia Williamstown, MA October 2018
Glenn Carley DeMallie Worcester, MA April 2012
John P. Demos Tyringham, MA April 1979
Cate Denial Galesburg, IL April 2024
Everette Eugene Dennis Lake Oswego, OR October 1987
Margherita Mary Desy Beverly, MA October 2015
Sarah Jane Deutsch Durham, NC October 1994
Jane Kenah Dewey Worcester, MA October 1994
Jane McElveen Dewey Norfolk, MA April 2007
Morgan Bowen Dewey Lebanon, NH October 2002
Scott F. DeWolfe Alfred, ME October 2017
Jeremy Brooks Dibbell Vestal, NY April 2022
Dennis Dickerson Sr. Nashville, TN October 1994
Lindsay DiCuirci Silver Spring, MD October 2022
Henry Dietrich III Chevy Chase, MD October 2010
Elizabeth Maddock Dillon Medford, MA April 2010
Wai Chee Dimock New Haven, CT April 2005
Mark G. Dimunation Washington, DC October 2007
Brian Mannon Donahue Gill, MA October 2016
James Edward Donahue Sturbridge, MA November 2013
Carol Burns Donnelly Worcester, MA April 2018
James Donnelly Jr. Worcester, MA April 1991
Ruah Donnelly Conway, MA October 2019
David Maris Doret Philadelphia, PA April 2009
Thomas L. Doughton Worcester, MA October 2002
Margaret A. Drain Boston, MA April 2003
George Lincoln Dresser Worcester, MA April 2012
Rebecca Marble Dresser Hastings-on-Hudson, NY April 2021
Peter Drummey Boston, MA October 1996
Anna Mae Duane Milford, CT October 2016
Thomas Louis Dublin Berkeley, CA October 2006
Laurent M. Dubois Charlottesville, VA November 2013
Chandler A. Dumaine Worcester, MA April 2007
Peter Thomas Dumaine Riegelsville, PA April 2006
Erica Armstrong Dunbar New Brunswick, NJ April 2017
Camille T. Dungy Fort Colllins, CO November 2020
Ellen S. Dunlap West Boylston, MA October 1992
Kathleen Anne DuVal Durham, NC October 2011
Devon P. Eastland Brooklyn, NY April 2021
Carolyn Eastman Richmond, VA October 2022
Hendrik Edelman New York, NY April 1983
Jared Ingersoll Edwards West Hartford, CT October 2012
Joseph J. Ellis III South Hadley, MA April 1995
Rex M. Ellis Washington, DC October 2008
George Williams Emery Kennebunkport, ME April 2010
Daniel Mark Epstein Gambier, OH October 2015
Jesse Ryan Erickson New York, NY April 2021
Paul J. Erickson Ann Arbor, MI October 2019
Betsy Erkkilä Evanston, IL April 2010
John Ernest Newark, DE April 2023
Linwood Erskine Jr. Paxton, MA April 1961
Matthew Forbes Erskine Paxton, MA October 2001
Hal Espo New York, NY April 2019
Tamar Evangelestia Evangelestia-Dougherty Washington, DC April 2022
Ann V. Fabian New York, NY April 1997
Geneviève Fabre-Moreau Paris, France April 1996
Benjamin Fagan Auburn, AL April 2022
Alice E. Fahs Irvine, CA October 2003
Jonathan Leo Fairbanks Westwood, MA October 1982
John Mack Faragher New Haven, CT October 2000
Donald Farren Chevy Chase, MD April 2004
Richard Janney Fates Ipswich, MA October 1996
Drew Gilpin Faust Cambridge, MA April 2000
Juliet Feibel Worcester, MA October 2022
Crystal Nicole Feimster New Haven, CT October 2018
Joseph Felcone II Princeton, NJ October 1992
Stuart Paul Feld New York, NY October 2001
Elizabeth Fenn Boulder, CO October 2021
Stephen Ferguson Princeton, NJ April 2012
David Sean Ferriero Durham, NC April 2010
Kendra Taira Field Somerville, MA October 2021
Brigitte Fielder Madison, WI April 2023
Barbara G. Fields Providence, RI November 2020
Norman Sanford Fiering Providence, RI April 1981
Steve Finer Greenfield, MA April 2023
Paul Finkelman Melrose Park, PA April 2009
Adrien C. Finlay Acton, MA April 2023
Nancy Ann Finlay Unionville, CT October 2014
Dennis Andrew Fiori Concord, MA April 2006
David Hackett Fischer Wayland, MA April 1971
David B. Fithian Worcester, MA April 2021
Mary Froiland Fletcher Worcester, MA October 2000
Warner Stoddard Fletcher Worcester, MA October 1981
Richard W. Flint Baltimore, MD October 2008
Eric Foner New York, NY October 1989
Timothy Carter Forbes New York, NY October 1986
Samuel Kelly Fore Plano, TX October 2021
P. Gabrielle Foreman State College, PA April 2018
Lee William Formwalt Bloomington, IN October 2006
David Forsberg West Falmouth, MA October 2014
Frances Smith Foster San Diego, CA October 2018
William Fowler Jr. Reading, MA October 1998
Richard Wightman Fox Venice, CA April 2002
Matthew Fox-Amato Moscow, ID October 2023
Lillian Eve Fraker Lanesboro, MA October 2017
John V. Frank Akron, OH April 2019
John Whittington Franklin Washington, DC October 2007
Wayne S. Franklin Storrs, CT April 1996
William W. Freehling Fredericksburg, VA April 1990
Joanne B. Freeman New Haven, CT October 2002
Donald Richard Friary Salem, MA October 1979
Bob Frishman Andover, MA October 2023
Marisa J. Fuentes New Brunswick, NJ April 2024
Mary B. Fuhrer Acton, MA October 2014
Mark William Fuller Boylston, MA October 2004
Randall Fuller Lawrence, KS October 2023
Francois Furstenberg Baltimore, MD November 2013
Laurel K. Gabel Yarmouth Port, MA October 2003
John J. Garcia Providence, RI April 2022
Bryan A. Garner Dallas, TX October 2021
J. Ritchie Garrison Newark, DE April 2017
Ellen Gruber Garvey New York, NY October 2022
John Gately II Marlborough, MA April 2000
Henry Louis Gates Jr. Cambridge, MA April 1989
Bruce Gaultney Austin, TX October 2012
Roger Genser Santa Monica, CA April 2015
Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina Northampton, MA October 2019
Loren Frank Ghiglione West Tisbury, MA April 1980
Susan Lynn Gibbons Branford, CT April 2013
Gregory Arthur Gibson Gloucester, MA October 2011
Paula J. Giddings Hadley, MA April 2023
Timothy J. Gilfoyle Chicago, IL October 2007
Paul Arn Gilje Norman, OK April 2009
Joanne S. Gill Boston, MA April 2001
James William Gilreath Washington, DC October 1989
Lori D. Ginzberg Philadelphia, PA April 2009
Lisa L. Gitelman Jersey City, NJ April 2008
Basie Bales Gitlin Hamden, CT October 2021
Peter Gittleman Boston, MA November 2013
William Jonathan Glick Meriden, CT October 2018
Thavolia Glymph Durham, NC April 2013
David R. Godine Milton, MA October 1988
William Nelson Goetzmann New Haven, CT April 1992
Stephen Alan Goldman Oxford, MD April 1987
Dorista Jones Goldsberry Worcester, MA October 2001
James Goldsberry Ashland, MA April 2023
Yvonne P. Goldsberry Walpole, NH April 2023
Aston A. Gonzalez Washington, DC April 2021
Adam K. Goodheart Chestertown, MD October 2010
Louis Allan Goodman Boston, MA April 1997
Doris Kearns Goodwin Boston, MA October 2000
Sarah Barringer Gordon Philadelphia, PA October 2022
Annette Gordon-Reed New York, NY October 2000
Amanda Gorman Los Angeles, CA October 2023
Eliga Hayden Gould Durham, NH May 2014
Philip B. Gould Providence, RI October 2003
Harvey J. Graff Columbus, OH April 2023
J. Kevin Graffagnino Essex Junction, VT April 1996
Maryemma Graham Lawrence, KS April 1995
Katherine Alysia Grandjean Ashland, MA April 2021
Christopher Grasso Providence, RI April 2003
Thomas Alexander Gray Clemmons, NC April 2012
Harvey Green Van Hornesville, NY October 2007
James N. Green Glenside, PA October 1994
John Green Jr. Spencer, MA October 2008
Michael S. Green Las Vegas, NV April 2024
Amy S. Greenberg State College, PA April 2021
Douglas Greenberg New Brunswick, NJ April 1996
Daniel Greene Chicago, IL October 2022
Jack Phillip Greene Warwick, RI October 1972
Joel Paul Greene Worcester, MA October 1992
Martin Lee Greene Seattle, WA October 2008
Kerri K. Greenidge Medford, MA April 2021
Ezra Greenspan Dallas, TX April 2003
Janette Thomas Greenwood Worcester, MA October 2002
William Greer Jr. Chevy Chase, MD April 1986
Katherine C. Grier Newark, DE October 2009
Patrick Griffin South Bend, IN April 2021
Jeffrey Griffith Anaheim, CA October 2023
Joseph Paul Gromacki Chicago, IL October 2014
Stephen Leopold Gronowski Alamo, CA October 2009
Robert A. Gross Concord, MA October 1982
James Richard Grossman Washington, DC April 2011
Edwin Stuart Grosvenor Rockville, MD April 2011
Jeffrey D. Groves Claremont, CA April 1999
Kirsten Silva Gruesz Santa Cruz, CA April 2011
Werner Leonard Gundersheimer Sarasota, FL April 1990
Philip F. Gura Chapel Hill, NC April 1988
Sandra M. Gustafson Chicago, IL April 2003
Emily J. Guthrie Philadelphia, PA April 2023
Ramon A. Gutierrez Albuquerque, NM October 1999
Abraham William Haddad Worcester, MA April 2015
Joseph Henry Hagan Little Compton, RI April 1988
Gary L. Hagenbuch Auburn, MA October 2012
Christopher Damon Haig Honolulu, HI April 2007
Joy Frisch Hakim Bethesda, MD April 2001
David D. Hall Arlington, MA April 1981
Deborah Hall Worcester, MA October 2021
Elton Wayland Hall South Dartmouth, MA April 2010
Michael G. Hall Austin, TX April 1963
Stephen G. Hall Columbus, OH October 2022
Terry Grant Halladay Hamden, CT October 2018
Karen Halttunen San Marino, CA April 1995
Pekka Johannes Hämäläinen Goleta, CA October 2011
John G.S. Hanson Boston, MA April 2022
Brian D. Hardison Dallas, GA October 2012
James Harley Harrington Portsmouth, RI October 1987
Leslie Maria Harris Chicago, IL April 2011
Neil Harris Chicago, IL April 1980
Sharon Marie Harris Vancouver, WA April 2008
Emma Hart Ardmore, PA October 2021
Gary Warren Hart Kittredge, CO October 2005
William Bryan Hart Middlebury, VT October 2007
Nathan O. Hatch Winston-Salem, NC April 1992
Jeffrey P. Hatcher Wayzata, MN April 2011
John Brewster Hattendorf Newport, RI October 2016
Jeffrey Brooks Hawkins Chestnut Hill, MA October 2021
E. Haven Hawley Gainesville, FL October 2022
Donald Andrew Heald New York, NY April 1999
James Heald II Worcester, MA October 1974
Michael David Heaston Eastborough, KS April 2007
Udo J. Hebel Pentling, Germany April 2003
Morrison Harris Heckscher New York, NY April 2007
Jessica Helfand Providence, RI October 2008
Lee E. Heller Santa Barbara, CA October 1991
David Michel Henkin Berkeley, CA October 2010
James A. Henretta Glendale, CA October 1985
Judith Carpenter Herdeg Mendenhall, PA April 2005
Barbara Elizabeth Heritage Charlottesville, VA April 2024
Bernard Lania Herman Chapel Hill, NC April 2010
Melanie Hernandez Fresno, CA October 2022
Lesley S. Herrmann New York, NY October 2002
Frank Farnum Herron Winchester, MA April 2007
John Herron Jr. Cambridge, MA April 1989
Roger Hertog New York, NY October 2008