AAS members—who currently number over one thousand individuals—are elected by their colleagues in recognition of their eminent works of scholarship, artistic endeavors, or public engagement in pre-twentieth-century American history and culture. Members are also elected for their broad support of cultural institutions, manifest interest in bibliographical and collecting matters, or distinction as community or national leaders in humanistic affairs.

The membership includes scholars, educators, publishers, collectors, cultural administrators, civic leaders, journalists, writers, and filmmakers, as well as lay persons with an interest in the field of American history. Fourteen presidents of the United States have been members, and AAS members have been awarded eighty-two Pulitzer Prizes and seventy-one Bancroft Prizes for their work. Members have been elected from every region of our nation and from thirty-three foreign countries.

Recently Elected Members Members Directory, 1812-Present

Current Members

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Name Location Election date
Millicent Demmin Abell Del Mar, CA October 1986
Lawrence Jay Abramoff Worcester, MA October 1998
Eleanor Snow Adams West Boylston, MA October 1987
John Weston Adams Dover, MA April 1997
Joseph M. Adelman Framingham, MA October 2019
Gretchen S. Adkins New York, NY November 2020
Jesse Alemán Albuquerque, NM April 2012
Nicole Aljoe Boston, MA April 2015
Danielle Allen Cambridge, MA October 2016
Susan Macall Allen Claremont, CA October 2015
Catherine A. Allgor Marblehead, MA October 2002
Samuel Gummere Allis Jamaica Plain, MA April 2007
Robert J. Allison Boston, MA April 2017
Freddie Wayne Anderson Boulder, CO April 2004
Jennifer L. Anderson Huntington, NY November 2020
John B. Anderson Worcester, MA April 1995
Virginia DeJohn Anderson Boulder, CO October 2015
Walter Herman Anderson White Plains, NY October 1989
Carol Damon Andrews New Braintree, MA April 2006
Joseph Lyon Andrews Arlington, MA October 2015
William Leake Andrews Chapel Hill, NC April 2001
David Philip Angel Westerly, RI April 2012
Anna Arabindan-Kesson Princeton, NJ April 2023
Nick Aretakis Guilford, CT April 2019
D. Noelani Arista Honolulu, HI November 2020
David Richard Armitage Cambridge, MA October 2007
Charles B. Arning Lunenburg, MA October 2004
Morris Sheppard Arnold Little Rock, AR October 1998
Stephen Anthony Aron Santa Monica, CA October 2011
James Ernest Arsenault Arrowsic, ME October 2014
Jean Willoughby Ashton New York, NY April 2008
Renée Ater Providence, RI April 2022
Lawrence Rush Atkinson Washington, DC November 2020
Thomas Augst New York, NY October 2011
Edward M. Augustus Jr. Franklin, MA October 2015
Edward L. Ayers Charlottesville, VA October 1998
Robert Stephen Bachelder North Oxford, MA April 2013
Elizabeth Bacon Sutton, MA April 2024
Mardges Elizabeth Bacon Cambridge, MA October 2011
Mia L. Bagneris New Orleans, LA April 2023
Donald Knight Bain Denver, CO October 1998
Lorne Bair Winchester, VA April 2024
Jessie doe Baird Mashpee, MA October 2011
Jean Harvey Baker Baltimore, MD October 1989
Nicholson Baker Veazie, ME October 2000
Robert Francis Baker Prescott, AZ October 1991
Edward Rowley Ball Hamden, CT April 2015
James Banner Jr. Washington, DC October 1981
Georgia Brady Barnhill Amherst, MA October 1990
Frederick U. Baron South Deerfield, MA April 2022
Robert C. Baron Denver, CO April 1989
Alexander Curran Bartholomew Worcester, MA November 2020
Melissa Barton New Haven, CT April 2024
Nicholas A. Basbanes North Grafton, MA October 1995
Ben Bascom Muncie, IN April 2024
James G. Basker New York, NY April 2001
Hosea Thomas Baskin Northampton, MA April 2021
Lisa Unger Baskin Leeds, MA October 1989
John Earl Bassett Auburn Hills, MI April 2001
Lynne Z. Bassett Palmer, MA April 2010
John William Bassick Paxton, MA April 2018
Ralph Robert Bauer Silver Spring, MD April 2008
Susan S. Baughman Largo, FL October 1995
Kabria Baumgartner Newburyport, MA April 2021
Mia Elisabeth Bay Philadelphia, PA October 2010
Ross W. Beales Jr. Reading, MA April 1982
Whitney Austin Beals Southborough, MA April 2010
Steven Douglas Beare Wilmington, DE October 2007
Sven Sven Beckert Cambridge, MA April 2019
Terry Belanger Charlottesville, VA October 1994
J. L. Bell Newton, MA April 2011
James Brugler Bell New Haven, CT April 1980
Wendy A. Bellion Newark, DE April 2011
Thomas Bender New York, NY April 2006
Richard Dyke Benjamin New York, NY October 1984
Bruce Shaw Bennett Boynton Beach, FL October 1989
B. Cheryl Beredo New Haven, CT April 2023
Dennis Dale Berkey Osterville, MA April 2010
Carol Berkin New York, NY October 2004
William R. Berkley Greenwich, CT October 1999
Robin M. Bernstein Watertown, MA November 2013
Ann Crossman Berry Hayes, VA April 2011
Daina Ramey Berry Santa Barbara, CA April 2021
Dorothy Judith Berry Washington, DC October 2021
Sarah Brandegee Berry Boylston, MA October 1991
John Bidwell Princeton, NJ April 1987
Mary Sarah Bilder Newton, MA April 2017
Bailey Bishop Cambridge, MA October 1995
Sande Price Bishop Williamsburg, VA October 2002
Ned Blackhawk New Haven, CT October 2011
Michael Louis Blakey Williamsburg, VA October 2001
Martin Henry Blatt Cambridge, MA April 2013
John C. Blew Chicago, IL October 2015
David W. Blight New Haven, CT October 1997
John Robinson Block Pittsburgh, PA April 1996
Laurie Block Conway, MA October 2021
Sharon Block Irvine, CA April 2022
Hester Blum Bellefonte, PA April 2013
Colleen Glenney Boggs Hanover, NH October 2019
Joan Toland Bok Boston, MA October 1980
Charles Steven Bolick Framingham, MA October 2011
Christopher James Bonner College Park, MD October 2021
Patricia Updegraff Bonomi Irvington, NY April 2002
Jean Marie Borgatti Shrewsbury, MA April 1991
Philip S.J. Boroughs Worcester, MA April 2013
David Carl Bosse Amherst, MA October 2009
Sheila Read Botein Atherton, CA October 2009
Jared Bowen Boston, MA October 2023
Q. David Bowers Wolfeboro Falls, NH April 2003
Ian Brabner Wilmington, DE November 2020
Robert Carl Bradbury Blacksburg, VA April 2003
Henry William Brands Austin, TX November 2020
Ann D. Braude Cambridge, MA April 1997
T. H. Breen Greensboro, VT October 1994
Catherine A. Brekus Auburndale, MA April 2003
Francis J. Bremer Lancaster, PA April 2004
David Rodney Brigham Philadelphia, PA April 2002
Richard H. Brodhead Durham, NC April 2000
John L. Brooke Columbus, OH October 1995
Richard Stark Brookhiser New York, NY October 2001
Ruth Bradlee Brooking Wilmington, DE October 1999
Geraldine Brooks Vineyard Haven, MA April 2015
James Frederick Brooks Tesuque, NM October 2008
Joanna M. Brooks San Diego, CA October 2011
Lisa Brooks Leverett, MA October 2012
Lisa Muriel Browar Leawood, KS April 2021
Christopher Leslie Brown New York, NY April 2008
Daniel Brown Jr. West Granby, CT October 2014
Douglas S. Brown Sherborn, MA October 2021
Irene Quenzler Brown Hampton, CT April 2004
Joshua Brown New York, NY October 2006
Lois Brown Tempe, AZ April 2023
Matthew Pentland Brown Iowa City, IA April 2009
Richard D. Brown Hampton, CT April 1981
Richard H. Brown New York, NY October 2007
Vincent Brown Cambridge, MA April 2009
Wesley Alan Brown Denver, CO October 2002
Margaret Marie Bruchac Northampton, MA April 2016
Martin C. Brückner Philadelphia, PA April 2007
Thomas Paul Bruhn Storrs, CT October 2012
James Steven Brust San Pedro, CA April 2006
Charles Bryan Jr. Richmond, VA April 2001
William Price Bryson Bath, MI May 2014
Harold Paul Buckingham Worcester, MA October 2017
Michael Lloyd Buehler Southampton, MA April 2018
Lawrence Buell Lincoln, MA October 1992
William Buice III New York, NY April 2005
Steven C. Bullock Worcester, MA October 1996
Lonnie Bunch III Washington, DC October 2001
Caroline Lawrence Bundy Manchester by the Sea, MA April 2007
Gary L. Bunker Highland, UT October 2003
Michael Sedgwick Burd Kennebunkport, ME April 2022
Nancy Hall Burkett Atlanta, GA April 1989
Randall Keith Burkett Atlanta, GA October 1998
William Robert Burleigh Cincinnati, OH October 1990
Michelle Burnham Santa Clara, CA April 2019
Kenneth Lauren Burns Walpole, NH October 1992
Sarah Lea Burns Bellevue, WA April 2004
Andrew Burstein Baton Rouge, LA October 2001
Michael David Burstein Bernardston, MA October 2006
Claudia L. Bushman New York, NY October 1995
Richard L. Bushman New York, NY October 1981
Alta Mae Butler Worcester, MA April 2009
Johnnella E. Butler Atlanta, GA April 2005
Jon Butler Minneapolis, MN October 1999
Kevin Butterfield Washington, DC October 2022
Tara Bynum Iowa City, IA April 2022
Harold Cabot Jr. Tucson, AZ April 1986
John Lowell Cabot Manchester by the Sea, MA October 1992
Frank Rogers Callahan Worcester, MA April 2013
Colin Gordon Calloway Norwich, VT April 2012
Caroline A. Camougis Worcester, MA October 2023
James T. Campbell Stanford, CA October 2022
Richard McAlpin Candee York, ME April 2003
Jay Cantor Woodstock, CT April 2024
Katharine Capshaw Storrs, CT October 2017
Eric Clay Caren Miami, FL October 2000
Kenneth E. Carpenter Newton Center, MA April 1980
Bridget P. Carr Milton, MA October 2017
James Revell Carr Santa Fe, NM April 1995
Francis Ralph Carroll Worcester, MA October 2010
Cary Carson Williamsburg, VA October 2001
James Carter Jr. Atlanta, GA April 1988
Deborah Densmore Cary Princeton, MA April 2015
Scott E. Casper Holden, MA April 1999
James Cassidy III Worcester, MA October 2017
Christopher D. Castiglia State College, PA October 2009
Susan McDaniel Ceccacci Jefferson, MA November 2013
Richard J. Cellini Cambridge, MA October 2021
Joanne Danaher Chaison Port St. Lucie, FL October 1996
Harriette L. Chandler Worcester, MA April 2018
David A. Chang Minneapolis, MN April 2022
Joyce Elizabeth Chaplin Cambridge, MA October 2007
Roger Chartier Paris, France April 1995
Barbara Dewayne Chase-Riboud Paris, France October 2008
Richard Warfield Cheek Belmont, MA October 2004
Ron Chernow Brooklyn, NY April 2017
George Chester Jr. Delaplane, VA October 2012
Ann Louise Chinn Jacksonville, FL April 2022
C. Robert Chow Rancho Palos Verdes, CA April 2008
Jonathan M. Chu Hanover, MA April 2017
Carol Canda Clark Newton Highlands, MA October 2010
Christopher F. Clark Northampton, MA April 1995
G. Scott Clemons New York, NY April 2023
William Jefferson Clinton New York, NY October 2010
Jasmine Nichole Cobb Cary, NC April 2021
Dale Cockrell Lincoln, VT October 1995
William James Coffill Sonora, CA April 2010
Daniel A. Cohen Worcester, MA April 2001
Daniel J. Cohen Boston, MA April 2013
Fern Davis Cohen Sands Point, NY April 2012
Lara Langer Cohen Swarthmore, PA October 2016
Matt Cohen Lincoln, NE October 2017
Patricia C. Cohen Goleta, CA October 1990
Paul E. Cohen New York, NY April 2017
John Young Cole Chevy Chase, MD October 1985
Christy S. Coleman Chester, VA November 2013
J. Christopher Collins Sterling, MA April 2012
Michael Francis Collins Worcester, MA April 2018
Michelle D. Commander New York, NY April 2021
JoAnn Conrad Kensington, CA October 2021
James W. Cook Ann Arbor, MI April 2010
William Compton Cook Vero Beach, FL October 1989
Edward Cooke Jr. New Haven, CT April 2010
Nym Cooke Petersham, MA April 2016
Nancy Rich Coolidge Boston, MA October 2005
James Cooper Jr. Coventry, CT October 2016
Wendy Ann Cooper Kennett Square, PA April 2015
Deirdre Cooper Owens Hartford, CT April 2024
Daniel Robert Coquillette Cambridge, MA October 1985
Saul Cornell Redding, CT October 2007
Raúl Coronado Berkeley, CA April 2023
Nancy Falik Cott Cambridge, MA April 1983
Edward Countryman Dallas, TX April 2005
William Mark Craig Dallas, TX April 2008
Patricia A. Crain New York, NY April 2002
Ralph James Crandall Harvard, MA October 1996
Richard A. Crawford Ann Arbor, MI April 1975
Peter Linton Crawley Provo, UT April 2003
Donald Howard Cresswell Philadelphia, PA April 2003
John Pope Crichton San Francisco, CA October 2009
William John Cronon Winnipeg, MB Canada October 1988
William R. Cross Manchester, MA April 2024
Christian Ayne Crouch Rhinebeck, NY April 2024
Harlan Rogers Crow Dallas, TX April 2008
Ralph Crowley Jr. Worcester, MA October 2012
Charles Thomas Cullen Peachtree Cor, GA October 1987
James Cummins Jr. Pottersville, NJ April 1989
James Cummins III New York, NY April 2024
Valerie Ragland Cunningham Portsmouth, NH April 2007