Justin G. Schiller Fellowship

The Justin G. Schiller Fellowship supports research by both doctoral candidates and postdoctoral scholars from any disciplinary perspective on the production, distribution, literary content, or historical context of American children's books to 1876.

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Date Name Affiliation Position
2023-24 Emily C. Bruce University of Minnesota, Morris Associate Professor of History Siblings on the Move: German, Irish, and French Canadian Families, 1840-1930
2022-23 Abigail Corcoran University of Wisconsin, Madison PhD Candidate in History Juvenile Reform Societies in the Antebellum United States
2020-21 Micah-Jade Stanback Texas Christian University PhD Candidate in English Beyond Innocence: Examining Literary Representations of Black Childhood in the Nineteenth Century
2019-20 Shavonte Mills Pennsylvania State University PhD Candidate in History Visionaries: The Black Educational Network as Transnational Diasporic Politics, 1840-1880
2018-19 Camille Owens Yale University PhD Candidate in African American Studies Blackness and the Human Child: Race, Prodigy, and the Logic of American Childhood
2017-18 Jaclyn Schultz University of California, Santa Cruz PhD Candidate Learning the Value of a Dollar
2016-17 Amanda Stuckey College of William and Mary PhD Candidate Reading Bodies: Disability and the Book in Nineteenth-Century American Culture
2015-16 Ben Davidson New York University PhD Candidate Freedom's Generation: Coming of Age in the Era of Emancipation
2014-15 Brian Rouleau Texas A&M University Assistant Professor of History Empire's Children: Youth Culture and the Expansionist Impulse
2013-14 Jacob Crane Tufts University PhD Candidate Barbary Captivity, Africa, and American Children’s Literature