John Herron Jr.


Jock Herron is a Design Critic at the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) and a member of the Design Engineering faculty in partnership with the School of Applied Engineering and Science. His longstanding view that food systems – his research focus - are at the nexus of population and habitat health is rooted in his multi-decade experience co-managing family farms in southern Ohio (grains, gravel, lumber, solar) and as a former chairman of the Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research. 

A former senior managing director and partner at Bankers Trust, Jock co-founded BT Ventures as well as Zoologic, an educational software company with over 400 hundred institutional clients on four continents. He co-founded and is a partner of Tidepool Press, a small publishing company focused on non-fiction. Jock formerly chaired the board of the Cambridge Center for Adult Education and served as Vice President of the Worcester Art Museum and on the boards of a number of private companies and other non-profits. 

Jock has a doctorate and a M.Des. with distinction from the GSD. Decades earlier he received a M.B.A. from the University of Chicago and a B.A. in philosophy from Hampshire College where he was in the first entering class. An active collector of 20th century letterpress books, Jock’s affiliation with the AAS began in 1972 as a summer volunteer in the conservation lab.

Cambridge, MA
United States

Elected to AAS
April 1989