AAS members—who currently number over one thousand individuals—are elected by their colleagues in recognition of their eminent works of scholarship, artistic endeavors, or public engagement in pre-twentieth-century American history and culture. Members are also elected for their broad support of cultural institutions, manifest interest in bibliographical and collecting matters, or distinction as community or national leaders in humanistic affairs.

The membership includes scholars, educators, publishers, collectors, cultural administrators, civic leaders, journalists, writers, and filmmakers, as well as lay persons with an interest in the field of American history. Fourteen presidents of the United States have been members, and AAS members have been awarded eighty-two Pulitzer Prizes and seventy-one Bancroft Prizes for their work. Members have been elected from every region of our nation and from thirty-three foreign countries.

Recently Elected Members Members Directory, 1812-Present

Current Members

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Name Location Election date
Roger Moss Jr. Philadelphia, PA October 2009
John Henry Motley Hamden, CT October 2004
Donald Nelson Mott Sheffield, MA April 2000
Alyssa Mt. Pleasant Buffalo, NY April 2024
Christen Mucher Northampton, MA October 2023
Fortunat Fritz Mueller-Maerki New York, NY April 2010
Khalil Gibran Muhammad Cambridge, MA October 2015
Carla Jean Mulford Bellefonte, PA April 2009
Frederic Mulligan Worcester, MA May 2014
Salvatore Muoio New York, NY April 2012
Timothy Patrick Murray Worcester, MA October 2008
James H. Mussells Orinda, CA April 2009
June Namias Cambridge, MA April 2007
Heather S. Nathans Medford, MA October 2008
John Nau III Houston, TX April 2012
Matthew Joseph Needle Belfast, ME April 2001
Andrew Neilly Jr. Hoboken, NJ April 1984
Charmaine A. Nelson Amherst, MA October 2022
Dana Dawn Nelson Nashville, TN April 2008
Megan Kate Nelson Boston, MA April 2024
Andy Nettell Moab, UT October 2023
Meredith M. Neuman Worcester, MA October 2012
Charles Latta Newhall Salem, MA October 2009
Bernard Newman Philadelphia, PA October 2010
Robert Kent Newmyer Storrs, CT October 1995
James A. Newton Charlotte, NC April 1996
Mae Ngai New York, NY October 2021
David Alden Nicholson Grafton, MA October 2008
Thomas Toliver Niles Stamford, CT April 1990
Stephen W. Nissenbaum Underhill, VT October 1982
Gregory H. Nobles Atlanta, GA April 1995
Carl Richard Nold Chapel Hill, NC October 2012
David Paul Nord Bloomington, IN October 1992
Mary Beth Norton Ithaca, NY April 1976
Barbara Novak New York, NY October 1980
Jane Cayford Nylander Portsmouth, NH October 1984
Richard Conrad Nylander Portsmouth, NH October 2007
Jean M. O'Brien Minneapolis, MN October 2000
Michael V. O'Brien Southborough, MA November 2013
Barry F. O'Connell Easthampton, MA October 1996
Jeremy F. O'Connell Worcester, MA October 1995
Paul O'Connell Jr. Manitou Springs, CO October 1987
Edward Thomas O'Donnell Worcester, MA October 2009
James Francis O'Gorman Gorham, ME October 2003
Andrew J. O'Shaughnessy Charlottesville, VA April 2008
Joseph Carter Oakley Worcester, MA October 2009
Barbara Bowen Oberg Hamden, CT April 2004
Gary Yukio Okihiro Pahoa, HI October 2011
Mariana Simeonova Oller Stow, MA April 2015
Peter S. Onuf Hamden, CT October 1994
John Harlow Ott Harpswell, ME October 2006
Beppy Landrum Owen Winter Springs, FL October 2022
Deborah Sue Packard Worcester, MA November 2020
Susan Gittings Paine Cambridge, MA October 1997
Nell Irvin Painter East Orange, NJ October 1987
John Palfrey Jr. Chicago, IL April 2012
Edward Papenfuse Jr. Baltimore, MD April 1987
Claire Parfait Paris, France April 2018
Ann Parker North Brookfield, MA October 1998
Susan Scott Parrish Ann Arbor, MI April 2007
T. Michael Parrish Waco, TX April 2023
Jeffrey L. Pasley Columbia, MO October 2006
Alvin Patrick Easton, CT April 2024
Deval Laurdine Patrick Boston, MA April 2012
Todd Pattison Somerville, MA October 2022
James Paugh III Worcester, MA October 1998
Barbara A. Paulson Washington, DC April 2009
Robert McCracken Peck Philadelphia, PA April 2007
Thoru Pederson Worcester, MA October 1995
Anthony Stephen Pell Boston, MA April 1996
Dylan Craig Penningroth Kensington, CA October 2012
Douglas William Pepin Woodland, CA November 2020
David Alan Persky Worcester, MA April 1989
Carla G. Pestana Los Angeles, CA October 2023
Carla L. Peterson Washington, DC October 2001
Mark A. Peterson New Haven, CT April 2004
William Pettit III Albany, NY October 2011
Nathaniel Philbrick Nantucket, MA April 2002
Leila Philip Woodstock, CT October 2023
Christopher W. Phillips Cincinnati, OH April 2016
Kenvi Phillips Attleboro, MA October 2023
Sandra M. Phoenix Ellenwood, GA April 2023
Sally Marie Pierce Cape Neddick, ME October 2003
Charles Pierce * Jr. Salt Point, NY February 2009
Dwight Townsend Pitcaithley Las Cruces, NM April 2012
Cynthia Nelson Pitcher Worcester, MA April 1990
Stephen Miles Pitcher Worcester, MA October 2012
Andrew David Platt Silver Spring, MD April 2022
Karyn Ellen Polito Shrewsbury, MA October 2018
Phyllis Phyllis Pollack Worcester, MA April 2019
Glendon Herrick Pomeroy Shrewsbury, MA April 1995
Luke Ives Pontifell Newburgh, NY April 1996
Amanda Porterfield New York, NY April 1992
Ousmane Kirumu Power-Greene Northampton, MA April 2022
Lloyd P. Pratt Oxford, United Kingdom April 2010
Kenneth Marsden Price Lincoln, NE October 2016
Leah Price New Brunswick, NJ October 2010
Sally M. Promey North Haven, CT April 2002
Paul Michael Provost Webster, MA November 2020
Jules David Prown North Branford, CT October 1966
Jonathan Prude Atlanta, GA April 2008
Thomas John Putnam Concord, MA October 2018
Richard I. Rabinowitz Brooklyn, NY October 2003
Janice Anne Radway Durham, NC October 1996
Jack N. Rakove Stanford, CA April 2000
Gail Randall Worcester, MA April 2023
Ray Raphael Richmond, CA April 2007
Ann-Cathrine M. Rapp Worcester, MA April 1999
Neil Rasmussen Concord, MA October 2023
Donald J. Ratcliffe Banbury, United Kingdom April 2003
James R. Raven Dry Drayton, United Kingdom October 1997
K.J. Rawson Grafton, MA April 2024
Wendy W. Reaves Chevy Chase, MD April 2006
Marcus Rediker Pittsburgh, PA October 2010
Cleota Reed Syracuse, NY April 2007
Michael A. Refolo Shrewsbury, MA October 2019
Elizabeth Carroll Reilly Hardwick, MA October 1998
Scott Richard Reisinger New York, NY April 2005
Benjamin Reiss Atlanta, GA October 2010
Rosalind Remer Glenside, PA October 1997
Kenneth W. Rendell Natick, MA April 1995
Andrés Reséndez Davis, CA April 2021
S. Paul Reville Chestnut Hill, MA April 1995
David S. Reynolds Old Westbury, NY April 1996
Joseph Rezek Brookline, MA April 2023
Linda Smith Rhoads Adams, MA April 2005
John Holliday Rhodehamel Newport Beach, CA October 1999
Harold Richard Richardson Shrewsbury, MA April 2006
Marilyn Elaine Richardson Watertown, MA April 2002
Amy G. Richter Worcester, MA October 2023
Daniel K. Richter Monrovia, CA October 2002
Robert Cowan Ritchie Pasadena, CA April 1996
Alfred Ritter Jr. Norfolk, VA October 2009
Joseph R. Roach New Haven, CT April 2012
Eugene Roberts Jr. New York, NY April 1987
Jennifer Lee Roberts Cambridge, MA April 2011
Kyle B. Roberts Malden, MA November 2020
Andrew W. Robertson Owego, NY April 2003
Janet Lynn Robinson New York, NY April 2004
Seth Rockman Providence, RI October 2011
Anthony G. Roeber University Park, PA April 2004
Rebecca Romney Silver Spring, MD October 2023
Mark Roosevelt Santa Fe, NM April 2001
Deane Leslie Root Pittsburgh, PA October 2004
Anne Carver Rose State College, PA November 2013
David Semel Rose New York, NY October 2014
Jonathan Ely Rose Convent Station, NJ October 2002
Charles Ernest Rosenberg Cambridge, MA April 1984
Jessica Rosenberg Ithaca, NY April 2024
Edward Lester Rosenberry Carlisle, PA October 2018
Richard Neil Rosenfeld Gloucester, MA April 1992
Dale Rosengarten McClellanville, SC May 2014
Nancy Peikin Rosin Franklin Lakes, NJ April 2016
Ellen Kate Rothman Watertown, MA October 2012
Joshua D. Rothman Tuscaloosa, AL October 2021
Steven Rotman Worcester, MA April 1988
Vincent D. Rougeau Worcester, MA October 2023
Phillip Round Iowa City, IA April 2013
John William Rowe Chicago, IL April 1992
David M. Rubenstein Washington, DC October 2012
Joan Shelley Rubin Rochester, NY October 1996
Katherine McCanless Ruffin Wellesley, MA April 2022
Fath Davis Ruffins Washington, DC April 2012
Rudy Ruggles Jr. Ridgefield, CT April 2007
Robert Rulon-Miller St. Paul, MN November 2020
David M. Rumsey San Francisco, CA October 1995
Britt M. Rusert Amherst, MA April 2022
Ann Elizabeth Russell Concord, MA October 1996
Michael Russem Somerville, MA April 2019
Mary Patricia Ryan Berkeley, CA April 1984
Michael Timothy Ryan Philadelphia, PA October 2014
Neil Safier Providence, RI October 2014
Theresa Ann Salazar Albany, CA October 2021
Shirley R. Samuels Ithaca, NY April 2009
Karen Sánchez-Eppler Amherst, MA October 2005
Scott A. Sandage Pittsburgh, PA April 2007
Sarah Sanders Worcester, MA April 2024
Martha A. Sandweiss Santa Fe, NM April 2006
Kirk Savage Pittsburgh, PA October 2022
Lance E. Schachterle Worcester, MA October 1995
Joseph Thomas Scheinfeldt West Hartford, DE October 2015
Justin Galland Schiller Kingston, NY October 1984
Caroline Fearey Schimmel New York, NY April 1999
Mary Coxe Schlosser New York, NY April 1991
Alice Schreyer Chicago, IL October 2015
E. C. Schroeder Omaha, NE April 2011
Michael Steven Schudson New York, NY April 1992
Susan Schulten Denver, CO October 2018
John Charles Schumacher-Hardy South Lancaster, MA April 2021
Samuel Joseph Scinta Onalaska, WI October 2011
Donald M. Scott New York, NY October 1987
Elizabeth H. Scott New York, NY October 2007
Garrett Scott II Ann Arbor, MI April 2019
James Andrew Secord Cambridge, United Kingdom April 2005
Jonathan Senchyne Madison, WI April 2023
Nancy Patterson Sevcenko South Woodstock, VT April 2010
Robert Seth Seymour Colebrook, CT October 2010
Barbara Ann Shailor Branford, CT October 2002
Robert E. Shalhope Norman, OK April 1997
Tanya Sheehan Cumberland Foreside, ME April 2019
Nathaniel Sheidley Natick, MA October 2023
Mark Logan Shelton Worcester, MA October 2018
Beverly Kay Sheppard Centreville, MD October 2005
Carol Sheriff Williamsburg, VA April 2005
Earle Kirby Shettleworth Hallowell, ME October 2017
David S. Shields Columbia, SC October 1995
Nancy Shoemaker Storrs, CT October 2009
William Frederic Shortz Pleasantville, NY October 1995
Kenneth Shure Rockport, ME April 2023
Bruce Shyer Jr. Oakland, CA April 2023
Barbara Sicherman West Hartford, CT April 1989
James Sidbury Houston, TX October 2005
Nancy J. Siegel Baltimore, MD October 2018
Andrea Siegling-Blohm Hannover, Germany April 2013
Joel Silver Bloomington, IN April 2023
David J. Silverman Washington, DC April 2011
Anita Lynne Silvey Westwood, MA October 2006
D. Brenton Simons Boston, MA April 2008
Robert Singerman Gainesville, FL April 2016
Theresa Singleton Syracuse, NY April 2013
Manisha Sinha Sturbridge, MA October 2006
Kathryn Kish Sklar Berkeley, CA October 1977
Robert Allen Skotheim Port Angeles, WA April 1989
Harold Skramstad Jr. Denver, CO April 1981
Thomas Paul Slaughter Rochester, NY April 2008
Eric Slauter Chicago, IL April 2013
Will T. Slauter Paris, France October 2019
Caroline Fuller Sloat Thompson, CT October 2012
Curtis Curtis Small Hockessin, DE April 2021
Billy G. Smith Bozeman, MT October 2006
Clint Smith III Silver Spring, MD October 2021
Ellen Jean Smith Colrain, MA October 2018
Gary Lee Smith Wellesley, MA October 1994
Merritt Roe Smith Newton, MA October 1980
Robert Smith Jr. Hartford, CT October 1997
Jay Thomas Snider Pacific Palisades, CA April 1999
Terri L. Snyder Pasadena, CA April 2024
Anne-Marie Soullière Chestnut Hill, MA April 1995
David Charles Spadafora Chicago, IL October 2007
James Ronald Spencer W. Hartford, CT April 2016
Patrick K. Spero Philadelphia, PA April 2019
Paul S. Sperry New York, NY November 2013
Derrick R. Spires Wilmington, DE November 2020
Janet H. Spitz Jamaica Plain, MA November 2013
Robert B. St. George Philadelphia, PA October 2009
Peter B. Stallybrass Leverett, MA October 2005
Deirdre Stam Syracuse, NY November 2013
John Stauffer Cambridge, MA April 2024
Theodore Stebbins Jr. Brookline, MA April 1984
Jordan Alexander Stein New York, NY October 2023