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Historic Children's Voices provides an important window into how young writers in the nineteenth century recorded their daily lives, wrote stories and poetry, expressed their beliefs and values, and commented on cultural changes of the time. On this site, researchers can view the digital library of diaries, newspapers, and books, as well as discover additional research tools and recordings of past programs to explore children's lives more deeply. Teachers will find a variety of guides and lesson plans to help bring the past to life for their students.

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Title Location Date Format Transcription
? A Tale of Baden Baden Iowa 1876 Books
The Academic Star Massachusetts 1855 Newspapers
Academy Casket New York 1860 Newspapers
Academy Star New York 1846 Newspapers
Ada; A tale of Flirtation and its Folly Michigan 1878 Books
An Address Delivered before the Hawes Juvenile Association for the Suppression of Profanity Massachusetts 1837 Books
An Address Delivered before the Sabbath School Association, at East Calais, Vt., July 4th, 1849 Vermont 1849 Books
Adventures of Jack Rundell; or, The Sign of No New York 1875 Books
The Adventures of James Frost Iowa 1878 Books
Afloat Iowa 1877 Books
The Alchemist of Chevoix New York 1877 Books
Amateur Gems Massachusetts 1878 Books
Amateur Jewels Pennsylvania 1876 Books
Amateur Magazines Illinois 1871 Books
Amateur Observations, upon the Doings and Welfare of Amateurdom Indiana 1879 Books
Amateur Odd Fellows New Hampshire 1876 Books
Amateur Papers New York 1874 Books
Amateur Rebekahs Massachusetts 1877 Books
The American Politician New Hampshire 1830 Newspapers 📄
Analogy; or, The elements of Language Virginia 1820 Books
The Annals of Bliss 1850 Newspapers
The Anomaly Massachusetts 1854 Newspapers 📄, 📄, 📄, 📄, 📄
Apples of Gold, in Pictures of Silver New York 1854 Books
The Bandits of Blue Ridge Pennsylvania 1877 Books
The Basket of Chips Massachusetts 1857 Newspapers
The Battle of Chevy Chase Ohio 1876 Books
Before and After Marriage Indiana 1870 Books
Le Bijou Ohio 1878 Newspapers
A Book of Seletions New York 1870 Books
The Bootblack's Luck New Jersey 1876 Books
Border Jack; or, Perils on the Frontier Maine 1872 Books
The Boy Counterfeiter; or, Rest at Last Pennsylvania 1876 Books
The Bud of Industry New York 1865 Newspapers
The Burglar and the Smile West Virginia 1891 Books
Caldwell Alligator 1846 Newspapers
Camping Out, or Two Weeks at Conesus Lake New York 1880 Books
The Casket New York 1863 Newspapers
The Casket Massachusetts 1857 Newspapers
The Casket New York 1871 Newspapers
The Casket Massachusetts 1852 Newspapers
The Casket Idaho 1890 Newspapers
The Casket 1840 Newspapers
Charles Herbert Wiggin diary, 1859-1860 Massachusetts 1859 Diaries and poems 📄
Charlie Clipper; or The Young Pilot of Lake Titicaca Ohio 1878 Books
Chas. D. Raymers' Amateur Almanac. 1877 Pennsylvania 1877 Books
The Child's Repository Massachusetts 1853 Newspapers
The Chip Basket New Hampshire 1862 Newspapers
Choice Selections from Grit Colorado 1882 Books
A City Lay. A Companion to a Backwoods Idyl Massachusetts 1875 Books
The Complete Life of Willard O. Wylie Massachusetts 1883 Books
Constitution of the Continuity Club Ohio 1898 Books
A Costly Mistake Maine 1875 Books
The Cruise of the Ohio; or Life at Pickwick Institute Massachusetts 1874 Books
"Dashing Dick!" or The Terror of the Camanchees Indiana 1876 Books
The Dew Chalice Massachusetts 1854 Newspapers
Dick Forrester, or The Adventure of a Would-be Gymnast Ohio 1877 Books
The Double Dream; or, A Curious Coincidence Virginia 1876 Books
The Double Dream; or, A Curious Coincidence Virginia 1876 Books
Dranesville Times Virginia 1853 Newspapers
A Dream of the Past Ohio 1878 Books
The Drummer Boy New York 1873 Books
Eastern Star New Hampshire 1855 Newspapers 📄
The Echo New Hampshire 1853 Newspapers 📄
Edith, the Girl Detective. A Sequel to "Dave and Dolph"  Illinois 1876 Books
Edmund Quincy Sewall Jr. diary, 1840 Massachusetts 1840 Diaries and poems
Cover of Gerogiana Barrow's diary Elizabeth Stalker Jeffers diary, 1863-1864 Massachusetts 1863 Diaries and poems 📄
Emily Talbot Keller diary, 1858-1859 Maine 1858 Diaries and poems 📄
The Emmayandi Reporter New Hampshire 1872 Newspapers
Essays and Sketches New Jersey 1873 Books
Esther "Ettie" R. Harlow diary, 1860-1861 Massachusetts 1860 Diaries and poems
The Evening Star Massachusetts 1870 Newspapers
The Evening Star Massachusetts 1860 Newspapers 📄
The Evergreen Wreath New Hampshire 1861 Newspapers
A Fatal Resemblance Michigan 1874 Books
A Female Skeleton Ohio 1878 Books
Fire! New Hampshire 1876 Books
The Flower Rhode Island 1836 Newspapers
Flutterings of Rhyme New York 1888 Books
The Fountain 1850 Newspapers
Four Days in New York New York 1870 Books
Francis Alvarez Hartley Nash 1852 Diaries and poems
Cover of Francis Bennett's diary Francis Bennett, Jr. diary, 1852-1854 Massachusetts 1852 Diaries and poems
Frank Fairmount Illinois 1876 Books
Frank and Hal; or, The magician of the plains New York 1879 Books
Frank Sedley, or The Noble Hearted Sailor Boy Illinois 1876 Books
Frank's Freak, or Doings in Moortown Rhode Island 1877 Books
The Free Thinker New Hampshire 1862 Newspapers
The Freedom Rag 1840 Newspapers
A Frightful Mistake Ohio 1874 Books
The Garland Vermont 1860 Newspapers
The Gem New York 1850 Newspapers
Cover of Gerogiana Barrow's diary Georgiana Souther Barrows diary, 1842 Maine 1842 Diaries and poems
The Germantown Bulletin Massachusetts 1898 Newspapers
The Ghost Mystery, or, Haunted House New Hampshire 1879 Books
The Gleaner Rhode Island 1861 Newspapers 📄
The Grafton News Massachusetts 1856 Newspapers
A handwritten page from this diary Grenville Howland Norcross diaries, 1860-1875 Massachusetts 1860 Diaries and poems 📄
The Gypsy's Plot or The Girl Spy Ohio 1877 Books
Cover of Anna Gale's diary Hannah "Anna" Davis Gale diary, 1837-1838 Rhode Island 1837 Diaries and poems
Harriet Foster Hawes diary, 1865 Vermont 1865 Diaries and poems 📄
The Haunted Pass or, The Outlaws' Retreat New York 1879 Books
Heart's Trumps West Virginia 1890 Books
Cover of Henry Martindell's diary Henry Augustus Martindell diary, 1869 New Jersey 1869 Diaries and poems
How They Got Off; or, The Students Fun Illinois 1878 Books
How to Get Rich, or Book of Money Making Recipes Ohio 1877 Books
The Illustrated News Massachusetts 1862 Newspapers
In Memoriam, Eliza Platt Stoddard New York 1888 Books
In Memory of Susan Brown Robbins, a Coworker in Amateur Journalism. 1891-1898 Massachusetts 1910 Books
In Sunshine and Shadow New York 1887 Books
The Index System for Reorganization of the National, with Practical Amendments Massachusetts 1880 Books
Ink Rollers: How to Make and Keep Them Ohio 1878 Books
The Interval Record New Hampshire 1869 Newspapers
J. N. Currier diary, 1867 or 1895. New Hampshire 1867 Diaries and poems
Jack Johnson, or, The wild man of the Parraie [i.e., Prairie] New Jersey 1876 Books
Jack's Harmless Joke Maine 1883 Books
James Ferdinand Fiske diary, 1857-1860 Massachusetts 1857 Diaries and poems
Title page of James Whittier's diary James Lawrence Whittier diary, 1830-1831 Massachusetts 1830 Diaries and poems
Jerry Oregon 1898 Books
Jim's Find Colorado 1882 Books
Johnny Wilkins' Good Fortune Pennsylvania 1877 Books
Jokes for the Million Vermont 1867 Books
Cover of Josiah Bassett's diary Josiah Gardner Bassett notebook, 1864 Massachusetts 1864 Diaries and poems
Journal of News New Jersey 1854 Newspapers
Cover of Julia Dodge's diary Julia M. Dodge diary, 1871 Massachusetts 1871 Diaries and poems 📄
The Juvenile Muse New York 1795 Newspapers
Juvenile Rambler Massachusetts 1833 Newspapers
Juvenilia Massachusetts 1826 Books
Title page of Kenneth Allen's diary Kenneth Allen diary, 1874 Massachusetts 1874 Diaries and poems
Komikoelleties New York 1881 Books
The Laughing Philosopher Massachusetts 1843 Newspapers
The Legend of the Seven Sleepers; or, The Sphinx of Diana District of Columbia 1877 Books
Legends of the Connecticut Iowa 1876 Books
The Literary Casket New York 1858 Newspapers
The Literary Wreath Maine 1860 Newspapers
The Little Acorn Massachusetts 1865 Newspapers 📄
The Little Flirt Connecticut 1878 Books
A Little Game Illinois 1877 Books
Louisa Jane Trumbull diary, 1829-1837 Massachusetts 1829 Diaries and poems 📄
The Maine Reform Maine 1858 Newspapers
Manhattan Sun New York 1847 Newspapers
The Maniac or, My Narrow Escape New York 1879 Books
Page of Minnie Allen's diary Marion Boyd Allen diary, 1875-1876 Massachusetts 1875 Diaries and poems 📄
Mary Ann's Lover; or, A Narrow Escape from Total Destruction New York 1880 Books
Master Gedosier, the Young Gypsy Virginia 1878 Books
Memoirs of a Country Doll Massachusetts 1853 Books
The Midnight Attack Ohio 1876 Books
The Money Box Indiana 1878 Books
Monsieur Dene New York 1895 Books
The Monthly Pennsylvania 1866 Newspapers
The Monthly Chronicle Massachusetts 1865 Newspapers
Mound City Journal Illinois 1861 Newspapers
The Mountain Gleaner Connecticut 1857 Newspapers
The New England Log Cabin Pennsylvania 1876 Books
Newly Gathered Flowers New York 1884 Books
No Drop of Rum My Lips Shall Pass Connecticut 1879 Books
The Nutshell Massachusetts 1856 Newspapers 📄
The Nutshell 1830 Newspapers
Odds and Ends New York 1850 Newspapers
Old New England Annual 1862 Newspapers
Old Pussy, Grave Pussy, Sat by the Fire Connecticut 1850 Books
The Olethian New Hampshire 1861 Newspapers 📄
The Olio New Hampshire 1859 Newspapers
On the Death of the rev'd Dr. Sewall Massachusetts 1769 Diaries and poems 📄
The Organ Massachusetts 1876 Newspapers
"Othello," a Tale of a Cat Connecticut 1876 Books
"Othello," a Tale of a Cat Connecticut 1876 Books
Our Chip Basket New Hampshire 1862 Newspapers
Our Stronghold Massachusetts 1877 Books
Pansy Blossoms Texas 1887 Books
Pansy's Wish Massachusetts 1870 Books
The Parsonville Times New York 1856 Newspapers 📄
The Penny Whistle Massachusetts 1870 Newspapers
Cover of Percival Bonney's diary Percival Bonney diary, 1859-1861 Maine 1859 Diaries and poems
Perils in the Life of an Editor Pennsylvania 1878 Books
The Pest of the School Pennsylvania 1876 Books
The Pet Annual New York 1856 Books
La Petite Etoile Maine 1834 Newspapers
Petite Marie West Virginia 1890 Books
The Pine St. Comet Pennsylvania 1862 Newspapers
A Pleasing Variety for the Youthful Mind New York 1838 Books
A Pleasing Variety for the Youthful Mind New York 1838 Books
The Poetry of Wordsworth, and Our Country's Literature Virginia 1875 Books
The Portfolio Massachusetts 1850 Newspapers
The Portlandville Observer New York 1863 Newspapers
Prose Run Mad West Virginia 1890 Books
Public News Pennsylvania 1887 Newspapers
The Quarterly Republic New York 1877 Newspapers
The Queer Life of Tommy Tubbs New York 1876 Books
The Records of the K.O.T.C. Rhode Island 1877 Books
A Repository of Literary Pearls Ohio 1883 Books
A Ride on a Hog Ohio 1877 Books
The Ridge School Advocate Ohio 1832 Newspapers
The Rising Sun Connecticut 1853 Newspapers 📄
The Rising Sun Iowa 1892 Newspapers
The Rittenhouse Journal District of Columbia 1883 Newspapers
The Roarer Massachusetts 1841 Newspapers
The Ruby Massachusetts 1869 Newspapers 📄
The Rustic Wreath 1856 Newspapers 📄
Ruth Henshaw Bascom diary, 1789-1793 Massachusetts 1789 Diaries and poems 📄
Sabbath School Banner New Hampshire 1862 Newspapers 📄
Sally Ripley diary, 1799-1801 Massachusetts 1799 Diaries and poems 📄
First page of Samuel Bartlett Parris diary Samuel Bartlett Parris diary, 1817 Massachusetts 1817 Diaries and poems
Saved by an Alligator California 1896 Books
Scalping Sam, the Silent Slayer New York 1876 Books
Scalping Sam, the Silent Slayer New York 1876 Books
The Scholars Casket New Hampshire 1854 Newspapers
The Scholar's Garland Massachusetts 1856 Newspapers
The Scholar's Magazine Rhode Island 1862 Newspapers 📄
The School Bell New Hampshire 1867 Newspapers 📄
The School Days and Antics of the Appleton Academy Boys Ohio 1874 Books
School Gazette Massachusetts 1855 Newspapers 📄
The School Magazine New Hampshire 1850 Newspapers
School Oracle Massachusetts 1856 Newspapers
The Seige [i.e., Siege] of Constantinople New York 1878 Books
The Seminary Budget Connecticut 1853 Newspapers
The Sentinel 1834 Newspapers
Sketches New York 1879 Books
Sketches New York 1879 Books
Skowhegan Clarion Maine 1867 Newspapers
Soapstone Chips New Hampshire 1886 Newspapers 📄
Some Fables in Slang Ohio 1900 Books
The Souvenir New Hampshire 1874 Newspapers
The Souvenir Ohio 1874 Books
The Spider New Hampshire 1849 Newspapers
Spruce Creek Pioneers Maine 1860 Newspapers
Star Series California 1896 Books
The Star Story Book California 1896 Books
A Sticky Adventure Ohio 1877 Books
A Strange Ending West Virginia 1890 Books
The Students Corronet New Hampshire 1854 Newspapers
The Student's Magazine Vermont 1844 Newspapers
The Student’s Port-folio Massachusetts 1858 Newspapers
The Sunbeams Massachusetts 1851 Newspapers
A Surprise Party Ohio 1876 Books
Tale of a Scientific Experiment New York 1887 Books
La Tawtle 1850 Newspapers
The Temperance Banner New Hampshire 1865 Newspapers
That Check Pennsylvania 1876 Books
Things Worth Knowing New York 1880 Books
Three Histories New York 1875 Books
Thrifty Jim, the Baker New Hampshire 1870 Books
Thro Love to Literature; and Back Again West Virginia 1890 Books
Through a Thermometer.  A Christmas Romance California 1882 Books
To the University of Cambridge Massachusetts 1767 Diaries and poems 📄
Tompkins Revenge Ohio 1877 Books
Trance or Death? Virginia 1877 Books
Trapping Made Easy or How to Use the Steel-Trap Wisconsin 1875 Books
Two Sketches Ohio 1878 Books
Under a Snowdrift New York 1879 Books
Under the black flag; or The pirates of the Atlantic Indiana 1874 Books
The Union Massachusetts 1850 Newspapers
The Union Gazette New York 1867 Newspapers
The Union Harmonist New Hampshire 1862 Newspapers 📄
The Union Literary Banner Indiana 1865 Newspapers
The Voice of the School Room Massachusetts 1855 Newspapers
The Voice of the Young New York 1853 Books
Vox Populi New Jersey 1874 Newspapers
Walter Goodrich diary, 1846 Maine 1846 Diaries and poems
Warsaw Amateur Directory Indiana 1877 Books
Wayside Sketches New York 1885 Books
A Week of Sport Massachusetts 1877 Books
The Weekly News New York 1875 Newspapers
The Weekly Offering New Hampshire 1850 Newspapers 📄
West Union Business Directory, for 1875 Iowa 1875 Books
The White Horse South Dakota 1876 Books
Wide Awake Journal Oregon 1897 Newspapers
First page of William Hoppin diary William Jones Hoppin diary, 1821 Rhode Island 1821 Diaries and poems
William Watt or, His Pranks at Switchem School New York 1875 Books
The Witches of ye Olden Time Massachusetts 1884 Books
Within the Hour West Virginia 1890 Books
A Woodland Spirit Iowa 1876 Books
Woodside Gazette New York 1858 Newspapers
Yankee peddlar New York 1842 Newspapers
The Young Castaways; or Adventures on the Sea and the Land New York 1879 Books
The Young Folks Handbook of Flirtations Indiana 1882 Books
The Young Mathematician's Almanac, for the Year 1847 Massachusetts 1846 Books
Youth's Almanac, for the Year 1846 Vermont 1845 Books
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