Annual Reports

Annual reports provide an overview of the year: notable acquisitions, fellows and scholarly research, seminars and conferences, workshops for K-12 educators, publications, public programs, endowed lectures, online exhibitions, and behind-the-scenes work being done in cataloging, conservation, and digitization.


September 2022-August 2023 (pdf)
Annual report 2022-2023


September 2019-August 2022 (pdf)
Annual report 2019-2022


September 2018-August 2019 (pdf)


September 2017-August 2018 (pdf)


September 2016-August 2017 (pdf)


September 2015-August 2016 (pdf)


September 2014-August 2015 (pdf)

September 2013-August 2014 (pdf)

September 2012-August 2013 (pdf)

September 2011-August 2012 (pdf)

September 2010-August 2011 (pdf)

September 2009-August 2010 (pdf)

September 2008-August 2009 (pdf)

 Previous to 2009, reports were issued in the Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society