American Historical Print Collectors Society Fellowship

The American Historical Print Collectors Society Fellowship is for research on American prints of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries or for projects using prints as primary documentation. The award is jointly funded by the American Historical Print Collectors Society and AAS.

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Date Name Affiliation Position
2023-24 Alison Russell University of Massachusetts, Amherst PhD Candidate in History "On That Shield!": American Identity and the Constitution in the Early Republic
2022-23 James Broomall Shepherd University Assistant Professor of History Battle Pieces: The Art and Artifacts of the American Civil War Era
2020-21 Samuel Backer Johns Hopkins University PhD Candidate in History 'The Parlor and the Public': American Culture, 1870-1920
2019-20 Mark Kelley Florida International University Assistant Professor of English Sentimental Seamen: Feeling Bodies in an American Age of Sail
2018-19 Erika Pazian CUNY Graduate Center PhD Candidate in History Visual Culture and National Identity during the U.S.-Mexican War
2017-18 Michaela Rife University of Toronto PhD Candidate Wonderful Mining Country: Promoting Western Resource Extraction
2016-17 Telesia Lett Boston University PhD Candidate Making Money: Alfred Jones and the Business of Engraving
2015-16 Blevin Shelnutt New York University PhD Candidate New York City's Broadway and Nineteenth-Century Literary Culture
2014-15 Amy Torbert University of Delaware PhD Candidate in Art History Going Places: The Material and Imagined Geographies of Prints in the Atlantic World, 1770-1840
2013-14 Shana Klein University of New Mexico PhD Candidate The Fruits of Empire: Contextualizing Food in Still-Life Representation, 1850-1900