The Who and What of American Print Culture in the 1700s

In this video, Elizabeth Watts Pope, the Society’s curator of books and digital collections, introduces who was involved in American colonial printing and what kinds of materials they produced.

This educational video explores themes discussed in The News Media and the Making of America, 1730-1800, the 2021 NEH summer institute.

Primary sources, listed in order of appearance
The following primary sources were discussed in this video.

Timestamp Thumbnail Access Title Item details
0:45 William Woodward trade card William W. Woodward, printer, bookseller and stationer... [trade card] AAS catalog record
0:56 Richard Folwell trade card Printing done with expedition and care, by Richard Folwell ... [trade card] AAS catalog record
1:05 Samuel Sower trade card Printing and binding done with neatness and dispatch, by Samuel Sower ... [trade card] AAS catalog record
1:14 Isaiah Thomas indenture Isaiah Thomas indenture [in the Isaiah Thomas Papers] AAS catalog record
1:41 Page from Encyclopedia depicting the printing press Encyclopaedia; or, A dictionary of arts, sciences, and miscellaneous literature ... [printing press image] AAS catalog record
2:35 Book of Common Prayer The book of common prayer ... [bound by Jane Aitken] AAS catalog record
2:36 [Collection of bookseller's and book binder's labels, tickets, etc.] AAS catalog record
2:48 September 14, 1747 New-York weekly journal The New-York weekly journal. AAS catalog record
2:57 The whole booke of Psalms title page The vvhole Booke of Psalmes ... AAS catalog record
3:27 New-Hampshire Gazette The New-Hampshire gazette, and historical chronicle. AAS catalog record
3:37 Woodcut in Prodigal daughter The Prodigal daughter ... [woodcut] AAS catalog record
3:44 Massachuset psalter title pages The Massachuset psalter ... AAS catalog record
4:07 Wunnamptamoe Sampooaonk titles pages Wunnamptamoe Sampooaonk ... AAS catalog record
4:18 Paradisisches title page Paradisisches Wunder-Spiel ... AAS catalog record
4:23 Plano Plano de la ciudad de Nueva Orleans ... AAS catalog record
4:38 Issue of the Virginia gazette The Virginia gazette. AAS catalog record
4:42 Laussat, préfet colonial ... Laussat, préfet colonial, commissaire du gouvernement Français AAS catalog record
4:48 Page from the Heidelberg Catechism The Heidelbergh catechism ... AAS catalog record
4:50 Der Neueste cover Der Neueste, verbessert- und zuverlässige americanische ... [almanac] AAS catalog record
4:53 Page from the New England primer The New-England primer enlarged ... AAS catalog record
5:18 Portrait of Alexander Hamilton Portrait of Alexander Hamilton
5:28 Page from the New York packet The New-York packet. AAS catalog record
5:48 Title page of A letter to General Hamilton A letter to General Hamilton, occasioned by his letter to President Adams ... AAS catalog record
6:03 Bindings of the Federalist essays The Federalist: A collection of essays ... AAS catalog record
6:28 Print of George Washington dreaming Washington's dream. AAS catalog record
6:37 June 21, 1773 issue of the Pennsylvania journal The Pennsylvania journal, or, Weekly advertiser. AAS catalog record
6:52 issue of the Georgia gazette The Georgia gazette. AAS catalog record

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