James Russell Wiggins Lecture in the History of the Book in American Culture

The James Russell Wiggins Lecture in the History of the Book in American Culture features an expert on book history. The lecture was endowed to honor James Russell Wiggins (1903-2000), who served as AAS president (1970-1977), an editor of the Washington Post (1947-1968), United States ambassador to the United Nations (1968-69), and editor of the Ellsworth (Maine) American (1969-2000).

Year Presenter or Co-leaders Title Video
2024 Joseph Rezek Haiti’s Media Revolution and the Racialization of Print Yes
2023 Richard Yarborough Caterina Jarboro, the 1898 Wilmington Riot, and the Challenges of the Archive Yes
2017 Georgia Brady Barnhill Bringing Pictures Back: Illustration for Nineteenth-Century American Literature Yes
2016 Eric Gardner Re-envisioning Black ‘Book History’: The Case of AME Church Print
2014 Meredith L. McGill Disappearing Medium: Poetry and Print in the Antebellum United States
2014 Kenneth E. Carpenter The incredible journey of Benjamin Franklin’s Way to Wealth--and its bibliographical traces Yes
2012 Vincent Carretta In Search of Phillis Wheatley Yes
2011 David S. Reynolds Igniting the War: Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin, Antislavery Politics, and the Rise of Lincoln
2010 John B. Hench Random Notes from a Book History Bureaucrat Yes
2009 Joshua Brown Catching His Eye: The Sporting Male Pictorial Press in the Gilded Age
2008 Patricia A. Crain Babes in the Wood: Print, Orality, and Children's Literature in the Nineteenth-Century United States Yes
2007 Wayne S. Franklin Financing America's First Literary Boom
2006 David S. Shields We Declare You Independent Whether You Wish It or Not: The Print Culture of Early Filibusterism
2005 Sandra M. Gustafson The Emerging Media of Early America
2004 Philip F. Gura Magnalia Historiae Libri Americana; or, How the American Antiquarian Society Brought the History of the Book into the New Millennium
2003 Gregory H. Nobles Ornithology and Enterprise: Making and Marketing John James Audubon's The Birds of America
2002 Patricia Lockhart Fleming , Yvan Lamonde Prophets, Publics, and Publication: A History of the Book from One Cultural Margin
2001 Richard H. Brodhead Prophets, Publics, and Publication: A History of the Book from One Cultural Margin
2000 Richard Ohmann Epochal Change: Economics and Print Culture
1999 Michael B. Winship "The Greatest Book of Its Kind": A Publishing History of Uncle Tom's Cabin
1998 E. Jennifer Monaghan Reading for the Enslaved, Writing for the Free: Reflections on Liberty and Literacy
1997 Carla L. Peterson Reconstructing the Nation: Frances Harper, Charlotte Forten, and the Racial Politics of Periodical Publications
1996 David Paul Nord Free Grace, Free Books, Free Riders: The Economics of Religious Publishing in Early Nineteenth-Century America
1995 Mary C. Kelley Designing A Past for the Present: Women Writing Women's History in Antebellum America
1994 Lawrence Buell The Rise and "Fall" of the Great American Novel
1993 Henry Louis Gates Jr. Truth or Consequences: Putting Limits on Limits
1992 Ian Willison The History of the Book in Twentieth-Century Britain and America: Perspective and Evidence
1991 Nina Baym At Home with History: History Books and Women's Sphere Before the Civil War
1990 Michael Steven Schudson Preparing the Minds of the People: Three Hundred Years of the American Newspaper
1989 Robert A. Gross Printing, Politics, and the People
1988 John Bidwell American History in Image and Text
1987 Roger Chartier Frenchness in the History of the Book: From the History of Publishing to the History of the Book
1986 Cathy N. Davidson Ideology and Genre: The Rise of the Novel in America
1985 Larzer Ziff Upon What Pretext?: The Book and Literary History
1984 James M. Wells American Printing: The Search for Self Sufficiency
1983 David D. Hall On Native Ground: From the History of Printing to the History of the Book