Literature and Society in Jacksonian America: Writers Confront the Marketplace


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The following research papers were written by students in the 1978 seminar, "Literature and Society in Jacksonian America: Writers Confront the Marketplace," under the supervision of Stephen Nissenbaum.

  • "The Author's Mask: Anonymity and Pseudonymity, 1800-1860," by Angela Von Laue
  • "The Batchelor Behind the Reveries," by Patrick Fitzgerald
  • "Caroline Gilman, Editor and Author," by Betsy Steigerwald
  • "The commercialization of Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Barbara Ring
  • "Horace Waters and the Hymnal in Jacksonian America: The Popularization of Religious Music," by George A. Ashur
  • "The Jacksonian Magazine Editor: Man in the Middle," by Brian David Huntley
  • "The Jacksonian Satirist as Literary Entrepreneur," by William Adrian
  • "The Pathfinder: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow," by Roger M. Anderson
  • "The poet as Editor: Park Benjamin and the Birth of Romanticism," by John J. Valente, Jr.
Seminar Leader