Law and Society in America, 1760-1860


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The following research papers were written by students in the 1990 seminar, "Law and Society in America, 1760-1860," under the supervision of Professor Jonathan M. Chu.

  • "Abolition vs Anti-Slavery: A Case Study of Five Massachusetts Lawyers," by Peter L. Bosse
  • "Reflections of a Woman in Nineteenth-Century New England," by Marcia A. Davis
  • "The Decline of the Blackstone Canal Company: An Analysis," by Halcyon Dodson
  • "Religion, Law, and the Servant in Seventeenth-Century Massachusetts," by Ann M. Farrell
  • "Thomas Jefferson and Levi Lincoln, Sr.: Profession, Politics and Friendship," by Steven Johnson
  • "Fugitive Slave Law Days in Massachusetts from 1851-1854," by Ellen Madigan
  • "Law and Society in Early American History: The Salem Witchcraft Trials," by Laura Swenson
  • "Quock Walker and Slavery in Massachusetts," by Stephen M. Sycks
  • "Elizabeth Freeman: Free at Last," by Beth Zemaitis
Seminar Leader