Revolutionary Narratives: Memory and Desire in Antebellum America


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The following research papers were written by students in the 1996 seminar, "Revolutionary Narratives: Memory and Desire in Antebellum America," under the supervision of Professor Wayne Franklin.

  • "New Jersey Widows in the American Revolution," by Leigh Anderson
  • "Joseph Plumb Martin: A Soldier Remembers the American Revolution," by Brian E. Fodera
  • "The Formation of Public Memory: Worcester and the Declaration of Independence," by Michael Lambert
  • "The Lives of African Americans During and After the American Revolutionary War," by Darnelle A. McClair
  • "Forever Forgotten Heroes: American Prisoners of the Revolution," by John McHugh
  • "Revolutionary Encounters with the Iroquois," by Corey Pratte
  • "Lasting Social and Family Dynamics of the 18th Century as Evidenced by Pension Narratives of Sudbury Militiamen from the American Revolution," by Dana N. Rock
  • "The Changing Roles of Women in the American Revolution: The Experiences of Rhode Island's Widows," by Michelle M. Roy
  • "The Two Faces of Israel R. Potter: Melville and the Revolutionary Hero," by Christine Sykes
Seminar Leader