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Jay and Deborah Last Fellows

Jay and Deborah Last Fellowships are for research on American art, visual culture, or other projects that will make substantial use of graphic materials as primary sources.

Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Anderson Anne 2014-15 Last Exeter University PhD candidate in English The Morse Collection
Anishanslin Zara 2013-14 Last College of Staten Island assistant professor Rebelling Subjects, Revealing Objects: The Material and Visual Culture of Making and Remembering the American Revolution
Athens Elizabeth 2014-15 Last Yale University Ph.D. candidate in art history Figuring a World: William Bartram's Natural History
Bachman Ryan 2022-23 Last University of Delaware PhD candidate in history 'Done in Canton': Chinese Export Waxworks in American Museums
Bak Meredith 2010-11 Last University of California, Santa Barbara Ph.D. candidate Perception and Playthings: Optical Toys as Instruments of Science and Culture
Barbeau Lauren 2014-15 Last Washington University in St Louis Ph.D. candidate in English 'Worth of a Happier Domestic Fate': Domesticity as the Property of White Women
Bartlett Joshua 2018-19 Last State University of New York, Albany Ph.D. candidate in English The Many Lives of the Charter Oak
Beetham Sarah 2012-13 Last University of Delaware Ph.D. candidate Sculpting the Citizen Soldier: Reproduction and National Memory, 1865-1917
Bellion Wendy 2011-12 Last University of Delaware associate professor The Space of Iconoclasm: New York and American Historical Memory
Belolan Nicole 2015-16 Last University of Delaware Ph.D. candidate Navigating the World: The Material Culture of Physical Mobility Impairment in the Early American North, 1700-1861
Bennett Zachary 2019-20 Last Rutgers University postdoctoral fellow in history Flowing Power: Rivers and the Remaking of Colonial New England
Beringer Alex 2018-19 Last University of Montevallo assistant professor of English Lost Literacies: Experiments in the Nineteenth-Century American Comic Strip
Bernstein Robin 2008-9 Last Harvard University assistant professor "Racial Innocence: The Uses of Childhood in U.S. Racial Formation 1852-1930."
Blandford AJ 2016-17 Last Rutgers University PhD candidate Labor and the Visualization of Knowledge in American Geological Surveys
Boos Lance 2018-19 Last Stony Brook University Ph.D. candidate in history The Development of a British Atlantic Musical Marketplace in the Eighteenth Century
Bright Anders 2022-23 Last University of Pennsylvania PhD candidate in history Luck’s Metropolis; Lotteries, Finance, and Class in New York, 1780-1830
Bryer Rebekah 2020-21 Last Northwestern University Ph.D. candidate in theater National Acts: Performance, Commemoration, and the Construction of National Identity in the Aftermath of the Civil War
Caison Gina 2011-12 Last University of California, Davis Ph.D. candidate 'To the Dear Reader': Rhetorical Audiences and Histories in Boudinot, Simms, and the Antebellum Newspaper
Caison Gina 2016-17 Last Georgia State University associate professor of English Feather
Caldwell Robert 2020-21 Last Southwest Louisiana Technical Community College assistant professor of history and geography Indians in their Proper Place: Social Sciences and the Mapping of Native America
Carroll Julia 2022-23 Last Boston University PhD candidate in American & New England Studies The Protestant Sanctioning of Race-Based Slavery in Language & Landscape in the Anglo-American South, 1739-1791
Carter Sarah 2007-8 Last Harvard University Ph.D. candidate "Object Lessons in Nineteenth-Century America"
Cheng Irene 2017-18 Last California College of Arts assistant professor The Shape of Utopia
Clark Justin 2012-13 Last University of Southern California Ph.D. candidate Training the Eyes: Romantic Vision and Class Formation in Boston, 1830-1870
Clarke Frances 2012-13 Last University of Sydney lecturer Minors in the Military: A History of Child Soldiers from the Revolution to the Civil War
Clayton Alexander David 2022-23 Last University of Michigan, Ann Arbor PhD candidate in history The Living Animal: Biopower and Empire in the Atlantic Menagerie, 1760-1890
Clytus Radiclani 2009-10 Last Tufts University assistant professor Envision Slavery: American Abolitionism and the Primacy of the Visual
Cohen Joanna 2007-8 Last University of Pennsylvania Ph.D. candidate "'Millions of Luxurious Citizens': Consumption and citizenship in New York and Philadelphia, 1815-1876"
Coleman William 2015-16 Last Washington University in St. Louis postdoctoral fellow Domestic Bliss: The Artist and the Country House in Nineteenth-Century America
Collier Jessica 2010-11 Last University of California, Irvine Ph.D. candidate The Transcendental Classroom: Childhood Education and Literary Culture in Antebellum America
Cotlar Seth 2015-16 Last Willamette University professor When the Olden Days Were New: A Cultural History of Nostalgia in Modernizing America, 1776-1860
Cross Anne 2020-21 Last University of Delaware Ph.D. candidate in art history 'Features of Cruelty Which Could Not Well Be Described by the Pen': The Media of Atrocity in Harper’s Weekly, 1862-1866
Crossley Alice 2020-21 Last University of Lincoln assistant professor of English and journalism Affect and Identity in Nineteenth-Century Valentines
D'Alessandro Michael 2012-13 Last Boston University Ph.D. candidate Staged Readings: Sensationalism and Audience in Popular American Literature and Theater, 18230-1870
Deibel Natalie 2011-12 Last George Washington University Ph.D. candidate 'For Profit, Pleasure, and Sport': Recreation, Culture, and Society in the Atlantic World, 1600-1800
Depkat Volker 2010-11 Last University of Regensburg professor The Visualization of Legitimacy
Duffy Kathrinne 2017-18 Last Brown University Ph.D. candidate Doctrine of the Skull: Phrenology and Public Culture in Nineteenth-Century America
Duquette Elizabeth 2018-19 Last Gettysburg College associate professor of English Napoleonic Codes: Tyranny and Ubiquity in Nineteenth-Century America
Eastman Carolyn 2008-9 Last University of Texas assistant professor "Learning to See: Gender in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World."
Fess Paul 2016-17 Last City University of New York Graduate Center Ph.D. candidate Resonant Texts: The Politics and Practices of Nineteenth-Century African American Music and Print Culture
Fetherston John Patrick M. 2022-23 Last University of Maryland, College Park PhD candidate in history Taverns, African Americans, and the American Public in the Age of Revolutions
Fielder Brigitte 2011-12 Last Cornell University Ph.D. candidate Animal Humanism: Abolitionists and Animals in the American Nineteenth Century
Fox-Amato Matthew 2011-12 Last University of Southern California Ph.D. candidate Exposing Humanity: Photographic Dimensions of American Slavery, Antislavery, and Emancipation, 1840s to 1870s
Frang Joanna 2007-8 Last Brandeis University Ph.D. candidate Becoming American on the Grand Tour, 1750-1830
Frank Caroline 2013-14 Last Brown University visiting scholar Son of Morning: A Chinese Merchant Visits Early Republican America
Franzino Jean 2016-17 Last Macalester College visiting assistant professor of English Freak Show Aesthetics
Fraser Gordon 2013-14 Last University of Connecticut Ph.D. candidate Transamerican Revolutions: Liberal Nationalism and the Nineteenth-Century Politics of Violence
Freese Lauren 2018-19 Last University of South Dakota assistant professor of fine arts A Taste for Images: Depictions of Food and Eating in the American Popular Press
Fuhrer Mary 2013-14 Last independent scholar Tuberculosis and Popular Culture in New England: 1800-1840
Fuhrer Mary 2014-15 Last independent scholar Tuberculosis and Popular Culture in New England, 1820-1840
Fulton Allison 2022-23 Last University of California Davis PhD candidate in English Disciplining Craft: The Gendered Making of Nineteenth-Century American Science
Garrison J. 2014-15 Last University of Delaware professor in the Winterthur Program in American material culture Freight and the Commercial Landscapes of the Atlantic World, 1650-1860
George Angela 2007-8 Last University of Maryland PhD candidate "The Old World: Unearthing Mesoamerican Antiquity in the Art and Culture of the United States, 1839-1893"
Gerk Sarah 2013-14 Last Oberlin College visiting teacher Irishness in Nineteenth-Century American Music
Gillaspie Caroline 2018-19 Last CUNY Graduate Center Ph.D. candidate in art history Fueling America: Visual Representations of Nineteenth-Century U.S. Coffee Consumption
Gitelman Lisa 2007-8 Last Catholic University associate professor Early Photographs of Words Backwards
Gladman Lisa 2007-08 Last Catholic University associate professor Early Photographs of Words Backwards
Gonzalez Aston 2011-12 Last University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Ph.D. candidate Kneeling and Fighting: African American Artists' Depiction of Black Humanity
Gould Sarah 2008-9 Last University of Michigan Ph.D. candidate Seeing American: The Visual Representation of Race in Early American Children's Literature and Games
Grainger Brett 2012-13 Last Harvard University Ph.D. candidate The Vital Landscape: Evangelicals and Nature in America, 1740-1870
Green Nathaniel 2019-20 Last Northern Virginia Community College associate professor of history The Man of the People: Political Dissent and the Making of the American Presidency
Groves Jeffrey 2011-12 Last Harvey Mudd College professor A Practical Study of the Isaiah Thomas Press at the American Antiquarian Society
Grummitt Julia 2018-19 Last Princeton University Ph.D. candidate in history The Great National Work: Visualizing Territory and Race in Nineteenth-Century North America
Guerra Douglas 2014-15 Last SUNY, Oswego assistant professor of English and creative writing On the Move: Gaming Models for Literary Theory
Harris Mazie 2012-13 Last Brown University Ph.D. candidate Selling Photography on Broadway, 1839-1884
Hazard Sonia 2013-14 Last Duke University Ph.D. candidate In and Of the Machine: Religion and Visual Technologies in Antebellum America
Hazard Sonia 2017-18 Last Duke University Ph.D. candidate The Touch of the Word: Evangelical Cultures of Print in Antebellum America
Hernandez Melanie 2019-20 Last California State University, Fresno assistant professor of English Drawing the Border: Mexicans and Mexicanness in Nineteenth-Century U.S. Visual Culture
Holness Lucien 2018-19 Last University of Maryland, College Park Ph.D. candidate in history Between North and South, East and West: The Anti-Slavery Movement in Southwestern Pennsylvania
Holt Keri 2010-11 Last Utah State University assistant professor Reading the Federal Republic: Considering the Place of the States in the Early U.S.
Hopwood Elizabeth 2017-18 Last Loyola University Chicago instructor Eating the Atlantic: Nineteenth-Century U.S. and Caribbean Tables and Texts
Hughes Amy 2009-10 Last Brooklyn College PhD candidate 'Thoughts Bodied upon the State': Sensationalism and Reform in Nineteenth-Century America, 1842-1867
Hughes Jennifer 2007-8 Last Emory University Ph.D. candidate "Telling Laughter: A Cultural History of American Humor, 1830-1900"
Hunt Helen 2017-18 Last Tennessee Technological University professor of English Provoking Pleasure: Erotic Dominance & Submission in Early American Fiction
Johnston Patricia 2007-8 Last Salem State College professor "Martyrs, Riots, Nuns, and Peasants"
Jung Sandro 2018-19 Last Herzog August Library fellow A Transnational History of American Book Illustration
Katz Wendy 2008-9 Last University of Nebraska-Lincoln associate professor The Politics of Art Criticism in the Penny Press, 1833-1862
Klaum Alison 2010-11 Last University of Delaware PhD candidate Pressing Flowers: American Floral Prints and Preserving Culture in the Nineteenth Century
Knutson Andrea 2020-21 Last Oakland University associate professor of English Barbados’s Plantation History at the Intersection of Slavery and Ecocide
Komanecky Michael 2007-8 Last independent scholar Carleton Watkins' Photographs of the California Missions
Kopelson Heather 2014-15 Last University of Alabama assistant professor of history Idolatrous Processions: The Production of Peoples and Places in the Atlantic World
LaPiana Amber 2011-12 Last Washington State University PhD candidate Mapping Literary Regionalism
Lee Robert 2013-14 Last University of CA, Berkeley Ph.D. candidate Louisiana Purchases: The US-Indian Treaty System in the Missouri River Valley, 1840-1851
Lewis Daniel 2010-11 Last Northern Virginia Community College assistant professor The Popularity of 'Washington Crossing the Delaware' Prints in the Literary Marketplace, 1853-1861
Linker Jessica 2012-13 Last University of Connecticut Ph.D. candidate 'It is my best wish to behold Ladies among my hearers': Early American Women and Scientific Practice, 1720-1860
Luarca-Shoaf Nenette 2009-10 Last University of Delaware Ph.D. candidate The Place of the Mississippi River in Antebellum Visual Culture and Imagination
Lukasik Christopher 2013-14 Last Purdue University associate professor The Image in the Text
Lyons Maura 2014-15 Last Drake University associate professor of art history Popular Depictions of the 'Natural' Body of the Union Soldier
Macdonald Alexandra 2022-23 Last William & Mary PhD candidate in history The Social Life of Time in the Anglo-Atlantic World, 1660-1830
Mansouri Leila 2014-15 Last University of CA, Berkeley Ph.D. candidate in English Constituent Characters
Martinko Whitney 2009-10 Last University of Virginia Ph.D. candidate Progress through Preservation: History on the American Landscape in an Age of Improvement, 1790-1860
Masse Isabelle 2019-20 Last McGill University Ph.D. candidate in art history Itinerant Portraitists in North America: Mobility, Practice, Transmission, 1776-1812
McAbee Leslie 2017-18 Last Univeristy of North Carolina - Chapel Hill Ph.D. candidate Exotic Animals and the American Conscience, 1840-1900
McDermott Shawna 2016-17 Last University of Pittsburgh Ph.D. candidate Reading Race: Visual Literacy in Nineteenth-Century American Children's Periodicals
McIntosh Hugh 2010-11 Last Northwestern University Ph.D. candidate Civil War Advertising and the Popular Novel
Michelon Christina 2016-17 Last University of Minnesota Ph.D. candidate Interior Impressions: Printed Material in the Nineteenth-Century American Home
Miller Daegan 2010-11 Last Cornell University Ph.D. candidate Witness Tree: Nature, Culture, and Progress in Nineteenth-Century America
Miller Hilary 2014-15 Last Penn State University, Harrisburg Ph.D. candidate in American studies The National Road and the Expansion of American Culture, 1811-1850
Miller Rachel 2017-18 Last University of Michigan Ph.D. candidate Capital Entertainment: Creative Labor and the Modern State, 1860-1910
Mintie Katherine 2015-16 Last University of California, Berkeley Ph.D. candidate Legal Lenses: Intellectual Property Laws and American Photography, 1839-1890
Mizelle Brett 2013-14 Last CSU, Long Beach professor Killing Animals in American History
Monteiro Lyra 2009-10 Last Brown University Ph.D. candidate Racializing the Ancient World: Ancestry and Identity in the Early United States, 1760-1860
Morgan Jo-Ann 2007-8 Last Coastal Carolina University assistant professor "Mammies, Mulattos, and Matriarchs: African American Women in Nineteenth-Century Visual Culture"
Muller Kevin 2008-9 Last University of California at Berkeley lecturer "An Undergraduate Course on Visual Culture in American Life, 1600-1900"
Murokh Dina 2019-20 Last University of Southern California Ph.D. candidate in art history 'A Sort of Picture Gallery': The Visual Culture of Antebellum America
Nelson Megan 2008-9 Last California State University, Fullerton assistant professor Flesh and Stone: Ruins and the Civil War
Odle Mairin 2012-13 Last New York University Ph.D. candidate Stories Written on the Body: Cross-Cultural Markings in the North American Atlantic, 1600-1830
Oliver Christopher 2010-11 Last University of Virginia Ph.D. candidate Civic Visions: The Panorama and Popular Amusement in American Art and Society, 1845-1870
Patterson Cynthia 2008-9 Last University of South Florida, Lakeland assistant professor 'Exclusively from Original Designs': The Philadelphia Pictorials and the Graphic Arts.
Pauwels Erin 2019-20 Last Temple University assistant professor of art history Napoleon Sarony and the Art of Living Pictures
Pierce Jennifer 2009-10 Last The University of Iowa assistant professor The Reign of Children: Games and Toys in American Public Libraries
Pottroff Christy 2016-17 Last Fordham University Ph.D. candidate The Mail Gaze: Early American Literature, Letters, and the Post Office
Ridner Judith 2017-18 Last Mississippi State University associate professor Clothing the Babel: The Material Culture of Ethnic Identity in Early America
Robles Whitney 2017-18 Last Harvard University Ph.D. candidate Curious Species: How Animals Made Natural History, 1700-1820
Rosen Rebecca 2019-20 Last Hollins University visiting assistant professor of English Making the Body Speak: Anatomy, Autopsy, and Testimony in Early America, 1639-1790
Rosenbaum Julia 2022-23 Last Bard College associate professor of art history and visual culture Unruly Bodies?: Portraying Science and Citizenry in Post-Civil War America
Ross Kelly 2009-10 Last The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Ph.D. candidate Marks and Traces: The Prehistory of the Detective Story
Roth-Reinhardt Anne 2010-11 Last University of Minnesota Ph.D. candidate 'Retouching' American History: Narrative and Graphic Illustrations within Nineteenth-Century Historical Fiction
Roylance Patricia 2008-9 Last Syracuse University assistant professor Eclipse of Empire
Schneider Erika 2017-18 Last Framingham State University associate professor Lost in Translation, Found in Print: American Gift Books
Schocken Merav 2022-23 Last University of California, Santa Barbara PhD candidate in English Material Faith: The Business of Death and the Afterlife in Nineteenth-Century America
Schuetze Sarah 2016-17 Last University of Wisconsin-Green Bay assistant professor of English Calamity Howl
Senchyne Jonathan 2009-10 Last Cornell University PhD candidate 'Bottles of Ink, and Reams of Paper': Racial Mixture and Legibility in Antebellum Illustration
Sepulveda Asiel 2018-19 Last Southern Methodist University Ph.D. candidate in art history City Impressions: Lithography and Urban Modernity in Nineteenth-Century Havana
Sharifian Hesam 2017-18 Last Tufts University Ph.D. candidate Americanizing Shakespeare in Print
Siegel Nancy 2008-9 Last Juniata College assistant professor Bodily Functions as Body Politic: Scenes of Protest in Eighteenth-Century Prints.
Silbert Kate 2015-16 Last Univeristy of Michigan Ph.D. candidate 'Committed to Memory': Gender, Literary Engagement, and Commemorative Practice, 1780-1830
Slonimsky Nora 2016-17 Last City University of New York Graduate Center Ph.D. candidate 'The Engine of Free Expression'[?]: The Political Development of Copyright in the Colonial British Atlantic and Early National United States
Smoak Katherine 2014-15 Last Johns Hopkins University Ph.D. candidate in history Circulating Counterfeits: Making Money and Its Meanings in the Eighteenth-Century British Atlantic
Socarides Alexandra 2012-13 Last University of Missouri assistant professor The Lyric Pose: Nineteenth-Century American Women's Poetry and the Problem of Recovery
Sopcak-Joseph Amy 2015-16 Last University of Connecticut PhD candidate The Lives and Times of Godey's Lady's Book, 1830-1877
Sperling Juliet 2016-17 Last University of Pennsylvania Ph.D. candidate Animating Flatness: Seeing Moving Images in American Painting and Mass Visual Culture, 1800-1895
Stagg Allison 2009-10 Last University College, University of London PhD candidate American Political Caricatures: 1787-1825
Stern Arden 2009-10 Last University of California, Irvine PhD candidate Slanted, Shredded, and Simulated: A Cultural History of the Unruly Typeface
Stewart Whitney 2015-16 Last Rice University Ph.D. candidate Domestic Activism: The Politics of the Black Home in Nineteenth-Century America
Stubenrauch Joseph 2008-9 Last Indiana University PhD candidate Faith in Goods: Religion and the Consumer Revolution
Szantyr Rebecca 2019-20 Last Brown University Ph.D. candidate in history of art & architecture Nicolino Calyo: A Wider View of American Art, 1833-1855
Tobler Ryan 2020-21 Last Harvard Divinity School Ph.D. candidate in religion American Sacraments: Religion and Ritual in the Early United States
Trafton Melissa 2018-19 Last University of New Hampshire adjunct professor of art history Animals in the Age of Darwin
Tripp Colleen 2014-15 Last Brown University Ph.D. candidate in Afro-American studies Pacific Sensations: The Beginnings of American Orientalism in Nineteenth-Century U.S. Popular Culture
Troutman Phillip 2010-11 Last George Washington University assistant professor Abolition Comix: Visual Semiotics in Antislavery Materials
Valencia Brian 2012-13 Last Yale University Ph.D. candidate Performance Histories of Nineteenth-Century Extravaganza and Burlesque
Valsania Maurizio 2007-8 Last University of Torino, Italy associate professor The Curse of History: Leaders' Distrust of American History, 1783-1828
Verplanck Anne 2011-12 Last Penn State University associate professor The Graphic Arts in Philadelphia, 1780-1880
Vogelius Christa 2015-16 Last University of Copenhagen assistant professor Ekphrasis and the Transnational Imagination in Nineteenth-Century America
Walker Rachel 2015-16 Last University of Maryland Ph.D. candidate A Beautiful Mind: Reading Faces in the Ango-Atlantic World, 1760-1860
Walker Rachel 2018-19 Last University of Maryland, College Park Ph.D. candidate in history A Beautiful Mind: Faces, Beauty, and the Brain in the Anglo-Atlantic World, 1780-1870
Weicksel Sarah 2013-14 Last University of Chicago Ph.D. candidate The Fabric of War: Clothing, Culture, and Violence in the American Civil War Era
Wright Ben 2022-23 Last University of Texas at Dallas associate professor of historical studies Empires of Souls: The United States, Britain, and West African Colonization
Young Rosetta 2020-21 Last Haverford College visiting assistant professor in the writing program The Game of Human Life: Modern cultures of Childhood and Professional Society
Zelnik Eran 2020-21 Last University of California, Chico lecturer in history Republic of Mirth: Settler- Humor and the Making of a White Man’s Democracy, 1750-1850
Zino Dominique 2011-12 Last CUNY Graduate Center Ph.D. candidate 'On a Certain Blindness': The Visionary Aesthetics of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emily Dickinson, William James, and Henry James
Zuba Clay 2015-16 Last University of Delaware Ph.D. candidate Apess' Eulogy, Narrative Visualcy, and the Shpaes of Sovereignty
Zundo Mary 2007-8 Last University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Ph.D. candidate "Mapping Destiny: Cartography and Nineteenth-Century American Art of the Frontier"

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