Booksellers' and Bookbinders' Labels Collection Name List


  Address State
Abel's Literary Curiosity Shop 131 S. Seventh St. Philadelphia PA
Aberdeen Book Company 65-69 Fourth Ave. New York 3, NY NY
Adams' Book Store Warren, Ohio OH
Adancourt, Francis. Columbian Book-Store No. 162, River-Street, Troy NY
Adkins, C.S. (C.S. Adkins, Bookbinder) Concord, MA MA
Adler Book Store Six and Court Streets, Reading, PA PA
Adriance & Taber (Adriance & Taber Druggists and Stationers) 108 Main St., Watkins, NY NY
Advertiser Bindery St. Albans, VT VT
Ahern, Thomas (Thomas Ahern, (successor to J.W. Root,) Plain and Ornamental Book-Binder) No. 49 Westminster Street, Providence, RI RI
Ahern, Thomas (Thomas Ahern, Book Binder) No. 24 Westminster Street, Providence, RI RI
Aitken, Jane No. 20, North Third Street [Philadelphia] PA
Aitken, Jane 62 North Third Street, Philadelphia PA
Aitken, Robert No. 22 Market Street, Philadelphia PA
Alburn, Margaret (Margaret Alburn Bookseller) Parkway Center, West Chester, PA 19380 PA
Alexander, Geo. W. (Geo. W. Alexander Binder) New-York PA
Alexander, T. (T. Alexander, Book-Seller) 605 Chestnut St., St. Louis NY
Allen, Thomas No. 12, Queen-Street, New-York NY
Allen, William (William Allen, Binder) 175 Main-St., Worcester MA
Allen, Wm. D. (Wm. D. Allen, Bookseller) 121 South Seventh Street, Philadelphia PA
Allen, Wm. D. (Wm. D. Allen, Publisher, Bookseller and Importer) 1715 Chestnut St., Phila. PA
Allen & Spier, Union Book Store 148 Clay St. San Francisco CA
Alling, Wm. 12 Ex St., Rochester NY
Allington, A. (A. Allington's Book & Stationary Store) No. 530, North Second Street, Philadelphia PA
Allyn, Charles (Charles Allyn Bookseller, Stationer and Bookbinder) 4 Main & 51 State St. New London Conn. CT
American Baptist Assembly (Book & Gift Shop American Baptist Assembly) Green Lake, Wis. WI
Am. Bap. Publication and S. School Society 21 S. Fourth Street, Philada. PA
American Bindery Topeka, Kansas KS
American Sunday School Union
American Tract Society (H.N. Thissell, Agent) 929 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia PA
American Tract Society's Book Store 1512 Chestnut St. Phila PA
Am. Tract Society Church and S.S. Supplies 151 Market Street San Francisco CA
Angus, Charles (Charles Angus, Book Binder, and Blank Book Manufacturer) Owego-St. Ithaca NY
Apaswamy, Binder.
Apollo Publishing Co. Reading, PA PA
Appleton, Geo. S. 148 Chestnut-St., Philadelphia PA
Appleton, S.C. Lynn
Appley, Luther (Old Curiosity Shop) 10 Arcade--East Avenue
Appley, Luther and John Land Appley (Tower of Babel) 65 Fulton-St., New York and No. 10 Arcade, Philadelphia, PA PA/NY
Appley, Luther and John Land Appley (Old Curiosity Shop) 65 Fulton-St., New York and No. 10 Arcade, Philadelphia, PA PA/NY
Appley, Luther (Tower of Babel) Third Story, Long East Room
Arcadia Book Shop 856 Broadway New York 3, NY NY
Archer, John W. Salem, MA MA
Armour, A.H. & Co. (A.H. Armour & Co. Booksellers &c.) King Street, Toronto Canada
Armstrong, Samuel T. (Samuel T. Armstrong's Theological Bookstore) No. 50 Cornhill, Boston MA
Arnold, E.F. 427 Kearny St., West Side
Arthur, J. (J. Arthur, Binder) 191 Chatham Street
Arthur & Burnet (Arthur & Burnet, Account Book Manufacturers)
Ashworth, Benj. 22 South 4th St. Philadelphia PA
Asperne (Asperne, Bookseller) No. 32 Cornhill [Boston] MA
Aughinbaugh, C.E. (C.E. Aughinbaugh, Binder) Gettysburg, PA PA
Auner, J.G. (J.G. Auner, Bookseller) No. 331, Market St. Philadelphia PA
Auner, J.G. (J.G. Auner, Bookseller and Stationer ) No. 333 Market St. Philadelphia PA
Auner, J.G. (J.G. Auner, Bookseller) No. 333 Market St. Philadelphia PA
Auner, J.G. (J.G. Auner, Bookseller) No. 343 Market St. Philadelphia PA
Babcock, James F. No. 7 Bromfield St. Boston MA
Babcock, John & Son (John Babcock & Son, Booksellers & Stationers) Church Street. New-Haven. CT
Bacheller, Dumas & Co. 130 Central St., Lowell MA
Backofen, J.G. & Son Nr. 93 Smithfield-Street Pittsburg, PA PA
Baer, John & Sons (John Baer & Sons, Booksellers & Publishers) 12 N. Queen St. Lancaster
Bailey, David (David Bailey, Book Binder from London) No. 247, Meeting-Street, Charleston SC
Bailey, F.W. (F.W. Bailey, bookbinder) Portland, ME ME
Bailey, Thos. T. No. 20 Cornhill, Boston MA
Bailey & Noyes Portland, ME ME
Baker, D. & Co. 80 Camp-Street, New-Orleans LA
Bancroft, A.L. & Co. (A.L. Bancroft & Co. Booksellers and Stationers) 721 Market St. San Francisco CA
Bancroft Company 721 Market St. San Francisco CA
Bancroft, H.H. & Co. (H.H. Bancroft & Co. Booksellers & Stationers and Account Book Manufacturers) Montgomery Street San Francisco CA
Baker, Voorhis & Co. Law Booksellers & Publishers) 66 Nassau St. New York NY
Balch, V. (V. Balch, Engraver) Boston MA
Baldwin, E. 155 Broadway NY
Banks & Brothers Law Booksellers Publishers & Importers 144 Nassau St. NY NY
Barber, H. No. 153 Thames-St. Newport, RI RI
Barber, W.S. (W.S. Barber, Book-Binder) 136 Fulton-Street, Brooklyn, L.I. NY
Barber, W.S. (W.S. Barber, Book-Binder) 22 High Street, Brooklyn, L.I. NY
Barber & Perry Engravers Philadelphia PA
Barclay, A.(Sign of the Gilt Bible) Corn-Hill, Boston MA
Barclay, Andrew (next door but one to the Sign of the Three Kings) Cornhill MA
Barclay, R.C. Norfolk, VA VA
Barclay, S.T. Richmond, VA VA
Barclay Bridge Supplies Co. Long Island City 4, NY NY
Bardeen, C.W. Syracuse, NY NY
Bargain Book Shop 808 Ninth Street, N.W. Washington 1, DC DC
Barkhaus, F.W. & D. (F.W. & D. Barkhaus, Booksellers) 213 Kearny Street, S.F. CA
Barr, Elias & Co. Lancaster, PA PA
Barr, J.E. & Co. Lancaster, PA PA
Barr, James (James Barr's Cheap Book and Variety Store) No. 407 Market St. above Eleventh, N. Side
Bartow & Brannan (Bartow & Brannan, Booksellers & Stationers) Pennsylvania Avenue, opposite the Centre Market, Washington City DC
Bascom, Samuel A. George St., Philadelphia PA
Bay Colony Bookshop 31 Newbury St. Boston MA
Beach, C. (C. Beach, Bookseller & Stationer) 107 Montgomery St. San Francisco CA
Beale, John C. New York NY
Beale, Oscar J. (Oscar J. Beale, Books & Stylographic Pens) Providence, RI RI
Behr y Kahl New-York NY
Belair, Lewis D. S.W. corner of Sixth and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia PA
Belknap & Wakefield (Belknap & Wakefield, Booksellers) Hartford, Conn. CT
Bell, Monroe (Monroe Bell, Bookbinder, Bookseller & Stationer) Columbus, Ohio OH
Bell, Robert (Robert Bell Bookseller) Alexandria, VA VA
Bell, Robert (Robert Bell Bookseller and Stationer) Alexandria, VA VA
Bender, E.H. (E.H. Bender, Bookseller Stationer & Blank Book Manufacturer) 75 State St. Albany NY
Bennett, R.G. 218 Luzerne Ave. Pittston, PA PA
Bethlehem Book Bindery (A. Hesse, Prop.)
Bennett & Bright (French, Spanish, Italian Books, &c.) Utica NY
Berard & Mondon (French, Spanish, Italian Books, &c.) New-York NY
Berard & Mondon (French, Spanish, Italian Books, &c.) 36 Courtland St. New York NY
Berard & Mondon (French, Spanish, Italian Books, &c.) 315 Broadway New York NY
Bertkau, Wm F. (Wm. F. Bertkau, Book-Binder) 133 Main Street, Paterson, NJ NJ
Bertkau, Wm F. (Wm. F. Bertkau, Book-Binder) 85 Market St., Late Congree, Paterson, NJ NJ
Betge, Robert J. (Robert J. Betge Bookseller & Stationer) 217 Montgomery Street, (Russ House) San Francisco Cal. CA
Betge, Robert J. (Robert J. Betge New York Book Store) 217 Montgomery Street, (Russ House) San Francisco Cal. CA
Bible Truth Depot Swengel, PA PA
Biblo and Tannen, Booksellers 99 Fourth Ave. (Near 12th St.) New York, NY NY
Bicknell, J.T. (J.T. Bicknell, Bookseller and Binder) Washington Street, Roxbury NY
Bicknell, J.T. & Co. (J.T. Bicknell & Co., Booksellers, Stationers and Bookbinders) No. 1 Warren Block, under Webber Hall, Roxbury NY
Bird, F.W. (F.W. Bird's Old Book Shop) 37 Cornhill, 32 Brattle Street, Cornhill Steps, Boston MA
Black, John No. 5, Cedar Street, New-York NY
Black, A. & J. 150 Leadenhall St.
Blake, Francis Portland, ME ME
Blake, G.E. (G.E. Blake, Musical Istrt. Maker, Importer & Publisher) No. 13 South 5th Street Philadelphia PA
Blakiston, P., Son & Co. (P. Blakiston, Son & Co., Medical Booksellers) No. 1012 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA
Blanchard & Mohun, Booksellers Cor. Pa. Ave. and 11th St., Washington
Blumer, A. & W. (A. & W. Blumer's Book and Stationary Store) Allentown, PA PA
Blumer, A. & W. (A. & W. Blumer's Buchstohr) Allentaun [Allentown], PA PA
Bond, J.W. & Co. (J. W. Bond & Co.'s Cheap Book Store) 44 Baltimore Street, Baltimore MD
Bonsal, Louis (Louis Bonsal, Bookseller and Binder) Baltimore & Frederick, Baltimore MD
Book Clearing House 237 Huntington Avenue, Boston, Mass. MA
Book Corner {Book Corner The American Museum-ayden Planetarium) New York 24, NY NY
Book Shop Duluth, Minnesota MN
Book Shop 5 Grosvenor Building Providence 3, RI RI
Booke Shop 4 Market Square Providence RI
Book Shop Westfield, NJ NJ
Bookstall 1008 Lexington Avenue at 72nd Street, New York 21, NY NY
Borders Book Shop & Espresso Bar Philadelphia PA
Borum, James T. (James T. Borum, Bookseller & Stationer) Portsmouth, Virginia VA
Boshart, G. (G. Boshart's Cheap Books and Stationary) S.W. cor. 2nd & Vine St.
Bosqui, E. & Co. (E. Bosqui & Co. Book-Binders) 517 Clay St.
Boston School Supply Co. (John A. Boyle, Manager) 15 Bromfield St. Boston, Mass MA
Boughman, Thomas & Co. (Boughman, Thomas & Co. Booksellers)
Bourne, Geo. A 103 Union-Street, New-Bedford MA
Bowen, Abel Boston MA
Bowes & Bowes (Bowes & Bowes New & Secondhand Booksellers) Trinity Street, Cambridge MA
Bowman, J.W. (J.W. Bowman, Bookseller, Stationer & Music Dealer) Oxford, PA PA
Boyd's Bookstore Selma, AL AL
Boyd, Mercy (Mercy Boyd's Bookshop) Waterbury, CT CT
Boynton, O.A. (O.A. Boynton, Travelling Dealer in Engravings, Chromos, &c.) Boston, MA MA
Bradford & Read Boston MA
Bradley, B. & Co Boston MA
Bradley, B. Boston MA
Bradstreet Press New York NY
Brady, John (Agent, Cheap John's Book Store) No. 105 E. Baltimore Street, near Lloyd
Brady's Bookstore ("Scott's Head") W. Fayette Street, Baltimore, MD MD
Brandis & Meadows (Brandis & Meadows, Booksellers) Evansville, Ind. IN
Breare, T. (T. Breare, Bookbinder) 11 Market St., opp. City Hall, Lynn
Brannan & Carpenter No. 1, Elbow-Lane
Brenan, R.V. (R.V. Brenan, Bookbinder) Norristown
Brentano's Booksellers & Stationers 31, Union Square, New York NY
Brentano's Booksellers & Stationers New York NY
Brentano's Booksellers & Stationers Union Square, New York NY
Brentano Bro's (Brentano Bro's Books Stationery & Music) 5 Union Square, New-York NY
Brentano's Literary Emporium 39 Union Square NY
Brentano's Literary Emporium 5 Union Square, NY NY
Brentano, A. (A. Brentano, Books, Stationery, Newspapers) 708 Broadway NY
Brentano Bros. (Brentano Bros. Booksellers Importers & Stationers Publishers & Newsdealers) 1015 Pennsylvania Ave Washington DC
Brentano's Booksellers & Stationers Washington, DC DC
Brewer, John (John Brewer, Bookbinder and Bookseller) Providence RI
Brewer, John (John Brewer, Bookbinder and Bookseller) No. 2, Market-Square, Providence RI
Brewer, John (John Brewer, Bookseller and Bookbinder) No. 3, Market-Square, Providence RI
Brewer, Cantelmo Co. Inc. New York City NY
Brinsmade, Hobart (Hobart Brinsmade Successor to John Cornwall Dealer in Books & Staionery [sic]) 1 Sterling Block Main St. Bridgeport, CT CT
Brinsmade, P.A. Augusta, ME ME
Broes Van Dort, G. Co. (G. Broes Van Dort Co.) 19 W. Jackson Blvd. Chicago, Ill. IL
Brooks's Book, Stationery & Music Store 193 Essex Street, Salem MA
Brown, C. (C. Brown, Binder) New-York NY
Brown, C.A. & Co. (C.A. Brown & Co's Cheap Book Store) N.W. cor. 4th & Arch, Philadelphia PA
Brown's Cheap Book Store N.W. Cor. 4th & Arch Sts., Philadelphia PA
Brown, C.A.(C.A. Brown & Co.) No. 36 N. 6th St. Philada. PA
Brown, J.M. (J.M. Brown's North End Book Store and News Depot) No. 251 Hanover St. Boston MA
Brown, John F. (Franklin Bookstore) Concord, NH NH
Brown & Gross, Booksellers Hartford, CT. CT
Brown & Gross, Booksellers and Stationers 77 & 79 Asylum St., Hartford, Conn. CT
Brown & Parsons Hartford Conn. CT
Brown Bros King St.E. Toronto, Ont. Canada
Brown & Johnston One Door East of B.C. Babcock & Sons Store. Monmouth, Ills. IL
Brown, Johnston & McGaw Monmouth Ill. IL
Brown & Stansbury (Brown & Stansbury Book Binders & Sellers) No. 114 Water Street New York NY
Bruce, A. (Geneva Bindery)
Brunnquell, Paul (Paul Brunnquell, Bookseller) Milwaukee, Wis. WI
Bryan, R.L. & Co. (R.L. Bryan & Co., Booksellers & Stationers) Columbia, SC SC
Buehler, S.H. (S.H. Buehler's Book & Stationery Store) Gettysburg, PA PA
Buehler, Ed. (Ed. Buehler, German & French Bookseller) 15 S. Fourth Street, bet. Walnut & Market, St. Louis
Bugbee, David (David Bugbee, Wholesale Bookseller, Stationer & Bookbinder) No. 5 Strickland's New Block, Bangor, ME ME
Bugbee, D. & Co. (D. Bugbee & Co Booksellers, Stationers & Bookbinders) Bangor, ME ME
Bugbee, D.(David Bugbee, Wholesale Bookseller, Stationer & Bookbinder) No. 5 Strickland's New Block, Bangor, ME ME
Bugbee, David (David Bugbee, Bookseller, Stationer, Account Book Manufacturer, and Book-Binder) No. 5 Strickland's New Block, Bangor, ME ME
Bull's Head Book Shop Chapel Hill, NC NC
Burdett, S. & Co. (S. Burdett & Co.) No. 18, Court-Street, Boston MA
Burditt, James W. Boston MA
Burn, Thomas 37, Kirby Street, Hatton Garden
Burn & Co.
Burnet & Mackay (Burnet & Mackay, Book Binders) 36 Beekman Str. New York NY
Burnham, Chas. A. (Chas. A Burnham, Bookseller, Stationer, and Dealer in Paper Hangings) Norwich, Conn. CT
Burnham, C.A. (C.A. Burnham Books Stationeryy, Paper Hanging) Norwich, Conn. CT
Burnham Brothers (Burnham Brothers, College, School and Library Furnishing Rooms) Nos. 58 & 60 Cornhill, Boston MA
Burnton's Bookstore 49 6th Avenue, NY NY
Burnton's Book, Music and Cheap Publication Store 49 Sixth Avenue, NY NY
Burnton & Corey (Burnton & Corey, Booksellers) 49 Sixth Av., NY NY
Burnton, T.H. (T.H. Burnton at M. Robinson's Library) Providence, RI RI
Burnton, T.H. NY NY
Burr, Fearing Hingham, MA MA
Burrall, Will H. (Will H. Burrall Books) N.E. cor. C & Taylor Sts. Virginia, Nev. NV
Burrall, W. H.(Pioneer Book Store) Cor. C & Union Sts. Virginia, ?Nevada NV
Burrill, Nathan (Haverhill Book-Store)
Burroughs, [?] Ft. Wayne IN
Burt, A.P. (Cheap Book Store) W. Baltimore St. Near the Bridge.
Burt, A.P. (A.P. Burt's Book Store) 7 Market Street Balt. MD
Burton, Jehu (Jehu Burton Book Binder) 36 Carters Alley Philada. PA
Burtsell, Peter New York NY
Butler, T. & M. (T. & M. Butler, Printers & Booksellers) 159 Maine-Street, Buffalo NY
Buxton, David
Burton, George (George Burton, Booksellers) Corner of 5th & Chestnut Strs.
Byram, Ephraim M. (Ephraim M. Byram, Binder) Sag-Harbor NY
Byrne, P. (P. Byrne's Law and Miscellaneous Book Store) Philadelphia, and No. 128, Market Street, Baltimore PA
Bywater, M. (M. Bywater, Book-Binder and Stationer) No. 151 Walnut St., Philadelphia PA
Cable, H.M. (H.M. Cable, General Agent for National Series of School & College Text Books) 32 Bromfield Street, Boston MA
Caine, John H. (Eclectic Book Store, John H. Caine, Bookseller & Stationer) Dayton, O. OH
Call, A.A. (A.A. Call's Book & Paper Store) 26 Market Sq., Newburyport MA
Callender & Wills Corner of South & Market Streets, Baltimore MD
Cameron, John
Cameron, Hugh (Hugh Cameron, General Agent Bookseller & Stationer) 2nd florr Todd's Buildg. Pa. Av. Washington, DC. DC
Cammeyer & Acock Philadelphia PA
Campbell, James Boston MA
Campbell, Robert Philadela. PA
Campbell, William J. (William J. Campbell, Bookseller) 1009 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA
Campbell & Power (Campbell & Power, Cheap Booksellers) 20 South Fifth St., Philadelphia PA
Canfield & Robins (Canfield & Robins, Booksellers & Stationers) Directly west of the State House, Hartford. CT
Capen, J.L. (J.L. Capen, Phrenologist and Bookseller) 922 Chestnut St., Philadelphia PA
Carle, C. & Co. (C. Carle & Co. Binders) 132 S. 6th-St. Phila. PA
Carr, George H. (George H. Carr, Bookseller and Stationer) Newport, RI RI
Carson, Samuel & Co. (Samuel Carson & Co. Publishers Wholesale Booksellers & Stationers) 208 Post Street, San Francisco CA
Case, Lockwood & Brainard Co. (Case, Lockwood & Brainard Co. Printers, Book Binders and Paper Dealers) Hartford, Conn. CT
Caspar, C.N. (C.N. Caspar's Book Store) 437 East Water St. Milwaukee, Wis. WI
Cathcart & Cleland (Cathcart & Cleland, Booksellers) No. 26 E. Washington St. Indianapolis Ind. IN
Cathcart, Cleland & Co. (Cathcart, Cleland & Co. Booksellers) No. 26 E. Washington St. Indianapolis Ind. IN
Cathedral Book Store 2744 Peachtree Rd., N.E. Atlanta 5, Georgia GA
Cather, James (James Cather's Half price new and second hadn Book-Stand) Corner of Baltimore and Holiday Streets, next to Meacham's Auction store, Baltimore MD
Cather, J. (J. Cathers & Bro. Cheap Foreign and American Book & Stationery Store) No. 102 Baltimore-St., cor. Of Holliday, Baltimore, MD. MD
Cather, J. (J. Cathers & Bro. Half Price New and Second Hand Book Store) Corner of BAltimore and Holliday-Sts, Baltimore, Md. MD
Chaffee, W.G. Oswego, NY NY
Champley, G. (G. Champley, Bookseller) N. York NY
Chapin, H.D. Madison & Dearborn Sts. Chicago Ills. IL
Chapin, H.D. & Co. (H.D. Chapin & Co. Booksellers) Chicago IL
Chapin Bros. (Chapin Bros. Booksellers) Chicago IL
Chapman, T.E. (T.E. Chapman, Bookseller & Bookbinder) No. 74 North Fourth St. Philadelphia PA
Chicago Medical Book Co. Congress & Honore Sts. Chicago IL
Chipp, C.W. & R.A. (C.W. & R.A. Chipp, Booksellers and Stationers) opposite the Court-house, Kingston NY
Chipp's [bindery] Kingston, NY NY
Chittenden, George [binder] Sign of the Bible, Hudson NY
Christ, Isaac F. (Isaac F. Christ, Books, --Stationery, Wall Paper, &c. Kutztown, PA PA
Christ, Isaac F. (Isaac F. Christ's Cheap Book Store) Kutztown, Penn'a PA
Christ, Isaac F. (Isaac F. Christ's Book & Variety Store) Kutztown, PA PA
Christ, Isaac F. (Isaac F. Christ's Cheap Book Store and Printing Office) Kutztown, PA PA
Christern, F.W. 37 West 23d Street New-York NY
Christern, F.W. 77 University-Place New-York NY
Chronica Botanica Co. Book Department Waltham, Mass, U.S.A. MA
Church of the Truth 154 West 57th Street New York, NY 10019 NY
Claitor's Book Store Baton Rouge LA LA
Clapp, Otis & Son (Otis Clapp & Son, Homeopathic Pharmacy) 3 Beacon St., Boston. MA
Clapp & North (Clapp & North Booksellers & Stationers) 155 Water St. Augusta, ME. ME
Claremont M. Co. (Claremont M. Co.'s Job Bindery) Claremont, NH NH
Clark, D. (D. Clark Binder) Chapel-St. New-Haven CT
Clark, David (David Clark, Bookseller and Stationer) No. 178 North Third St. Philadelphia PA
Clark, George A. (George A. Clark, Bookseller & Stationer) Bloomsburg, PA PA
Clark, Jno. B. (Jno. B. Clark, Bookseller & Stationer) Eutaw, Ala. AL
Clark, Samuel [binder] Petersburg, VA VA
Clark, Thomas (Thomas Clark, Bookseller and Stationer) Opposite the Insurance Office, Fish-Street, Portland ME
Clark & Chestnut (Clark & Chestnut Book-binders & Paper Rulers) Over 25 Market St. Philada. PA
Clark & Fountain (Clark & Fountain's Book Store) Watertown, Wis. WI
Clark's Journal Book Bindery Rialto Building, State St., Montpelier, VT VT
Clarke, A.S. & Co. (A.S. Clarke & Co., Drugs, Books and Stationery) Bushnell, Ill. IL
Clarke, W.B. & Carruth (W.B. Clarke & Carruth, Booksellers) Boston, Mass. MA
Clarke, W.B. & Carruth (W.B. Clarke & Carruth, Booksellers & Stationers) Boston MA
Clarke & Carruth (Clarke & Carruth, Booksellers & Stationers) Boston MA
Clarke, W.B. & Co. (W.B. Clarke & Co. Booksellers & Stationers) Boston MA
Clarke, W.B. Co. (W.B. Clarke & Co. Booksellers & Stationers) 26 & 28 Tremont St. & 30 Court Sq., Boston MA
Clarke, W.B. & Co. (W.B. Clarke & Co. Booksellers & Stationers) Park St. Church, Boston MA
Cleaves, C.C. (C.C. Cleaves, Bookseller and Stationer) 60 Front Row, Memphis, Ten TN
Cloud C. & F. (C. & F. Cloud) No. 142 Main St., Cincinnati OH
Coale, E.J. & J.S. Littell (E.J. Coale & J.S. Littell) Opposite the Post Office, Baltimore MD
Coale, Edward J. & Co. (Edward J. Coale & Co. Booksellers) Baltimore MD
Coale, Edward J. & Co. (Edward J. Coale & Co. Booksellers) Opposite Barnum's Hotel, Baltimore MD
Coale, E.J. & Co. (E.J. Coale & Co. Booksellers & Stationers) Baltimore MD
Coan, Charles R. (Charles R. Coan Bookseller & Stationer) No. 202 Chapel St., New Haven, Conn. CT
Coan, C.R. (C.R. Coan, Books, Stationery, Games & Notions) New Haven, Conn. CT
Cobb, J.B. & Co. (J.B. Cobb & Co. Booksellers) Cleveland, O. OH
Cochrane, F.C. (F.C. Cochrane, Bookseller) Palatka, Fla. FL
Colburn, H. (H. Colburn, Bookseller & Stationer) 174 Baltimore Street, Baltimore MD
Colesworthy, D.C. Portland, ME ME
Cole, Saunders & Co. (Cole, Saunders & Co. News Agents, Booksellers, Stationers and Dealers in Music & Musical Instruments) Washington St. Vicksburg
Collins, Geo. A (Geo. A. Collins, Bookseller) Hannibal, Mo. MO
Colman, S. 121 Washington Street, Boston MA
Colman, Wm. A. [bookseller] 237 Broadway, up stairs. City of New York. NY
Colonial Book Service 23 East 4th Street New York City 3, NY NY
Colophon Bindery 1902 North 44th Street Seattle, WA 98103 WA
Coltart, S. (S. Coltart Bookseller Stationer & Dealer in Fancy Articles) Huntsville, Ala. AL
Columbian Book Co. 81 Whitehall Street, Atlanta, GA GA
Concord Bookshop Concord, Massachusetts MA
Condie, Thomas (Thomas Condie Bookbinder) Philadelphia PA
Consultants Book Store Fitzwilliam, NH 03447 NH
Cook, J.H. (J. H. Cook, Newsdealer & Bookseller) Southern Hotel, St. Louis MO
Cook, Walter L. & Francis A. Adams (Walter L. Cook & Francis A. Adams Architectural Book Service) Stratford, Conn. CT
Cooke & Hale (Cooke & Hale, Book-Sellers & Stationers) Hartford CT
Cooke, Walter L. 2921 Main St. Stratford, Conn. CT
Cooler, S.I. (S.I. Cooler, Bookseller & Stationer) 436 Main St. Springfield, Mass. MA
Coombs, H.M. & Co. (H.M. Coombs & Co. Binders) Providence RI
Coombs (Coombs, Bookseller) Worcester MA
Co-ops ("The Co-ops" The Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Co.) Rochester, NY New York Chicago NY
Cope, W. [binder] 85th St. Martins Lane
Copeland [binder] Boston MA
Copeland & Bradlee (Copeland & Bradlee Binders) Boston MA
Cornwall, John (John Cornwall Bookseller & Stationer) No. 1 Sterling Block Bridgeport Conn.) CT
Cornwall & Co. [binders] 63 Third Ave. New York NY
Cottom, Peter (Peter Cottom, Book-Seller & Stationer) 2d door above the Eagle Tavern, Richmond VA
Cottom & Stewart Fredericksburg, VA VA
Cottons & Barnard (Cottons & Barnard, Books, Stationary, & Fancy Goods) 184, Washington-St.--Boston MA
Cowan, James (James Cowan, Bookseller and Newsdealer) Pittsfield, Mass. MA
Cowen, Philp [sic] (Petaluma Book, Toy & Crockery Store) Union Block, Main Street
Cowen, Philip (Petaluma Book Store) Hinshaw's Block, Main St.
Cox, A.J. & Co. (A.J. Cox & Co. Binders) Chicago IL
Cox Kentucky KY
Craig & Lea (Craig & Lea, Stationers & Bookbinders) Wilmington DE
Crampton, R. (R. Crampton, Book Seller, Stationer & Blank Book Mnufacturer) Rock Island, Ill. IL
Crawford, F.S. (F.S. Crawford, Binder) Concord, NH NH
Crawford, Jno. W. (Jno. W. Crawford, Numismatist and Antiquarian) Lynchburg, Virginia VA
Crawford, W.K. [circulating library] King Street Canada
Crawford, W.K. King Street. St. John, N.B. Canada
Crawford & Stockbridge (Crawford & Stockbridge, Binders) Concord, NH NH
Crawford & Stockbridge (Crawford & Stockbridge, Stationers & Bookbinders) 1 Depot St., Concord, NH NH
Crawford's Antiquarian Book Store 702 Main St. Lyncyburg, VA VA
Creager & Graham (From the 'West End' Book & Periodical Store) 520 West Baltimore St.
Creamer, Geo. Lynde Place, Salem MA
Creamer, George No. 151 Essex Street. Salem. MA
Crofoot, H.T. (H.T. Crofoot. Binder.) Newburyport MA
Crolius & Galdding (Crolius & Galdding, Medical & Miscellaneou Book Store) No. 341 Market Street, (above Ninth,) Philadelphia PA
Crook, A.J. (A.J. Crook, Book Binder) SW. Fayette St. Syracuse NY
Crowell, Thomas Y. (Thomas Y. Crowell, Successor to Benj. Bradley & Co. Bookbinder & Importer of Bookbinders' Cloth) Chambers 55, 57 & 59 Washington Street, Boston. MA
Crowen, T.J. 599 Broadway, Cor. Fourth St. N.Y. NY
Crowen, T.J. 599 Broadway, N.Y. NY
Crowen's Book Store 699 B'dway N.Y. NY
Crowley, W.S. (W.S. Crowley, Bookseller & Stationer) 146 Baltimore St. Balitmore, MD. MD
Crukshank, Joseph
Culver Page & Hoyne (Culver Page & Hoyne Binders) 128 & 130 Lake Street Chicago IL
Cummings & Hilliard (Cummings & Hilliard, Booksellers and Stationers) No. 1 Cornhill--Boston MA
Currier & Hall Concord, NH NH
Curtis, S. (S. Curtis Binder)
Cushing, Isaac (Isaac Cushing, Bookbinder & Pocket-Book Maker) Washington-Street, Salem MA
Cushing, Seth, Jr. (Seth Cushing, Jr.Book-Binder) Hingham MA
Cutler, Geo. P. (Geo. P. Cutler, Book Binder, Picture Frame Manufacturer, and Dealer in School Books and Stationery) No. 138 Essex Street, Lawrence MA
Cutter, Abram E. (Abram E. Cutter, Bookseller, Stationer, and Blank Book Manufacturer) No. 62 Main Street, Charlestown
Cutter, A.E. (A.E. Cutter, Bookseller & Stationer) 62 Main Street, Charlestown
Damrell & Moore 16 Devonshire St. Boston. MA
Daniels & Smith (Daniels & Smith's Cheap Book Store) No. 36 North Sixth St. Philadelphia. PA
Daniels & Smith (Daniels & Smith's New and Second-hand Book Store) N.W. cor. 4th & Arch, Philadelphia PA
Daniels & Smith (Daniels & Smith's Cheap Book Store) Corner 4th & Arch St. Philadelphia PA
Darling, C.K. (C.K. Darling, Stationer) 15 Exchange St. Boston. MA
Dartmouth Bookstall, Inc. 284 Dartmouth St. Boston, 16 MA
Davies, Edgar W. Philadelphia? PA
Davis, Hall L. (Hall L. Davis Stationer & Manufacturer of Account Books...) 53 Exchange St. Portland. ME
Davis, R. (R. Davis, Bookseller & Stationer) No. 8 Main Street, Chambersburg, PA PA
Davis, Robert H. (Robert H. Davis, Bookseller , Fashionable Stationer & Engraver) 24 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, NY NY
Davis, Robert S. & Co. (Robert S. Davis & Co. Booksellers & Stationers) 175 Liberty St. Pittsburgh, PA PA
Davis & Co. (Davis & Co. Booksellers, &c.) Chambersburg, Pa. PA
Davis & Force One door west of Davis's Hotel, Pennsylvania Avenue DC
Davis Bros. Golden Rule Bazaar, Cal. CA
Dawson, B. (B. Dawson, Bookseller & Stationer) No. 2 Place D'Armes Montreal Canada
Dawson, B. (B. Dawson, Bookseller & Stationer) Montreal Canada
Dawson, B. & Son (B. Dawson & Son, Booksellers & Stationers) Montreal Canada
Day, H.W. Boston MA
Day, Mahlon [bookseller] No. 374, Pearl-st. New-York. NY
Day, William A. & Co. (William A. Day & Co. Book-Binders and Blank Book Manufacturers) Indianapolis, IN IN
Dean, John (John Dean Bookbinder & Stationer) At the Sign of Dean Swift in Front Street between Walnut & Chestnut Streets Philadelphia PA
Dearborn, Nathaniel Boston MA
de Behr, Charles (Charles de Behre, English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Latin, &c., Bookseller) 102, Broadway, N. York NY
de Behr, Charles (Foreign & Classical Bookstore, Charles de Behr, Director) 108 Broadway, N. York, and 32 South Sixth-st. Philadelphia NY
de Behr, Charles (Foreign & Classical Bookstore, Charles de Behr, Director) 108 Broadway, New-York, 32 South Sixth-st. Philadelphia, and 24 Rue des Grands Augustins Paris PA
Deeth, S.G. Church Street, New Brunswick N.S. Canada
Deighton (Deighton Bookseller & Stationer) Worcester MA
Dennis & Co., Inc. (Dennis & Co., Inc. Law Book Publishers) 251 Main Street Buffalo 3, N.Y. NY
Dennen's Book Shop 37 E. Grand River Ave. Detroit, Michigan MI
Denoon & Condie (Denoon & Condie Bookbinders) Philadelphia PA
Denver Bookbinding Co. 2715 Seventeenth St. Denver, CO 80211 CO
De Selding, E.F. (E.F. De Selding, Bookseller) 267 Fulton Street, Brooklyn NY
De Silver, R. (R. De Silver) No. 110 Walnut Street Philada. PA
Des Forges (Des Forges, Antiquarian Book Store) 12 Light St., Baltimore MD
Diagnothian Literary Society (Franklin and Marshall College)
Derickson, William No. 11, Carter's Alley, Philadelphia PA
Dickinson, H. Philadelphia PA
Dickinson, S.N. Boston MA
Dietrick, Jacob D. (Jacob D. Dietrick's Apothecary & Book Store) near the court-house in Hagers-town [Winchester, Virg.] VA
Dietrick, Jacob D. (Jacob D. Dietrick's Ironmongery, Paint, Book and Fancy Store) near the court-house in Hagers-town [Winchester, Virg.] VA
Dietrick, Jacob D. (Jacob D. Dietrick's Patent Medicine & Bookstore) in the Main-street, Winchester, Virg. VA
Diossy, John J. (John J. Diossy, Law Bookseller) 1 Nassau Street, New-York NY
Dobie, John A. [bookbinder] Hanover, N.H. NH
Dobson, Thomas No 41 South Second Street, Philadelphia PA
Dodge, S. (S. Dodge, Bookseller & Stationer) 1 & 2 Allen's Building, Danvers
Dolphin Book Shop Broadway & 105th St. New York City NY
Dorwart, Jonathan [book agent] Lancaster, PA PA
Doughty, I.T. (I.T. Doughty, Bookseller & Stationer) Poughkeepsie, N.Y. NY
Douglas, J.A. (J.A. Douglas, Bookbinder) Plattsburgh NY
Dover Book-Bindery (Samuel G. Stevens) Dover, N.H. NH
Dow, James B. (James B. Dow, Bookseller and Stationer) 362 Washington Street, Boston MA
Dow, John C. (John C. Dow, Books and Stationery) Under Pemberton Bank. Lawrence.
Doxey (Doxey Importer) San Francisco CA
Doyle, Peter (Peter Doyle, Bookseller) 6, Tenth St. 1t. House Below Market St. Philadelphia PA
Dresser & Barnes (Dresser & Barnes, Booksellers & Stationers) Southbridge, Mass. MA
Du Comb, John F. (John F. DuComb Bookbinder) No. 27 S. 6th St. Philadelphia PA
Dunbar, Franklin Taunton, MS. MA
Dunbar, S.O. (S.O. Dunbar, Bookseller) Bank Row, Taunton MA
Dunbar's (Bookseller and Stationer) Main St. Taunton MA
Duncan, Wm. F. (Wm. F. Duncan's Centre Square. Book, Periodical, and Newspaper Store) Lancaster, Pa. PA
Dunlap, John Newest Printing-Office, in Market-Street, Philadelphia PA
Dunlap, John (John Dunlap, Printer, Bookseller, and Stationer) in Market-Street, Philadelphia PA
Dunn, H.S. (H. S. Dunn, Book-seller & Stationer) 114 8th Avenue, New-York NY
Dunne, Hugh (Hugh Dunne, Binder & Blank Book Manufacturer) North Fourth Street (Adjoining the Court House) Zanesville, Ohio OH
Duren, E.F. (E.F. Duren, Bookseller and Stationer, and Agent for Periodicals) Next to the Post-Office, Bangor, ME ME
Duren, E.F. (E.F. Duren, Bookseller, Stationer, and Music Dealer) Hammond-St., opposite City Hall, Bangor ME
Duren, E.F. (E.F. Duren, Bookseller, Stationer, and Music Dealer) Hammond-St., between Franklin and Centre St. Opposite City Hall, Bangor ME
Duren, E.F. (E.F. Duren, Tract and S.S. Depository) Hammond-St., opposite City Hall, Bangor ME
Duren, E.F. (E.F. Duren Bookseller & Stationer) Hammond-St., opposite City Hall, Bangor ME
Duren, E.F. (E.F. Duren's Bookstore) Opposite City Hall, Bangor ME
Durkee & Jenkins (Durkee & Jenkins, Booksellers) 51 State St. & 624 Brodway [sic]. Albany, NY NY
Durkee & Jenkins (Durkee & Jenkins, Booksellers) 51 State St. & 686 Broadway Albany, N.Y. NY
Duross Brothers Philadelphia PA
Durrie & Peck (Durrie & Peck--Binders) Chapel-Street--New-Haven CT
Dutton, E.P & Co. Boston MA
Dwyer, James (James Dwyer Dealer in Books and Stationery, Albums, Pocket Books, Fancy Goods, Toy, Etc.) Salt Lake City, Utah UT
Dye, A.D. (A.D. Dye, Dealer in Books, Stationery, Music, &c.) Oneonta, N.Y. NY
Dyrsen & Pfeiffer 429 Fifth Avenue New York NY
Eastburn, T.L. (T.L. Eastburn, Book Binder, Paper Ruler and Blank Book Manufacturer) Mobile, Ala. AL
Eastman, C. Allen (C. Allen Eastman?Dealer in Books & Stationery...) Front of the Town Hall, ?Newmarket, N.H. NH
Eaton & Son (Eaton & Son, Booksellers) Worcester MA
Eayrs & Fairbanks (Eayrs & Fairbanks, Account Book Manufacturers?) No. 136 Washington Street, Boston MA
Eckendorff, G. (G. Eckendorff's Cash Book Store) (No. 422 north Second St. below Brown, W. side)
Edwards & Bishop (Edwards & Bishop, Booksellers & Stationers) 36 East King Street, Lancaster, PA PA
Edwards & Co. (Edwards & Co., Booksellers and Stationers) Sacramento and Grass Valley, Cal. CA
Egerton, T. (T. Egerton, Military Library) Whitehall [West Philadelphia] PA
Eichbaum (Eichbaum, Bookseller) Nashville, T. TN
Elder, Paul & Co. (Paul Elder & Co. or Paul Elder & Company) San Francisco CA
Elder, D.P. and Morgan Shepard San Francisco CA
Eldred, C. [bookseller] S.E. Corner Sixth & Arch Sts. Philadelphia PA
Eldridge Publishing Company Franklin, Ohio also Denver, Colo. CO
Ellery, Epes (Epes Ellery, Antiquarian Book Store) 225 Montgomery Street Russ' Block, San Francisco CA
Ellis, John F. (John F. Ellis, Pianos & Music) 306 Penna. Avenue, Bet. 9th & 10th Sts. Washington, D.C. DC
Ely, Jno. P. (Jno. P. Ely's Cheap Book Store) Lebanon, Pa. PA
Embree, L.H. (L.H. Embree's Book and Music Store) 134 Bowery NY
Embree's Bookstore 134 Bowery, New-York. NY
Emmons, C.P. [binder] 55 Main Street, Charlestown
Enderis, H. (H. Enderis Importer) 14 & 16 W. Randolph St. & 128 Lake St. Chicago IL
Engberg, Holmberg & Lindell (Engberg, Holmberg & Lindell, [Late Swed. Luth. Pub. Soc.] Publishers & Booksellers) 119 Chicago Ave., Chicago, --Illinois IL
Engel Brothers [binders] 750 Penn Str. Reading, PA PA
Entwisle, J. & Son (J. Entwisle & Son Booksellers) 95 King St. Alexandria, VA VA
Ephraim, Irving F. (Irving F. Ephraim Booksellers) 80 Franklin St. Worcester Mass. MA
Episcopal Book Depository No. 1224 Chestnut St. Below 13th, Philadelphia PA
Essex, William (William Essex, Book Binder and Stationer) Main-Street, Lexington, K. KY
Essex, W. & Son (W. Essex & Son) Lexington, (Ky.) KY
Estes & Lauriat (Estes & Lauriat, Publishers, Booksellers and Importers) 301 Wasington Street, Opposite Old South Church, Boston MA
Estes & Lauriat (Estes & Lauriat, New and Old Books) Boston MA
Evans, D. (D. Evans' Northern Book, Stationary & Periodical Depot) 250, N. Second st. Above Callowhill st. Philadelphia PA
Evans, D. (D. Evans' Cheap New and Second-hand Book Store) No. 250, N. Second Street Above Callowhill, Philad. PA
Evans, D. (D. Evans' Cheap Book Store) No. 250 N. 2d st. above Callowhill st. Phila. PA
Everdell (Everdell, Engraver) 49 Fulton Street, New York NY
Fabre, Edouard R. & Cie. (Edouard R. Fabre & Cie.) Montreal Canada
Fabre, E.R. (E. R. Fabre, Libraire) Rue St. Vincent, Montreal Canada
Fair, J. (J. Fair's Cheap Book, Stationary & Music Store) No. 9 South 8th St. East side, near Market, Phila. PA
Fairbanks, J.L. & Co. (J.L. Fairbanks & co. Stationers and Account Book Manufacturers) 136 Washington Street, Boston MA
Fairclough & Hume (Fairclough & Hume, Binders) 194 Fulton st., NY NY
Fanshaw, D. (D. Fanshaw, Printer, Bookseller & Stationer) 108 Nassau-st. N.Y. NY
Favor, Hiram S. (Literary Bookstore) Eastport
Fehr, Herbery C. (Herbert C. Fehr [binder]) Phila, PA. PA
Fehr, J.C. (J.C. Fehre Bookbinder) Deaderiek Str. No. 19 Nashville, Tenn. TN
Feldheim's ("The House of the Jewish Book") 96 E. Broadway, N.Y. N.Y. 10002 NY
Felt, David & Co. (David Felt & Co.) Stationer's' Hall, 245 Pearl & 34 Wall-St., N.Y. NY
Felton, W. [bookseller] Brattleboro, Vt VT
Fennell, William, Jr. {William Fennell, Jr., engraver) Philadelphia PA
Ferriss, Benjamin Wilmington DE
Fenno, E. Belfast, ME ME
Ferry, J.M. (J.M. Ferry, Bookseller) 76 Bowery, N.Y. NY
Fetridge, W.P. & Co. (W.P. Fetridge & Co. Booksellers) 281 Broadway. New York. NY
50,000 Books 116 E. Main El Cajon, Ca. 92020 CA
Filene's Worth-while Book Shop for Boys and Girls
Finley, A. (Map Establishment) Corner of Fourth & Chestnut streets, Philadelphia PA
Finley, Anthony [bookseller] N.E. Corner of Chestnut & Fourth St. Philadelphia PA
Fisher, H.W. & Co. (H.W. Fisher & Co.) 1629 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA. PA
Fischer & Rossmaessler (Fischer & Rossmaessler, Booksellers) No. 27 E. Baltimore St. Baltimore MD
Fisk Manchester NH NH
Fisk, William H. (William H. Fisk. Bookseller Stationer and Book Binder) Elm St. Manchester. N.H. NH
Fitzgerald Books (Book & Art Co.) Holyoke, Mass. MA
Fitzwhylson & Potter (Fitzwhylson & Potter, Book-Binders and Stationers) Richmond--Virginia VA
Fleming, S.W. (S.W. Fleming, Bookseller, Stationer and Job Printer) 32 N. 3rd St. Harrisburg, PA. PA
Fleming, S.W. (S.W. Fleming, Bookseller, Stationer, & News Agent) College Block, 32 N. 3rd St. Harrisburg, PA. PA
Fleming, S.W. (S.W. Fleming Books & Stationery.) 32 N. 3rd St. Harrisburg, PA. PA
Fletcher, Edward H. (Edward H. Fletcher, Publisher, Bookseller and Stationer) 141 Nassau St. New York NY
Fletcher, Edward H. (Cheap Cash Bookstore)
Flynn, L.M. (L.M. Flynn, Bookseller and Stationer) 50 West King St. Lancaster, PA. PA
Flynn & Scroggs (Flynn & Scroggs, Blank Book Manufacturers, Book Binders and Steam Job Printers) Urbana, Illinois IL
Focke, C.A. (C.A. Focke, Bookbinder) 216 William st. N. York. NY
Folsom, C.J. (C.J. Folsom, Stationer and Bookseller.) 40 1/2 Fulton and 263 Pearl Sts. New-York. NY
Dersmith, Fon (Fon Dersmith's Book Store.) Lancaster, PA. PA
Foote, A.E. [bookseller] 1223 Belmont Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. PA
Foote, A.E., M.D. (A.E. Foote, M.D.) Philadelphia, Pa. PA
Foote, A.E., M.D. (A.E. Foote, M.D.) 1223 Belmont Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. PA
Foote, A.E. Dr.. (Dr. A.E. Foote) Philadelphia, Pa. PA
Foreign Books and Stationary, Wholesale and Retail No. 35, Washington-Street, Boston MA
Foreign Books and Stationary, Wholesale and Retail No. 35, Washington-Street, 4 doors South of Market Street, Boston MA
Foster, F. (F. Foster's Cheap Book Store) 708 South Second St. Philadelphia. PA
Foster, Joseph H. (Joseph H. Foster Bookseller and Stationer) Portsmouth, N.H. NH
Fowler & Colwell (Fowler & Colwell Booksellers). 115 West Second Street Los Angeles CA
Fowlers, Wells & Co. (Fowlers, Wells & Co. Phrenologists & Publishers) 142 Washington St., Boston. MA
Fowlers, Wells & Co. (Fowlers, Wells & Co. Phrenologists and Publishers) 231 Arch St., between Sixth and Seventh Sts.
Francis, C.S. & Co. (C.S. Francis & Co. Booksellers) 252 Broadway, New York. NY
Francis & Loutrel (Francis & Loutrel, Manufacturing Stationers, Printers & Book Binders) 45 Maiden Lane, New York. NY
Francis & Loutrel (Francis & Loutrel, Stationers, Printers & Book Binders) 45 Maiden Lane, New York. NY
Francis & Loutrel (Francis & Loutrel, Stationers & Printers) 45 Maiden Lane, N.Y. NY
Franklin, The (The Franklin, Books, Stationery, Cameras) 321-325 Superior St., Toledo, O. OH
Freeman, W. & W.H. (W. & W.H. Freeman, Book Agents) 40 E. King Street, Lancaster, PA. PA
French, B.F. (B.F. French, Importer of Books and Stationary) Washington City, D.C. DC
French Institute Bookstore 22 E. 60th St., N.Y. 10022 NY
Frey, C. (C. Frey's Deutsche Leib-Bibliothek, (Circulating Library)) No. 57 North Gay St., Baltimore MD
Friends' Book Association of Philadelphia. (Friends' Book Association of Philadelphia. Stationers and Booksellers.) S.W. cor. 15th & Race Sts.
Fuller & Schlauch (Fuller & Schlauch, Booksellers and Stationers) Catasauqua, PA. PA
Funk & Wagnall's Company New York NY
Galloway, Edwin J. (Edwin J. Galloway, New & Old Book Store) 782 Granville St. Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Gardner, A.J. & Co. (A.J. Gardner & Co., Drugs, Groceries, School Books) Grand Rapids, Ohio OH
Gardner, James Warren, R.I. RI
Garson, T. (T. Garson , Binder) 101 Greenwich-st.
Gay, A.R. & Co. (A.R. Gay & Co. Manufacturers of Paged Blank Books and Dealers in Fine Staple Stationery) No. 130 State Street, Boston MA
Gaylor Bros. (Photomount Pamphlet Binder [?] Makers Gaylord Bros. Inc.) Syracuse, N.Y. NY
Gerber (Gerber Bookseller, Stationer & News Agent) Lancaster, PA. PA
Gibb, James B. (James B. Gibb, Bookseller) 53 Main Street, Richmond, Va. VA
Gideon, J. & G.S. (J. & G.S. Gideon, Printers & Book-Binders) Ninth Street, Near Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington City DC
Gihon & Smith (Gihon & Smith's Stationers' Hall) No. 23 South Eighth st. Philada. PA
Gihon, Kucher & Smith (Gihon, Kucher & Smith, Binders) S.E. Cor. 7th & Market Sts., Philadelphia PA
Gihon, D.W. (D.W. Gihon, Book Binder) S.W. cor. of George & Swanwick St
Gilbert & Taylor 110 Main Street. Dubuque. IA
Giles, Nicholas (Nicholas Giles, Book Binder and Blank Book Manufacturer) Concord, N.H. NH
Gill, J.K. & Co. (J.K. Gill & Co. Booksellers) Portland OR
Gill, J.K. & Co. (J.K. Gill & Co. Booksellers and Stationers) Portland, Oregon OR
Gilley, W.B. [bookseller] 94 Broadway, New York NY
Gish, J. (J. Gish's Book Stationary and Periodical Store) near the P.O., North Queen Street, Lancaster, N.B. Canada
Gish, J. & Brother (J. Gish & Brother's Book, Stationery & Periodical Store) corner of North Queen & Orange St., Lancaster, N.B. Canada
Gish, J. & Brother (J. Gish & Brother's Book, Stationery & Periodical Store) corner of North Queen & Orange St., Lancaster. Canada
Gish, J. & Co. (J. Gish & Co's Book, Stationery and Periodical Store) corner of North Queen & Orange St., Lancaster, N.B. Canada
Gish, J. & Co. (J. Gish & Co. Booksellers and Stationers) Corner of North Queen and Orange Streets, Lancaster. Canada
Globe Bible Publishing Co. Philadelphia, PA. PA
Goddard, N.C. [bookseller] Windsor, Vt. VT
Godin, C. New Orleans LA
Goldsmith, L. (L. Goldsmith's Book Stand) Corner of Sans. & Wash. St. San Francisco CA
Goldsmith (Goldsmith, Binder) 30 Cornhill, Boston MA
Goldsmith, S. (S. Goldsmith, Book-Binder) Franklin Avenue, Boston. MA
Gloldsmith Bros. (Goldsmith Bros. Stationers Printers) 77 Nassau St. N.Y. NY
Goldthwaite, W.F. (W.F. Goldthwaite, Antiquarian, Law, Medical and Miscellaneous, English and French Bookseller) No. 16 1/2 Royal Street, Adjoining the Post Office, New-Orleans LA
Golly, J.B. & Co. (J.B. Golly & Co.) 31 Kearny Str. San Francisco. CA
Gomez, Benjamin (Benjamin Gomez, Bookseller & Stationer) No. 97, Maiden-Lane, New-York NY
Goodale, Glazier & Co. (Goodale, Glazier & Co. Wholesale & Retail Booksellers, Printers & Bookbinders) No. 1, Kennebec Row, Hallowell, Me. ME
Goodall, H.L & Co. (H.L. Goodall, & Co, Phonographers and Reporters) No. 22, Arch St., between 6th & 7th, Phila. PA
Goodale, S.L. [bookseller] Saco ME
Goodrich, A.T. & Co. (A.T. Goodrich & Co.) New York NY
Goodrich, A.T. & Co. (A.T. Goodrich & Co. Circulating Library, Stationary & Bookstore) No. 124, Broadway. Opposite the City-Hotel. NY
Goodwin, J. West (J. West Goodwin, Bookbinder) Sedalia, MO MO
Goodwin & Co. Hartford, Conn. CT
Gorham, C.L. & Co. (C.L. Gorham & Co. Dealers in Pianos, Organs and Musical Merchandise) 454 Main St., Worcester, Mass. MA
Gotham Book Mart, Inc. 51 West 47th St., N.Y. NY
Goudy, Robert [binder[ Vandalia, Ill. IL
Grattan & McLean (Grattan & McLean Stationers, Blank Book Manufacturers and Printers) Corner of Third and Walnut Sts. Philadelphia. PA
Gray, J. [bookseller] Alexandria VA
Gray, John A. (John A. Gray. Newspaper, Book, and Job Printer, Stereotyper & Binder) 16 & 18 Jacob Street, New-York NY
Gray, R. & J.(R. & J. Gray) [booksellers] Alex. VA
Gray, S.R. (S.R. Gray, Bookseller and Stationer) No. 38 State Street, Albany. NY
Gray, William F. (William F. Gray, Bookseller & Stationer) Fredericksburg VA
Gray, Wm. F. (Wm. F. Gray, Bookseller and Stationer) Fredericksburg VA
Gray, William F. [bookseller] Fredericksburg VA
Gray & Ballantyne (Gray & Ballantyne, Booksellers & Stationers) 498 Seventh St. Washington D.C. DC
Greene, H.A. (H.A. Greene, Books & Stationery) 16 Exchange Place, Jersey City.
Greene, Henderson (Henderson Greene's School Book Depository) 435 Broadway, c. Howard St.
Greer, John M. [bookseller] 199 King St. Charleston So.Ca. SC
Gregory & White (Gregory & White. Booksellers & Stationers.) 133 Westminster St. Providence, R.I. RI
Griffin, S. 134 Sixth Avenue, New York. NY
Griffith (Griffith, Bookseller, & Stationer) 8, Baker Street.
Griffith, O.J. (O.J. Griffith's Bookseller & Publisher) 126 & 128, Dearborn St. Chicago IL
[Griselin, J.F.?] Norfolk, VA. VA
Griggs, S.C. (S.C. Griggs) [bookseller] Hamilton, N.Y. NY
Groff, A.L. (Eastern U.B. Book Rooms) 115 Market St. Harrisburg, PA. PA
Groff, A.L. (Bookseller and Stationer) 336 Market St. Harrisburg, PA. PA
Groom, Thomas & Co. (Thomas Grrom & Co. Stationers, Account Book Manufacturers & Importers of English & French Stationery) 82 State Street, Boston. MA
Gruver, Edward F. Co. (Edward F. Gruver Co. Paper Rulers and Book Binders) 1320 F St. N.W. Washington, D.C. DC
Guild, W.H. & Co. (W.H. Guild & Co.) [bookseller] 11 Bromfield St., Boston, Mass. MA
Guyn, R.H. (R.H. Guyn, Bookseller) Harrisburg, Pa. PA
Haas, David L. (David L. Haas, Books, Stationery, Fancy Goods) Napa, Cal. CA
Haas & Co. (Haas & Co. Books, Stationery, Fancy Goods) St. Helena, Cal. CA
Haas Brothers (Haas Brothers, Books, Stationery, Fancy Goods & Toys) Vallejo, Cal. CA
Haas Bros (Haas Bros Dealers in Books Stationery, etc) Napa, Cal. CA
Haas, Martin L. [bookseller] 40 Main Street Napa City CA
Hadley Book Shop South Hadley, Mass. MA
Hall, A.H. (A.H. Hall, Publisher, Bookbinder, & Job Printer. Wholesale and Retail Bookseller &c.) No. 2 Washington St. Watertown, N.Y. NY
Hall, David (David Hall, At the New Printing-Office, in Market-street) Philadelphia PA
Halsey, C.S. (C.S. Halsey's Homeopathic Pharmacy) 270 Main St. Buffalo NY NY
Hamilton, Turner (Turner Hamilton. Book Binder, Franklin Institute) 7th St. bet. Market & Chestnut Philadelphia PA
Hamilton, Turner (Turner Hamilton. Book Binder, Franklin Institute) Bindery rear of No. 11S. 7th St. Philadelphia PA
Hamilton, Turner (Turner Hamilton, Bookbinder) 146 Chestnut St. Philad'a. PA
Hamilton, Turner (Turner Hamilton, Bookbinder, Hall of Franklin Institute) 7th St bet Market & Chestnut. Philad'a. PA
Hamilton, Turner (Turner Hamilton, Book-Binder. Book Stationery, and Periodical Store) 106 South Tenth St., Philad'a. PA
Hamilton, Turner (Turner Hamilton, Bookbinder, Bookseller Stationer & Periodical Dealer) Assembly Building, 106 So. 10th. St., Philadelphia. PA
Hamilton (Hamilton, Binder) Harrisburg PA
Hammond, James (James Hammond's Book Store) Newport, R.I. RI
Hammond, Jas. T. (Jas. T. Hammond, Bookseller, Stationer, and Dealer in Blank Books & Wall Paper) Logan City, Utah UT
Hammond & Carter (Hammond & Carter's Cheap Book Store) 1 door So. Taylor Hotel, Winchester, Va. VA
Harmstead, M.E. (M.E. Harmstead's Temperance Repository) No. 28 N. Ninth St., Phila. PA
Harmstead, M.E. (M.E. Harmstead's Cheap Book Store) No. 46 North Fifth St. One door below Arch, Philadelphia PA
Harney St. Louis, MO MO
Harper, J.H. (J.H. Harper, Dealer in Books, Stationery, Wall Paper and Jewelry, Toys and Notions.) Great Bend, Kansas KS
Harrison, A.L. Albany, NY NY
Harrison, James New York NY
Hart, Jam. Jr. No. 296 King Street Sign of the Bible Charleston, So.Ca. SC
Hart, Lane S. (Lane S. Hart, Binder) Harrisburg, Pa. PA
Hart, William (William Hart, Book-Binder) No. 11, Market-street, Portsmouth, N.H. NH
Hartford Bookshop Rutland, Vermont VT
Hartman, Harry Seattle WA
Harvard Co?perative Society (Harvard Co?perative Society. Booksellers.)
Harvey, Fred (Fred Harvey Shops) Union Station Chicago IL
Haskell, A.H. (A.H. Haskell, Binder) 90 Washington Street, Boston. MA
Hathaway House Bookshop Wellesley MA
Hatheway, S.S. [binder] Hudson, NY NY
Hatheway, S.S. (S.S. Hatheway, Book-Binder) No. 157, Warren-Street, Hudson. NY
Hauser, I.I. & Co. (I.I. Hauser & Co., Sole Agents for the American Book Exchange) Milwaukee WI
Hawes, Peter [binder] 68 Camp-St. New Orleans. LA
Heald, J.T. (J.T. Heald, Bookseller & Stationer Binder & Blank Book Manufacturer) 421 Market St. Wilmington, Del. DE
Heald, J.T. (J.T. Heald, Bookseller, Stationer & Binder) No. 127 Market Street, Wilmington, Del. DE
Heald, J.T. (J.T. Heald, Bookseller, Stationer & Binder) 127 Market st. Wilmington, Del. DE
Heard, John [bookseller] Truro MA
Hechler, S. (S. Hechler's Cheap Book Store) North Sixth Street. Reading, Pa. PA
Hechler & Knabb (Hechler & Knabb's Cheap Book Store) , Sixth & Penn Streets, Reading, Pa. PA
Heckert, Mrs. (Mrs. Heckert's Cheap Book Store) North Queen St, Lancaster.
Heckman Bindery, Inc. N. Manchester, Indiana IN
Heffelfinger, A.C. (A.C. Heffelfinger's Book, Stationery, Wall Paper & Variety Store) Lewisburg, PA PA
Helburn, William (William Helburn Importer, Bookseller) 418 Madison Ave., New York NY
Helburn, William (William Helburn Importer & Publisher) 10 E. 16th St., N.Y. NY
Helburn, W.M., Inc. (W.M. Helburn, Inc Books) 15 East 55th St. New York NY
Heller, C.F. (C.F. Heller Book Binder) Reading, PA. PA
Henderson, C.G. & Co. (C.G. Henderson & Co's Cheap Bookstore) 5th & Arch Streets.
Henwood, Chas. (Chas. Henwood, (Suc'sor to R.J. Matthews.) Druggist and Bookseller) Providence, PA. PA
Herr, L.B. (L.B. Herr's Book Store) 53 & 55 Inquirer Building Lancaster, PA. PA
Herr, L.B. (L.B. Herr's Book Store) Lancaster, - Penn. PA
Herr, L.B. (L.B. Herr's Book Store) 53 and 55 N. Queen Street, Lancaster, Pa. PA
Herr, L.B. (L.B. Herr's Book Store) 53 North Queen St., Lancaster, PA. PA
Herr, L.B. (L.B. Herr's Book Store) 53 N. Queen St., Lancaster, PA. PA
Herr's Book Store Lancaster, PA. PA
Hetzler, Francis D. (Francis D. Hetzler, Plain and Fancy Binding, and Book Binding) Sun Iron Building, Balt. MD
Heuer Publishing Co. Cedar Rapids, Iowa IA
Hewitt, I. New York NY
Hickox, J.H. & Co. (J.H. Hickox & Co Successors to Sprague & Bro. Booksellers) 51 State Street Albany, N.Y. NY
Hickok, W.O. (W.O. Hickok, Book Binder, Blank Book & Ruling Pen Manufacturer) Harrisburg, PA. PA
Hicks, D. & Co. (D. Hicks & Co., Bookbinders) [513?] Clay St., S.F. CA
Hill, F.S. (F.S. Hill, Stationer) 404 Market St. Chester, PA. PA
Hill, Smith & Co. (Hill, Smith & Co. Stationers and Blank Book Manufacturers) 8 Milk Street, Old South Building, Boston MA
Hiller Bookbinding Salt Lake City, Utah UT
Hiller Industries Salt Lake City, Utah UT
Hilliard, Gray & Co. Boston MA
Hilliard & Brown (Hilliard & Brown, Booksellers to the University) Cambridge, N.E. MA
Hoffmann Bros. (Hoffman Bros., Importers of Church Ornaments & Vestments, Books, Statues &c.) Milwaukee, Wis. WI
Hoffman, White & Thomson [binders] 71 State St. Albany NY
Hogan, D.M. (D.M. Hogan, Blank Book Manufacturer Stationer and Printer) 418 Walnut St., betw. 4th & 5th, (South Side.) Philadelphia. PA
Hogan, David (David Hogan, Blank Book Manufacturer) Philadelphia PA
Hogan & Thompson [booksellers] No. 77 Chestnut Street & No. 30 North 4th Street Philadelphia PA
Hogan , D.M. & Bechtel, Wm. E. Philadelphia PA
Hogan, James & Co. Philadelphia PA
Holliday Bookshop 49 E. 49th St. New York NY
Holmes, H.C. (H.C. Holmes Bookseller) 1149 Market St. San Francisco, Cal. CA
Holmes, N.B. (N.B. Holmes, Book-binder, Book-seller, and Stationer) No. 276 Greenwich-street
Holmes, W.G. (W.G. Holmes Bookseller) 79 Madison St. Chicago IL
Hooker, William New York NY
Hooper, Lewis & Co (Hooper, Lewis & Co Blank Book Manufacturers, Stationers & Importers of English & French Stationery & Fancy Goods) 120 & 122 State Street Boston MA
Holman, Oliver (Oliver Holman, Stationer) 124 State Street, Boston MA
Hopkins & Sons (Franklin Book House) 21 Penna. Av. Washington, D.C. DC
Horton, W.E. (W.E. Horton Book Binder) 56 Weybosset St. Providence R.I. RI
Houghton, W.A. & C.S. (W.A. & C.S. Houghton Booksellers & Stationers) No. 615 J. St. Sacramento Cal. CA
Howard & Lyons (Howard & Lyons, Book-Binders) At the Sign of the Ledger, Ithaca, N.Y.) NY
Howe, William (William Howe, Book Binder) New Bedford MA
Howe, William (William Howe, Binder) New-Bedford MA
Howe & Bates (Howe & Bates, Booksellers & Stationers) No. 68 1/2 Chatham st. New-York NY
Howell, John (John Howell Importer) San Francisco CA
Hoyt, Howard M (Hoyt's Permanent Metallic Binding. Patented April 4th, 1876. Howard M. Hoyt, Patentee) Yorkville, N.Y. City. NY
Huling, B. [bookseller] Saratoga Springs NY
Hunt, John (John Hunt, Agent. Cheap Book Stand) S.E. cor. 10th & Chestnut, Philadelphia PA
Hunter, Alfred (Hunter's Great Antiquarian Book Store)
Hunter & Co. (Hunter & Co. Booksellers & Stationers. Dealers in Pianos & Organs.) Staunton, VA. VA
Hunter Bros. (Hunter Bros., Booksellers and Stationers) 524 Market Street, Chester, PA. PA
Hunts & Shaw [booksellers] No. 2, Mercantile Wharf, Boston. MA
Hunts & Shaw [booksellers] No. 2, Mercantile Wharf, Commercial Street, near the Market, and at Northeast corner Faneuil Hall Market, Boston. MA
Hurst & Co. (Hurst & Co. Booksellers & Stationers) 122 Nassau St. New York. NY
Hutchens, J. [bookseller] No. 1 Market-square, Providence, R.I. RI
Hutchens, J. [binder] No. 1 Market-square, Providence, R.I. RI
Hutchens, J. [bookseller] No. 1 Market St. RI
Hutchinson's Book Store 142 Union St., New Bedford, Mass MA
Hutchinson's Book Store 222-226 Union St. New Bedford, Mass. MA
Hutchinson's Book Store 224 Union St. New Bedford, Mass. MA
Hutchinson & Crosby (Hutchinson & Crosby, Booksellers and Binders) Main st., Worcester, Mass. MA
Hutchinson, A. (A. Hutchinson, Binder and Bookseller) Main-st., Worcester, Mass. MA
Hyde, Geo. (Geo. Hyde. Stationer and Binder) No. 71 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia PA
Hyde, William [bookseller] Portland, ME. ME
Information Conservation, Inc.
Ingersoll, G.L. & Co. (G.L. Ingersoll & Co.) Greenfield
Inslee, A.D. (A.D. Inslee Bookseller & Stationer) No. 603 Market St. Wilmington, Del. DE
Ionia Book Store (Ionia Book Store, H.C. Paddack, Successor to A.B. Culver) Main St., Ionia.
Iowa Book Rooms (Eli Adams, Agent.) No. 36, Brady Street, Between Second and Third streets, Davenport, Iowa. IA
Israel, Joseph Marietta, Ohio OH
Ives, H.P. 232 Essex St., Salem MA
Ives, H.P. & A.A. Smith (H.P. Ives & A.A. Smith) 232 Essex St., Salem MA
Ives, John M. (John M. Ives's Book Store and Library) Essex Street, Salem MA
Ives, John M. (John M. Ives's Bookstore and Library) Essex Street...Salem MA
Ives, John M. [bookseller] Essex Street, Salem MA
Ives, W. and S.B. (W. and S.B. Ives) [booksellers] Essex St. Salem. MA
Ives, W. & S.B. (W. & S.B. Ives) [binders] Court st?Salem. MA
Ives & Jewett [booksellers] 193 Essex Street, Salem MA
Ives & Putnam [booksellers] 198 Essex Street, Salem. Mass. MA
Ives & Putnam [booksellers] opposite the Market, Salem, Mass MA
Ivison, J.C. & Co. (J.C. Ivison & Co. Booksellers) Auburn, N.Y. NY
Jackson, H.H. (H.H. Jackson, Books & Stationery) Bridgeport, - Conn. CT
Jacobi, Henry (Henry Jacobi, Book Binder and Seller) Little Rock, Ark. AR
Jamieson, N.O. (N.O. Jamieson, Book & Job Printer) No. 144 Woodward Ave., 4th Floor, Detroit, Michigan. MI
Janes, Theodore (Theodore Janes, Binder) 22 School Street.
Jansen, J.B. (J.B. Jansen, Bookseller & Stationer) No. 15 Chatham-street, New-York. NY
Jansen, J.H. (J.H. Jansen Books on Architecture) Cleveland, Ohio OH
Jansen, T.B. & Co. (T.B. Jansen & Co.) New York NY
Jansen, T.B. & Co. (T.B. Jansen & Co.) No. 150 Water Street
January, Benj. (Benj. January, Stationer & Bookbindr) In Waterstreet, a few Doors below the Drawbridge Philadelph PA
Jaques, A.B. [bookseller] Haverhill, Ms. MA
Jewett, John P. [bookseller] Salem MA
Johnny Appleseed Book Shop Manchester
Johnson, Agt. (Cheap Stationery and Publication Store) No. 28 South Seventh St. below Chestnut S.t, Philadelphia. PA
Johnson, Davis (Davis Johnson, Bookseller & Stationer) Poughkeepsie, New-York. NY
Johnson, Elias & Co. (Elias Johnson & Co. Svensk Bokhandel) 482 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn. NY
Johnson, Henry R (Henry R Johnson Bookseller & Stationer) Springfield Mass MA
Johnson, Jacob Philadelphia PA
Johnson, R.A. or P.A. Morristown, NJ NJ
Johnson, Peter A. [binder] Morris-Town, Cheapside street, No. 3
Johnson & Bradford (Johnson & Bradford Booksellers and Binders) West side Square, Springfield - - Illinois. IL
Johnson's Bookstore Springfield, Mass. MA
Johnston, W.G. & Co. (W.G. Johnston & Co. Binders, Printers and Stationers) Pittsburgh, PA. PA
Johnston, W.J. (W.J. Johnston, Publisher. Electrical Books.) 168-177 Potter Building, New York. NY
Johnston & Bogia (Johnston & Bogia Book Binders and Blank Book Manufacturers) No. 420 Shipley St. Wilmington, Del. DE
Jones' Book Store 226 W. First St. Los Angeles, Cal. CA
Jones, Chas. L. (Chas. L. Jones, Successor to T.J. Crowen, Bookseller) 843 Broadway, N.Y. NY
Jones, John R. [bookseller] Nearly opposite Eagle Tav. Richmond VA
Jones & Holman (Jones & Holman, Blank Book Manufacturers, Chart and Nautical Booksellers, and Dealers in Paper and Stationary, Wholesale and Retail) No. 124, State Street, opposite Broad Street, Boston. MA
Jones & McGowan [binders] Cor. La. Av. & 6th st., Washington, D.C. DC
Jones & Oakes (Jones & Oakes, Stationers) No. 124 State Street, Boston. MA
Jordan & Co. (Jordan & Co. Publishers) 121 Washington Street, Opposite Water St. Boston MA
Jordan & Wiley (Jordan & Wiley, Publishers) 121 Washington Street, Boston MA
Jordan's Periodical Rooms 121 Washington Street, Boston MA
Judd, R.J. (R.J. Judd's Cheap Book Store) N. Queen St., op. Post Office, Lancaster PA
Judd & Murray (Judd & Murray's Cheap Book Store) N. Queen St. opposite P.O. Lancaster, PA. PA
K.F.K. B.S.
Karpenkop, M.J. & Co. (M.J. Karpenkop & Co. Book Binders and Paper Rulers) 311 Market Street, San Jose.
Katez, J. (J. Katez, Bookbinder) Philadelphia PA
Kay, John I. & Co. (John I. Kay & Co. Wholesale & Retail Booksellers and Stationers) 44 Market Street, Pittsburgh. PA
Kay & Brother (Kay & Brother, Booksellers, Publishers and Stationers) 122 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. PA
Keck, Guth und Helfrich Allentaun, Pa. PA
Keen, Joseph, Jr. (Joseph Keen, Jr. Franklin Bookstore) 146 Lake street, Chicago, Ill. IL
Kellam, T.J. & Co. (T.J. Kellam & Co. Dealers in Books and Stationery) Topeka, Kansas KS
Kellogg, J.S. (J.S. Kellogg, Dealer in Books and Stationary, Wholesale and Retail) Mobile, Ala. AL
Kendall, F. (F. Kendall, Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Books and Stationery, and Francy Articles) Peterboro', N.H. NH
Kerr, Wm. (Wm. Kerr Dealer in New & Second hand Books, Photograph Frames, and Daguerreotype Cases) 17 Hanover-st. Boston MA
Ketcham, Wilbur B. (Wilbur B. Ketcham, Publisher and Bookseller) 71 Bible House, New York. NY
Keys, Irving (Irving Keys, Bookseller & Stationer) 89 North 4th St. St. Louis, MO. MO
Kidd, John G. & Son (John G. Kidd & Son, Inc. Booksellers, Stationers, Engravers) Cincinnati OH
Kile, William W. (William W. Kile, Dealer in Books, Paper, Pictures, Frames, Mouldings, &c.) Richwood, O. OH
King, Moses (Moses King Bookseller Publisher) Harvard Square Cambridge, Mass. MA
King's Old Book Store 15 Fourth St., nr. Market, San Francisco CA
Knapp, W.T. (W.T. Knapp, Book-Binder) St. Louis, MO. MO
Knapp, W.T. (W.T. Knapp's, Book-Bindery, "Republican Office") St. Louis MO
Knight, H. & Co. (H. Knight & Co. Books & Stationery) 55 Montgomery St. Jersey City
Knight, Thomas G. (Thomas G. Knight, Bookseller, Stationer, Bookbinder and Blank Book Manufacturer! Dealer in Fancy Goods, Paper Hangings, Window Shades, &c., &c.) Front, opposite Broad St., Bath, Me. ME
Knight & Colburn (Knight & Colburn, Booksellers & Stationers) 174 Baltimore Street, Baltimore MD
Koch, Christian (Christian Koch, Bookbinder) Reading PA
Kramer, Sidney (Sidney Kramer Books) 1722 H Street NW Washington 6 DC DC
Knox, Henry
Kohler, B. (B. Kohler, Job & Francy Bookbinder) 195 Egypt street, Norristown.
Kurtz, Keller (Keller Kurtz's Cheap Book, Stationery and Periodical Store) Gettysburg, Pa. opposite the Bank. PA
Lamson's Book Shop
Lantz, Henry A. (Henry A. Lantz's Book & Music Store) 26 East Market Square, Reading, Pa. PA
Lantz, Henry A. (Henry A. Lantz's Book & Music Store) 23 East Market Square, Reading Pa PA
Lantz, Henry A. (Henry A. Lantz's Book & Music Store) 26 E st Market Square, Reading, Pa. PA
Lantz, Henry A. (Henry A. Lantz's Cheap Book Store) Odd Fellows' Hall, Reading, Pa. PA
Larkin, Ebenezer Boston MA
Larkin, Samuel Portsmouth, N.H. NH
Laurel Book Service (Katherine and Karl Goedecke) 565 North Laurel St. Hazleton, Penna. PA
Lauriat, Chas. E Co. (Chas. E. Lauriat Co., Importers & Booksellers) 385 Wash'n St. Boston. MA
Lauriat, Chas. E Co. (Chas. E. Lauriat Co., Importers & Booksellers) opp. "Old South"-Boston. MA
Lauriat's--Books 91 Franklin Street Boston 7, Mass. MA
Lauriat's--Books 91 Franklin Street Boston MA
Lazell, John A. (John A. Lazell, Book-Binder Books and Stationary) Mendon, Massachusetts. MA
Lea & Wilson (Lea & Wilson, Bookbinders and Stationers) Wilmington, Delaware. DE
Leach, J. (J. Leach, Stationer) 86 Nassau & 235 Greenwich St. New York. NY
Leach, Wm. H. Worcester Depot, Boston, Mass. MA
Learned, L.S. (L.S. Learned Paper & Blank Book Manufacturer & Dealer)
Leary (Leary, Bookseller) 5th & Walnut Philada. PA
Leary, W.A. (W.A. Leary's Cheap Book Store) No. 158 North 2d. St. Philadelphia. PA
Leary, W.A. (W.A. Leary's Cheap Book Store) No. 158 North Second Street corner of New. Philad'a. PA
Leary, W.A., Jr. (W.A. Leary, Jr., Bookseller. Leary's Cheap Bookstand.) No. 8 1/2 South Delaware Avenue, Below Market street, Philadelphia. PA
Leary, W.A. & Co. (W.A. Leary & Co.'s Cheap Book Store) No. 138 North 2d. St. 10 doors below New Philada. PA
Leary's Cheap Book Store No. 158 North 2d. St. [Philadelphia] PA
Leary & Getz (Leary & Getz, Publishers and Booksellers) No. 138 North 2d. St., between Race and Vine Sts. Philada. PA
Leavitt, Jonathan (Jonathan Leavitt, Theological, Classical, and Miscellaneous Bookseller) No. 182 Broadway, New-York. NY
Lecount, Josiah J. (Josiah J. Lecount Importing Bookseller and Stationer) Montgomery St. San Francisco. CA
Lecount & Strong (Lecount & Strong Book & Stationery Warehouse) Montgomery St. San Francisco Ca CA
Leeds & Terry (Leeds & Terry Bookbinders) 19 [?] Boston MA
Leibert, Aug. H. (Aug. H. Leibert Bookseller & Stationer) Bethlehem, PA PA
Lenfesty, J.W. (J.W. Lenfesty's Franklin Circulating Library) No. 236, Front-st. 3, doors below Callowhill street
Lenfestey, J.W. (J.W. Lenfestey's Franklin Circulating Library) No. 98. North Sixth St. fifth-door above Cherry st.
Lewis, B.F. & Co. (B.F. Lewis & Co. Book-Sellers and Stationers) Water-Street, Newburgh. NY
Lewis, B.F. & Co. (B.F. Lewis & Co. Book-Store and Bindery) Water-Street, Newburgh. NY
Lewis, John B. (John B. Lewis, Bookseller) Walla Walla, W.T. WA
Lewis, William (William Lewis, Bookseller and Stationer) No. 3 Smith's Block, Bangor, Me. ME
Lewis, Brother (Lewis, Brother Law Booksellers & Publishers) 120 Nassau St. N.Y. NY
Leypoldt, F. (F. Leypoldt, Foreign Bookseller & Importer) 1323 Chestnut Street, Corner f Juniper, Philadelphia. PA
Libbey, P. (P. Libbey, Book-Binder) Belfast, ME ME
Lillie, Henry A. (Henry A. Lillie Book-Binder, & Blank Book Manufacturer) Boston. MA
Lilly, Wait, Colman & Holden (Lilly, Wait, Colman & Holden, Booksellers & Publishers) Boston MA
Lincoln & Edmands Boston MA
Lindsley, William (William Lindsley, Book-Binder) Opposite the bank, Auburn.
Linn, Fred. D. (Fred. D. Linn, Law Bookseller & Publisher) Jersey City, N.J. NJ
Lippincott, J.B. & Co. (J.B. Lippincott & Co. Booksellers) S.W. Corner of Race & 4th Sts. Philadelphia. PA
Lippincott, J.B. Company (J.B. Lippincott Company. Importers.)
Lippincott, J.B. & Co. (J.B. Lippincott & Co.) [importers] Philadelphia PA
Littell & Henry (Littell & Henry, Booksellers and Stationers) No. 74, South Second Street, Philadelphia. PA
Littell, E. 88 Chestnut-street, Philadelphia. Pa
Little & Brown (Little & Brown, Booksellers & Importers) Boston MA
Little & Cummings No. 67 State-street, Albany. NY
Livingston, A.M. (A.M. Livingston's Book Stand) Cor. Forsyth & Grans Sts. New York. NY
Lockerman & Scott (Lockerman & Scott, Book-sellers and Stationers) Main Street, West of the Court House Carlisle. PA
Lockwood 411 Broadway New-York. NY
Lockwood 411 Broadway, N.Y. NY
Lockwood 812 Broadway, N.Y. NY
Lockwood, R. (R. Lockwood's School Book Depository) 415 Broadway. NY
Lockwood's (Lockwood's School Book Depository) 411 Broadway NY
Lockwood's (Lockwood's School Book Depository) 411 Broadway, New-York. NY
Lockwood, Roe (Roe Lockwood, Bookseller & Stationer) 415 Broadway. NY
Loeser, F. & Co. (F. Loeser & Co. Brooklyn Book Store)
Logan, H.K. (H.K. Logan's Book and Periodical Depot) S.W. cor 2d & Tammany Sts.
Loizeaux Brothers (Loizeaux Brothers Importers) 1 E. 13th St., New York NY
Loizeaux Bros. (Loizeaux Bros. Importers) 19 West 21st St. New York N.Y. NY
Lomas, G. (G. Lomas, Book-Seller, Stationer, Book-Binder, and Blank Book Manufacturer) Newburgh NY
Longstreth, H. (H. Longstreth's School Book Depository) No. 347 Market St. Philadelphia. PA
Longstreth, H. (H. Longstreth, Bookseller) No. 347 Market Street, Philadelphia. PA
Longworth, D. (Shakspeare-Gallery) 11, Park, New-York. NY
Lord, J. (J. Lord Bookseller) 19 Philips St. Albany, N.Y. NY
Lord, Joseph (Joseph Lord, Bookseller) 19 Philip street, Albany. NY
Lord, Joseph (Joseph Lord, Bookseller & Stationer) 19 Philip St. Albany. NY
Loring, B. & Company (B. Loring & Company, Blank Book Manufacturers) 120 & 122 State Street, Boston MA
Loring, B. & Co. (B. Loring & Co., Stationers & Blank Book Manufacturers) No. 122 State St. Boston. MA
Loring, James (James Loring, Printer and Bookseller) No. 2 Cornhill, Boston. 1818. MA
Loring Short & Harmon (Loring Short & Harmon Booksellers & Stationers) Portland, ME ME
Loudon, Archibald [binder] Carlisle PA
Love's Book Store Hedges Block, Burlington, Iowa. IA
Lovegrove, Jas. [binder] 23 S. Calvert-st. Baltimore. MD
Low, P. [binder] Devonshire Sts Boston MA
Low, P. [binder] 21 Devonshire St. Boston. MA
Lowder, W.H. Milk & Co. (W.H. Lowder Milk & Co.) Washington, DC DC
Lowman & Hanford So. Seattle. WA
Lucas, F. Jr. (F. Lucas Jr. Bookseller & Stationer) 138 Baltimore St.
Lutheran Board of Publication. No. 42 North Ninth Street Philadelphia. PA
Adam, C.M. (C.M. Adam Bookseller) Montreal Canada
McAdams, J. & W. Boston MA
McAra, J.D. (J.D. McAra Law Printer and Bookbinder) Calgary Alta Canada
McCance, Alex'r (Alex'r McCance, Bookseller) 1268 Washington St., Boston, Mass. MA
M'Cormick, S.J. (Franklin Book Store, and Printing Office [?] S.J. M'Cormick, Prop.) Front-Street, Portland.
McCoy, John (John McCoy, Bookseller & Stationer) No. 9 Great St. James St. Montreal Canada
McDonough, Jos. (Jos. McDonough Cheap Book Store) 32 North Pearl St. Albany, N.Y. NY
McDonough, Joseph (Joseph McDonough Rare Books) Albany-- NY NY
M'Coy, W.H. [binder] Lockport
M'Grath, Henry (Henry M'Grath, Bookseller & Stationer) No. 1, South 8th St. Philadelphia. PA
M'Grath, Henry (Henry M'Grath's Cheap Catholic & Miscellaneous Book Store) No. 1 South 8th St. Phila. PA
M'Keehan, David [bookseller, binder, stationer) Pittsburgh PA
McKim & Cutter (McKim & Cutter, Booksellers, Stationers, and Book Binders) 62 Main St., Charlestown, Mass. MA
McLean, S.F. & Co. (S.F. McLean & Co., Books New and Old) 44-46 E. 23d St. New York. NY
McLellan, Mosher & Co. (McLellan, Mosher & Co. Law Booksellers & Stationers) 37 Exchange St. Portland, ME. ME
M'Mullen (M'Mullen, Bookseller) Brockville
McNamee (McNamee Binder) Cambridge, Mass. MA
McVey [bookseller] 39 N. Thirteenth St., Phila., Pa. PA
McWhood, E. (E. McWhood, Binder) 142 Fulton St. N.Y. NY
Mack & Andrus (Mack & Andrus, Book-Binders, Printers and Booksellers) Ithaca, N.Y. NY
Mack, Andrus & Woodruff (Mack, Andrus & Woodruff, Book-Binders, Printers and Booksellers) Ithaca, N.Y. NY
Madden, John W. (John W. Madden. Stationer, Printer and Lithographer Blank Book Manufacturer) No. 73 Camp Street. New Orleans. LA
Mahady, E.F. Co. (E.F. Mahady Co., Medical Books) Boston MA
Malkan, Henry (Henry Malkan, Bookseller) 18 Broadway, New York. NY
Maltby, A.H. & Co. (A.H. Maltby & Co. Booksellers and Stationers) No. 4 Globe Building Chapel Street New-Haven. CT
Mann, G. (G. Mann Bookseller & Stationer) 39, Cornhill MA
Mann, G. (G. Mann Bookseller) 39, Cornhill MA
Mann, William (William Mann Manufacturer of Blank Books and Counting House Stationer) 43 South 4th Street Philadelphia PA
Mann, Wm. (Wm. Mann, Stationer) 43 S. Fourth St. Philada. PA
March, Angier Newburyport MA
Markell, John [bookseller] Frederick, Md. MD
Marsh, Guy C. [binder] Opposite A. & J. Bradley, Chapel-Street, New-Haven CT
Marsh, John & Co. (John Marsh & Co.) Boston MA
Marsh & Capen (Marsh & Capen, Booksellers and Stationers) No. 362, Washington-St. Boston MA
Marshall, F.H. (F.H. Marshall, Ruler and Binder) State Street. Rochester, N.Y. NY
Marshall, J. (J. Marshall, Bookseller, Stationer, and Bookbinder) Manchester, N.H. NH
Marshall, S.
Marshall, W. & Co. (W. Marshall & Co. Publishers & Booksellers) Corner of Chestnut & 5th Sts. Philadelphia. PA
Marvin & Hitchcock (Marvin & Hitchcock Booksellers) Montgomery St. San Francisco. CA
Marvin & Hitchcock (Marvin & Hitchcock Booksellers) 168 Montgomery St. San Francisco. CA
Maryland Sunday School Depository No. 2, North st. 3doors from Market st.
Mason (Mason Engraver) No. 46 Chestnut Street So. Side 3 Doors Above 2nd.
Mason's Bookshop 789 Lexington Avenue New York 21, New York NY
Mattoon, Chester (Chester Mattoon, Bookbinder, Blank Book Seller and Manufacturer) Columbus, Ohio. OH
Maurice, Wm. H. (Wm. H. Maurice's Wholesale and Retail Blank Book and Stationery Establishment) No. 123 Chestnut Street, Below 4th. North Side, Philadelphia. PA
Maverick, And. (And. Maverick Copper Plate Printer) No. 34 Liberty Street, (near Willm. St) New-York NY
Maverick, S. (Franklin Office S. Maverick Engraver & Printer) 85 Liberty Street New York. NY
Maverick, Samuel (Samuel Maverick Copper-plate Printer) 73 Liberty Street, New-York. NY
May [bookseller] Fore Street, Taunton. MA
May, F. (F. May Printer & Bookseller) Taunton MA
Mayo, Fred. A. [binder] Richmond, VA. VA
Mayo, Fred. A. (Fred. A. Mayo Bookbinder & Bookseller) Richmond, VA. VA
Mayo, Frederick A. (Frederick A. Mayo, Stationer, &c.) Richmond?Va. VA
Mayo, Geo. H. (Geo. H. Mayo, Drugs, Books and Jewelry) Sedgwick, Kan. KS
Maze, Abraham [bookseller] 237 Bleecker St, N.Y. NY
Meacham, S.H. (S.H. Meacham Dealer in Books, Stationery, Paper Hangings, Albums & Fancy Goods) Pulasky, N.Y. NY
Mead, John (John Mead, Book-Binder) No. 12, Merchants'-Hall, Boston. MA
Meeking, S. (S. Meeking's Old Curiosity Shop, and Half Price Book Store) Adjoining H.W. Bool's Auction Rooms, Baltimore street [?] Baltimore, Md. MD
Meeking, S. (S. Meeking's Old Curiosity Shop, and Half Price Book store) Baltimore St., Baltimore, Md. MD
Megarey, H.I. [binder] New York NY
Megarge, A. (A. Megarge, Importer of Foreign Books. Philological Works. Prints. Stationery.) 71 S. 8th St. above Walnut, Philadelphia. PA
Mellen, Edward, Jr. (Edward Mellen, Jr. Bookseller, Stationer and Blank Book Manufacturer) 239 Main Street, Worcester, Mass. MA
Mentz, George W. [binder] Philadelphia PA
Merrell, B.S. (B.S. Merrell, Binder) No. 100 Genesee Street, Utica, N.Y. NY
Merriam, E.D. (E.D. Merriam Bookseller) Greenfield, Mass. MA
Merriam, G. & C. (G. & C. Merriam) [booksellers] Springfield MA
Merriam, Little & Co. Springfield MA
Merriam, Chapin & Co. Springfield MA
Merriam, L. [bookseller] Greenfield MA
Merriam, L. & Co. (L. Merriam & Co.) Greenfield MA
Merrill, Enoch [bookseller] 189 Main Street, Worcester, Mass. MA
Merrill, N.F. (N.F. Merrill, Bookseller] Manchester, N.H. NH
Mesier, Peter A. [binder] No. 107 Pearl-Street, New-York NY
Metropolitan Gift Book Store 140 Superior St., Cleveland, Ohio. OH
Middleton, E.C. [engraver] Cincinnati OH
Middleton & Dawson (Middleton & Dawson, Booksellers, Stationers, &c., &c.) Mountain Hill, Quebec. Canada
Midwinter, John [bookseller] No. 113 Harman-St. New-York. NY
Millan & Bell (Millan & Bell. Printers and Blank-Book Manufacturers) St. Joseph, MO MO
Miller, Henrich (Henrich Miller, Buchbinder) Lancaster PA
Miller, Henry (Henry Miller Bookseller & Binder) 82 Nassau St. N.Y. NY
Miller, Henry (Henry Miller Bookseller & Binder) 32 Ann St. N.Y. NY
Miller, R. & A. (R. & A. Miller Booksellers & Stationers) Montreal Canada
Miller, W.W. (W.W. Miller, Bookseller) 102 E. Madison St.
Miller, W.W. (W.W. Miller, Importer & Dealer in Second-Hand Books) Room 30, Tribune Building, Chicago. IL
Miller & Hutchens [binders] No. 1, Market-square, (2d Story,) Providence, (R.I.) RI
Miller & Hutchens [binders] No. 1, Market-square, (2d Story,) Providence, (R.I.) RI
Miller & Rhoads (Miller & Rhoads Book Department) Richmond, VA. VA
Mills, S. [bookseller]
Minifie, Wm. & Co. (Wm. Minifie & Co. Bookseller & Stationer) No. 114 Balto St. Baltimore Md. MD
Minifie, Wm. & Co. (Wm. Minifie & Co. Booksellers, Stationers and Blank Book Manufacturers) 114 Baltimore-St. Baltimore. MD
Minifie, Wm. (Wm. Minifie Bookseller, Stationer, and Blank Book Manufacturer) No. 114 Baltimore Street, Directly opposite the Sun Iron Building. Baltimore. MD
Minnesota Co-Op Book Store Minneapolis MN
Minuse, John H. (John H. Minuse, Book Binder) 83 Cross-Street
Mitchell, J.J. & Co. (J.J. Mitchell & Co. Dealer in Books, Stationery, Notions & Toys) Union Block, Newton, IA IA
Mitchell, S. Augustus (S. Augustus Mitchell, Publisher of Maps) No. 6, North Fifth Street, Philadelphia PA
Mitchell & Hinman No. 6, North Fifth Street, Philadelphia PA
Mitchell's Publishing House 31 South Sixth Street, Philadelphia, PA. PA
Moffitt, Martin W. (Martin W. Moffitt Bookseller) 528 West 142nd St. New York NY
Mohun, Richard B. & Co. (Richard B. Mohun & Co. Importers and Booksellers) 1015 Pa. Ave. Washington, D.C. DC
Mohun Bros. (Mohun Bros. Stationers) Washn. D.C. DC
Molony, Martin (Martin Molony's Cheap Book & Stationery Store) 196 Main St., Norristown.
Monroe, Francis S. [binder] Taunton, Ms. MA
Monroe, F.S. [bookseller] Taunton, Mass. MA
Montclair Book Store 2 Church St. Montclair, N.J. NJ
Montgomery, Thos. P. (Thos. P. Montgomery, Bookseller & Newsdealer) No. 7 South Third St. Harrisburg, PA PA
Moore, J.K. (J.K. Moore, Theological & Classical Bookseller) Clinton Hall, Corner of Nassau and Beekman-Sts. New-York. NY
Moore & Payne (Moore & Payne, Theological & Classical Booksellers) Clinton Hall, Corner of Nassau and Beekman-Sts. New-York. NY
Moore, J.W. (J.W. Moore, Bookseller, Publisher, and Importer) 195 Chestnut St., Opposite the State House, Phila. PA
Moore, John C. [binder] Rochester, N.Y. NY
Moore, Robert (Robert Moore, Bookseller) 52 Elm St.
Moore, Samuel & Son (Samuel Moore & Son, Book Binders) Grape St., bet. 8th & 9th, and Market & Chestnut.
Moore, Thomas (Thomas Moore, Xylographic, Lithographic, Copper Plate and Letter Press Printing & Engraving) 204 Wash. St. Boston MA
Moore, Wm. H. & Co. (Wm. H. Moore & Co. Booksellers and Stationers) 110 Main St. Cincinnati. OH
Moravian Book Shop 428 Main Street Bethlehem, PA PA
Morning Republican Steam Printing Office and Book Bindery Scranton, PA PA
Morris, B.G. (B.G. Morris, Binder) Andover, Mass. MA
Morris, Fred. W. (Fred. W. Morris, Books & Stationery) 409 Main St. Springfield, Mass. MA
Morrison, W.H. & O.H. (W.H. & O.H. Morrison Booksellers and Stationers) 438 & 440 Pa. Av., Washington, D.C. DC
Morse, F.D. & Son (F.D. Morse & Son, Book Binders) Pawtucket, R.I. RI
Morse, M. (City Bindery Under the Museum. M. Morse, Ruler & Bookbinder) Xchange St. Rochester N.Y. NY
Morse Company?Publishers Main Office: 96 Fifth Ave., New York. NY
Morton & Smith (Morton & Smith, Booksellers & Stationers) Louisville, Ky. KY
Moses, J. (J. Moses' Book-Bindery) 16 Clark St., Auburn, N.Y. NY
Mosher, Thomas B. (Thomas B. Mosher Publisher of Choice & Limited Editions in Belles Lettres) Portland, Me. ME
Muendler, E. (E. Muendler, Book Binder, Ind. Republican Office.) Allentown PA
Munroe & Francis [bookseller] No. 4, Cornhill, Boston. MA
Munsell, C. [binder] Albany, N.Y. NY
Murphy, Thos. S. (Thos. S. Murphy, Book Binder) 15 & 17 Beaver St., Albany, N.Y. NY
Murphy, Wm. F. (Wm. F. Murphy, Blank Book Manufacturer) No. 27 N. Seventh Street, (Old U.S. Mint,) Philadelphia PA
Murphy, William F. (William F. Murphy, Blank Book Manufacturer) No. 27 N. Seventh Street, (Old U.S. Mint,) Philadelphia PA
Murphy & Co. (Murphy & Co. Printers & Publishers Importers of Foreign Books Wholesale & Retail Dealers in Books, Paper & Stationery) 178 Market St. Baltimore. MD
Murray, Wm. (Wm. Murray's Cheap Book Store, Kramph's Buildings) North Queen St., Lancaster, Pa. PA
Murray & Stoek (Murray & Stoek, Cheap Book Store, Kramph's Buildings) North Queen St., Lancaster. PA
Murray, Young & Co. (Murray, Young & Co. Cheap Book, Stationery & Periodical Stores) Lancaster City. PA
Muygridge, E.J. (E.J. Muygridge, Agent for the London Printing and Publishing Co.) 113 Montgomery St. San Francisco. CA
Nachtrieb & Co. (Nachtrieb & Co Books) Toledo Ohio OH
Naff & Co. (Naff & Co. Booksellers) 164 Market Street, Baltimore. MD
Neal & Wills 120 Market St. Baltimore MD
Nedwick, Jerry (Nedwick's Book Store) 346 N. Clark St. Chicago, Ill. IL
Nedwick, Jerrold (Jerrold Nedwick Antiquarian Bookseller) 2013 Prairie Chicago. 16, Ill. IL
Nesbitt, George F. (George F. Nesbitt & Co. Stationers, Printers and Lithographers) Haggerty Buildings Cor. Pearl & Pine Sts. New-York. NY
New Method Book Binder Inc. Jacksonville, Illinois IL
New Rochelle Book Store
Newton & Lewis (Newton & Lewis, Plain & Fancy Bookbinders) Cor. Penn. Ave. and 4 1/2 St. Over Templeman's Bookstore.
New York Bookstore 217 Montgomery St., San Francisco. CA
Nichols, S.B. (S.B. Nichols, Book Binder) Burlington, Vt. VT
Nicholson, Wm. T. No. 7 East State Street Trenton N.J. NJ
Nicholson's No. 7 East State Street Trenton N.J. NJ
Niedecken, H. & Co. (H. Niedecken & Co. Binders) No. 219, Eastwater St. Milwaukee. WI
Nighland, John (John Nighland Art Dealer) 13 Midland Ave. Montclair, N.J. NJ
Noble & Semple (Noble & Semple, Bookbinders) 34 Columbia St. Utica, N.Y. NY
Noble's Printing Office [binders] Market Place, Boston MA
Northrop, S.C. 7 Sterling Block Bridgeport, Ct. CT
Norton, A. Ban. (A. Ban. Norton, Bookseller & Stationer) Mt. Vernon, Ohio. OH
Noyes, B. (Franklin Bookstore) New Haven CT
Nugget Book Shop 306 Monroe St. Passaic, N.J. NJ
Nutter, Valentine (Valentine Nutter, Bookseller and Stationer) No. 114, Water-street
Oakes & Darling Boston MA
Occult Books (Occult Books Samuel Weiser, Inc.) 117 Fourth Ave. New York 3, N.Y. NY
Odell, T.W. (T.W. Odell, Book Binder) Cor. Third & Main Sts. Over Telegraph Office, Dayton, O. OH
O'Kane, Thomas (Thomas O'Kane, Publisher) 130 Nassau St. New York. NY
Old Book Store Atlanta, GA. GA
Old Book Store 38 Marietta Street Opposite Opera House, Atlanta, GA. GA
Old Corner Book Store, Inc. Boston, Mass. MA
Old Corner Book Store (Old Corner Book Store 1828-1928 100th Anniversary) Boston, Mass. MA
Old Curiosity Shop and Book Store 5 West Broadway New York. NY
Oldach & Co. [binders] Philadelphia PA
Olds, Benjamin Newark, NJ NJ
Olmsted & Cone (Olmsted & Cone, Booksellers and Stationers) 31 Kearny Street, San Francisco. CA
Onondaga Bookstore Syracuse NY
Open Door Book Store 326 Fullerton Avenue Montclair, NJ 07042 NJ
Orientalia, Inc. 11 E. 12th St., New York 3 NY
Osborne, George Jerry Newburyport MA
Osborne & Pitrat (Osborne & Pitrat Booksellers, Engravers and Stationers) 813 Main St Kansas City, MO. MO
Owen, B. & Son (B. Owen & Son's Cheap Book Store) No. 38 Market street, Between Gay and Frederick, Baltimore. MD
Owen, Moore & Atkinson (The Book Store) Clarksville, Tenn. TN
Owens, William (William Owens, Bookseller, Stationer, and Apothecary) Lynchburg, Virginia VA
Paine, R. (R. Paine's Cheap Book Store) No. 180 N, 2d. St., 3d door ab. Vine, Phil. PA
Paine, R. (R. Paine's Cheap Book Store) No. 180 N. Second St. third door above Vine St. Philadelphia. PA
Paine, R. (R. Paine's Half Price-Book Store) No. 180 N. Second St., Third door above Vine, Phila. PA
Palmer, V.B. (V.B. Palmer, American Newspaper Agent) Boston--Scollay's Building. New York--Tribune Building. NY
Pancoast, J. (J. Pancoast's Cheap New and Second Hand Book Store) 268 N. 2d St., below Noble, N.B. Cash paid for Rags. Canada
Park, W.J. & Co. (W.J. Park & Co. Booksellers) Madison, Wis. WI
Parker, A.H. & Co. (A.H. Parker & Co., New Book Store) No. 290 Bleecker-street, Near Grove, (New Stores,) New-York. NY
Parke, J.P. (J.P. Parke's Book & Stationary Store) No. 74 South Second Street Philad. PA
Parke, J.P. (J.P. Parke's Medical Book Store) 75 Chestnut St. Philad. PA
Parke, J.P. (J.P. Parke's Medical Book Store) 74 So. Second St. Philad. Pa
Parker, Charles S. Woburn, Mass. MA
Parker, Edward Philadelphia PA
Parker, E. (E. Parker's Medical Bookstore) Philadelphia PA
Parker, William Boston MA
Parker & Henkle (Parker & Henkle, Book Sellers and Stationers)
Parrish, Dunning & Mears Philadelphia PA
Payne, G.F. (G.F. Payne Bookbinder Stationer and Ruler) Adrian, Mich. MI
Payot, Henry (Henry Payot Bookseller) 640 Washington St., San Francisco. CA
Peabody Book Shop Baltimore MD
Pease, Thomas H. (Thomas H. Pase, Periodical and News Office) 83 Chapel St., New Haven. CT
Pease, T.H. (T.H. Pease, Bookseller) New Haven, Conn. CT
Peck, E. [bookseller] Rochester N.Y. NY
Pegasus Stable Books Wonson's Dock East Gloucester, Mass MA
Penington, John (John Penington, Bookseller0 No. 169 Chesnut Street, Philadelphia. PA
Penington, John & Son (John Penington & Son, Importers and Booksellers) 127 S. 7th St., Philadelphia. PA
Pentagon Book-Bindery Hudson, Ohio OH
Perkins, Henry (Henry Perkins Bookseller) No. 159 Chestnut Street Philadelphia PA
Perkins Oriental Books 1603 Hope St. South Pasadena California CA
Perley, Jona., Jr. (Jona. Perley, Jr. Binder) No. 7, Holyoke Place, Salem MA
Perley, J., Jr. [binder] 194 Essex St., Salem. MA
Perry, John B. No. 88 1/2 North Second St. below Race, Philadelphia. PA
Perry, John B. (John B. Perry's Cheap Book and Stationary Store) 198 Market Street, Philada. PA
Perry & Erety (Perry & Erety, Booksellers & Stationers) S.W. Cor. 4th & Race Sts. Philada. PA
Personal Book Shop Boston MA
Personal Book Shop 95 St. James Avenue Boston, Mass. MA
Peterson, Robt. E. (Robt. E. Peterson's Cheap Book Stor) Cor. Fifth & Arch sts. Philadelphia. PA
Pfannmuller (Pfannmuller, Bookbinder) 128 Wooster St.
Phelan, F.E. (F.E. Phelan Books and Stationery) Montreal Canada
Phelps, Z.S. (Z.S. Phelps Bookbinder) Leominster, Mass. MA
Philadelphia Book Co. Philadelphia PA
Philadelphia Book Co. (Philadelphia Book Co. Scientific Books) 15 S. Ninth Street, Philadelphia. PA
Phillips Philadelphia PA
Philosophers Book Shop (Philosophers Book Shop Theosophical, Occult and Mystical Books) 26 West 43rd St., New York, N.Y. NY
Philp, Franklin (Franklin Philp, Bookseller & Stationer) 332 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington D.C. DC
Philp & Solomons (Philp & Solomons Booksellers) Washington DC
Philp & Solomons (Metropolitan Book Store Philp & Solomons Agents) 332 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, D.C. DC
Pierce, Curtiss (Curtiss Pierce Book Store) Cedar Grove, N.J. NJ
Pierce, J.A. & Co. (J. A. Pierce & Co., Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Stereoscopes and Views, Photographs, Albums, &c.) 117 West Madison St., Chicago. (Formerly 61 Clark Street.) IL
Pierson Cheap Book Store Cor. 2d & Mead Sts., Opposite German.
Pilger-Buchhandlung Reading, Pa. PA
Pilgrim Press 14 Beacon St. Boston MA
Pittard, W.T. & Co. (W.T. Pittard & Co., Booksellers and Stationers) 174 Market st., bet. 7th & 8th, St. Louis. Mo. MO
Pittock, John W. (John W. Pittock, Bookseller and Stationer) Opposite P.O. Pittsburgh, PA. PA
Plummer's Cheap Bookstore Davenport, Iowa. IA
Plummer (Plummer Binder) Davenport Iowa IA
Polish Book Imp. Co., Inc. 38 Union Sq., New York, N.Y. NY
Porter, Herbert Spring Lane, Boston. MA
Potter, Willm. W. (Willm. W. Potter Bookbinder & Stationer) No. 66 Chestnut St. Philada. PA
Potter, Wm. W. [binder]
Potts, A.H. (A.H. Potts, For Books &c.) Fox Lake, Wis. WI
Poultney, Benjamin [binder] At the Corner near the Court-House, in Lancaster PA
Poynder, A. (A. Poynder, Second-Hand Book-Shop) Next to General Post Office, Reading. PA
Pratt, John (Book Vender & Stationer John Pratt) Portland
Price, C.J. & Co. (C.J. & Co. Importers of English Books) No. 7 Hart's Buildings, Philada. PA
Price, H.B. [bookseller] 3 Everett House, 4th Av. and 17th St.
Price, Joseph (Joseph Price, Bookseller & Bookbinder) 116 Nassau Street, New York. NY
Prince, John T. (John T. Prince, Stationer) 112 State St., Boston. MA
Prouty, J.P. (J.P. Prouty, Bookseller and Stationer) Brattleboro, VT. VT
Pryor & Thompson (Pryor & Thompson Booksellers & Stationers.) Scranton, PA. PA
Protective Ass'n. (Protective Ass'n Publishers' & Booksellers') New York NY
Pughe, E.H. [binder] Augusta, GA. GA
Punderson & Crisand New Haven CT
Purnell, W.P. Sacramento CA
Putnam, Francis [bookseller] 198 Essex Street, Salem, Mass. MA
Putnam's, G.P., Sons (G.P. Putnam's Sons) 182 Fifth Ave New York NY
Putnam's, G.P., Sons (G.P. Putnam's Sons) 4th. Ave. & 23d. St.
Putnam, Davis & Co. (Putnam, Davis & Co. Stationers, Blank Book Makers.) Worcester, Mass. MA
Pyne, John (John Pyne, Bookseller) 109 Nassau St. N.Y. NY
Queen, Jas. W. (Jas. W. Queen, Optician) No. 924 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. PA
Quest Bookshop 240 East 53 Street New York, N.Y. 10022 NY
Quin's Antiquarian Book Store 425 E. Water St., Milwaukee. WI
Randall, John K. (John K. Randall, Bookseller & Stationer) Water street, Mobile. AL
Randall, J. K. (J. K. Randall, Bookseller & Stationer) No. 5 N. Water St. Mobile, Ala. AL
Randall, J.K. (J.K. Randall, Bookseller and Stationer, Blank Book Manufacturer) No. 5 N. Water St., Mobile, Ala. AL
Randolph & English (Randolph & English, Booksellers) Richmond, Virginia. VA
Randolph & English [binders] Richmond, Va. VA
Raynors' Bookstore 76 Bowery, New-York. NY
Raynor's Bookstore [binders] 76 Bowery NY NY
Raynor, Howe & Ferry [booksellers] 76 Bowery, N.Y. NY
Reardon, John E. (John E. Reardon, Book Seller) Little Rock AR
Reed, Abner (Engraving, Painting and Copper-Plate Printing) 40 Rods South of the Sth. Meeting House, East Windsor, Connecticut CT
Reed, C.M. & Co. (C.M. Reed & Co., Booksellers and Stationers) Washington, -- Pa. PA
Reed, Geo. P. (Geo. P. Reed's Music Store) 17 Tremont Row, Boston. MA
Reed, W.W. (W.W. Reed, Bookseller) Zanesville, Ohio. OH
Reichert, S. (S. Reichert, Book Binder and Stationer) 140 Royal Street New Orleans. LA
Norman, Remington Co. Baltimore MD
Remont 102 So. 13th Street, Philadelphia. PA
Repetti, A. & Co. (A. Repetti & So., Agents for Italian Libraries) 596 Broadway, N.Y. NY
Revell, F.H. (F.H. Revell, Evangelical Books, and Sunday School Supplies) 91 Washington St. Chicago, - Illinois. IL
Rice (Rice, Bookseller, &c.) 16, Mount St.
Rice, H. & P. (H. & P. Rice, Booksellers) No. 16, South Second, and No. 50, Market-street, Philadelphia. PA
Rice, James, Jr. (James Rice, Jr. Bookseller) Main St., Louisville, KY. KY
Richards, Thomas [binder] Augusta, Georgia. GA
Richards & Ganahl No. 293 Broad St., Augusta, GA GA
Richardson, L.M. (L.M. Richardson Bookseller) 23, Cornhill. MA
Richardson, ? Chapel Street, New Haven, Conn. CT
Richmond, A. (City Bookbindery) Corner Jefferson Avenue & Bates St.
Richmond, A. (A. Richmond, Binder) Detroit. MI
Richmonds & Backus (Richmonds & Backus. Booksellers, Stationers, Book Binders & Paper Rulers) Desnoyer's Block, cor. Jeff. Ave. & Bates St., nearly opposite State Bank. Detroit. MI
Richstein, W.F. (W.F. Richstein Bookseller & Stationer [?] The Monumental Book Store) No. 178 Baltimore Street. Baltimore, MD. MD
Riddle's Circulating Library (Riddle's Circulating Library, Shakspeare's Head) No. 74 , South Eighth-street, Philadelphia. PA
Ridgely, Hiram (Hiram Ridgely's Library)
Righter, H.G. (H.G. Righter's Cheap Book Store and Bindery [?] Successor to J. Pancoast.) No. 275 N. Third st. above Willow St. Rail-Road, Philada. PA
Rinn, M. (M. Rinn, Books, Room Papers and Picture Frames) 143 Essex St., Lawrence, - Mass. MA
Ritter, J. & Co. (J. Ritter & Co's Bookstore) Penn below 4. street, Reading, Pa. PA
Ritter, Jacob [etc.] Front-street 3d. Door below Arch-street.
Ritter & Flebbe (Ritter & Flebbe Foreign Books) 120 Boylston Street Walker Building Boston Mass MA
Ritze, H. (H. Ritze, Bookbinder) Grand Rapids, Mich. MI
Riverside Press [binders]
Rizzoli Water Tower Place, Chicago, IL. 60611 IL
Roberts, T. (T. Roberts, Bookseller) No. 111 Market St., Wilmington, Del. DE
Roberts, W.J. (W. J. Roberts, Bookbinder and Manufacturer of Blank Books) 60 Genesee Street, Utica. NY
Roberts, W.J. (W. J. Roberts, Bookbinder and Blank Book Manufacturer) No. 60 Genesee Street, Utica. NY
Robinson, Augustes (Augustes Robinson Dealer in Books & Stationery) Under Falmouth Hotel Middle St. Portland, ME. ME
Robinson, D. & Co. (D. Robinson & Co. Booksellers & Stationers) 205 Chestnut St. Philada. PA
Robinson, J.T. & Son (J.T. Robinson & Son, Book Binders and Blank Book Manufacturers) No. Adams, Mass. MA
Ronalds, Thomas A. (Thomas A. Ronalds, Bookseller and Stationer) 188 Pearl-street, New-York, NY
Ronalds, Thomas A. (Thomas A. Ronalds, Wholesale & Retail Bookseller & Stationer and Account-Book Manufacturer) Sign of the Ledger No. 188 Pearl Street (near Fly Market) New-York. NY
Ronalds, Thomas A. (Thomas A. Ronalds, Bookseller & Stationer) No. 188 Pearl-street, near Fly-Market, New-York; NY
Ronalds, Thomas A. (Thomas A. Ronalds, Bookseller and Stationer, and Account-Book Manufacturer) Sign of the Ledger, No. 188 Pearl-Street (Near Fly-Market) New-York. NY
Root, J.W. [binder] 41 Market St. Providence. RI
Root, J.W. (Cheap and Substantial Book-Binding, at J.W. Root's.) No. 3, Market Square, (up stairs) three doors East of the Bridge, Providence, R.I. RI
Rose, Wm. W. (Wm. W. Rose, Stationer) 142 Atlantic St. So. Brooklyn. NY
Rosicrucian Supply Bureau
Rosser, John (John Rosser, Book Binder) Lafayette, IA. IA
Rowand, A.H. [binder] Greenville, S.C. SC
Roy, Wm. H. (Wm. H. Roy, Binder) Lancaster, Pa. PA
Roy & Snavely, Book Binders and Blank Book Manufacturers) Lancaster, PA. PA
Royal, J.S. & Co. (J.S. Royal & Co's New Book & Stationery Store) North Queen st., near the rail-road, Lancaster, Pa. PA
Ruggles, J. Francis
Ruggles, Wm. A. [binder] Hanover, N.H. NH
Russell, H.P. (H.P. Russell, Printer, Book-Seller and Stationer) Morris-Town, New-Jersey. NJ
Russell's American Steam Printing & Stationery House 17, 19, 21 & 23 Rose St. New York. NY
Russell & Cockrell, Inc. (The Panhandle Printing Co.) Amarillo, Texas TX
Rutter, Gaylord & Co. (Rutter, Gaylord & Co. Fancy Book Binders) 73, Ann-street?Boston. MA
Ruzicka, Joseph (Joseph Ruzicka Bookbinders) Baltimore, MD. Greensboro, N.C. NC
Ryan, Peter N. (Peter N. Ryan, Bookseller) 49 Fourth St S.F. CA
Safford, M. (M. Safford's Circulating Library) 100, Main St., Norwich.
Sage, H. (H. Sage, Printer & Bookseller) 208 Broadway. NY
Sage & Brother [booksellers] Rochester NY
Salisbury, G.H. (G.H. Salisbury, Binder) Brattleboro, Vt. VT
Sanborn, O.L. (O.L. Sanborn & Co. Publishers, Booksellers, and Blank Book Manufacturers) No. 55 Exchange Street, Portland, Maine. ME
Sanborn & Carter (Sanborn & Carter, Blank Book Manufacturers, Stationers & Publishers) No. 55 Exchange Street, Portland, ME. ME
Sanford & Company (Sanford & Company Blank Book Manufacturers.) 364 Main St. Worcester, Mass. MA
Sanford & Hayward (Sanford & Hayward, Manufacturers) Cleveland, O. OH
Sanford & Young (Sanford & Young's Books and Stationery) Bridgeport, CT. CT
Santa Fe Book and Stationery Co. Santa Fe New Mexico NM
Saunders (Saunders, Bookseller) 33 S. Tenth St. Philadelphia. PA
Saunders (Saunders, Old Book Store) 33 S. Tenth St. Philadelphia. PA
Saunders, F. (F. Saunders, Booksellers) 357 Broadway, New-York. NY
Savile Book Shop 3236 P St., N.W. Wash., D.C. 20007 DC
Scanlan, P.F. (P.F. Scanlan's Cheap Book Store) No. 31 So. 5th St. Below Chestnut.
Schaefer & Koradi (Schaefer & Koradi, Publishers, Booksellers & Importers) Cor. 4th & Wood Sts. Philadelphia. PA
Schaefer & Koradi (Schaefer & Koradi,Deutsche Buchhandlung) S.W. cor. 4th & Wood Sts. Philadelphia. PA
Scheffer, Theo. F. (Theo. F. Scheffer Bookseller & Steam Job Printer) No. 21 Sth 2nd St. opposite the Presbyterian Church Harrisburg. PA
Schmidt, Heinrich und Comp. (Heinrich Schmidt und Comp. Buchhandler) Chambersburg, Pennsylv. PA
Schmidt, L.W. (L.W. Schimdt German Bookseller.) 454 Broadway, New York. NY
Schmidt, L.W. (L.W. Schimdt German Bookseller.) New York. NY
Schoenhof & Moeller 40 Winter Street, Boston. MA
Schoenhof, Carl (Carl Schoenhof foreign Books) 146 Tremont Street Boston MA
Schoenhof Book Co. (Schoenhof Book Co. French Bookshop) 15 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass. MA
Schoenhof's Foreign Books, Inc. 1280 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge 38, Mass. MA
Schoenthal, Henry (Henry Schoenthal, Dealer in Books and Stationery, &c.) Washington, Pa. PA
Schwarts, Harry W. (Harry W. Schwartz) 607 W. Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. WI
Sears & Cole (Sears & Cole Stationers, Printers and Blank Book Manufacturers) No. 45 William St. near Wall St. Printing Office No. 32 Liberty St. N.Y. NY
Sellenings, F. (F. Sellenings. Bookbinder. Dealer in Stationery.) 60 W. Court St., Cin'ti, O. OH
Scott, J. (J. Scott Bookseller.) 11 Market St. Wilmington. Del. DE
Sever, C.W. (C.E. Sever, University Bookstore) Harvard Square, Cambridge MA
Seymour, J.O., Kennard & Hay (J.O. Seymour, Kennard & Hay Stationers, Blank Book Manufacturers, Printers and Lithographers) 89 Liberty St. West of Broadway. New York. NY
Seymour, W. Harry (W. Harry Seymour, Bookseller and Stationer) 9 Carondelet St., New Orleans. LA
Seymour, William (William Seymour Fancy & Blank Book Binder) Albany NY
Shakspear's Head, Sign of 104 Lexington St. Baltimore, MD. MD
Shakspear's Head 104 Lexington St., Baltimore. MD
Sheaffer, John (John Sheaffer Bookseller & Stationer) North Queen St. Lancaster, PA PA
Sheaffer, John (John Sheaffer, Book & Stationery Store.) North Queen street, Lancaster city. PA
Sheaffer & Young (Scheaffer & Young, Cheap Book, Stationery & Periodical Stores) Lancaster City. PA
Sheldon, P. (P. Sheldon, Bookbinder) Gardiner, (Me.) ME
Shepard Book Company ("Ye Olde Booke Shoppe") Moxum Hotel Building Salt Lake City, Utah. UT
Shepley & Baker (Shepley & Baker, Successors to Shepley & Stearns. Wholesale Stationers and Blank Book Manufacturers.) 356 Main St. Fitchburg. MA
Shipman's (Shipman's Patent Invoice & Scrap Book)
Shroder & Helfenstein's (Shroder & Helfenstein's Cheap Book and Stationary Store) East King Street, next door to the Lancaster County Bank, Lancaster. PA
Siebling's (Siebling's Cheap Bookstand) 8 1/2 S. Delwarae Av., bel. Market St., Phila. PA
Siebert & Lilley (Siebert & Lilley, Blank Book Manufacturers, and General Stationers.) Open House Building, (Up Stairs), Columbus, O. OH
Siebert & Lilley (Siebert & Lilley, Book Binders) High Street, Columbus, Ohio. OH
Siemers, H.F. (H. F. Siemers, German & French Books.) 38 W. Baltimore St. Baltimore. MD
Simpkins & Burge (Manufactured by Simpkins & Burge at their Book & Stationery Store) Corner of Court & Brattle Sts. Boston [?] MA
Skillman, W.D. (W.D. Skillman, Bookseller & Stationer) No. 39 Fourth Street, Saint Louis, Opposite the Planters' Hotel. MO
Slocum, C.D. (C.D. Slocum, Bookseller, Stationer & Newdealer) Saratoga Springs, N.Y. NY
Smith, C. & Co. (C. Smith & Co.)
Smith, Daniel No. 70, Vesey-Street, One door from Greenwich Street, New-York NY
Smith, Chas. W. (Chas. W. Smith, Bookseller) Nashville, Tenn. TN
Smith, E.H. (E.H. Smith [bookseller]) Woburn, Mass. MA
Smith, Fon Der (Fon Der Smith's Book Store) Lancaster, PA PA
Smith, H.B. (H.B. Smith [bookseller]) Westfield, Ms. MA
Smith, Henry (Henry Smith, Bookseller) Chambersburg, PA. PA
Smith, J.L. (J.L. Smith, (Successor to R.L. Barnes,) Map Publisher.) 27 South 6th Street, Philadelphia. PA
Smith, John & Son (John Smith & Son, Booksellers & Stationers) 70 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow.
Smith, T.D. [bookseller] 202 Fulton St. Brooklyn. NY
Smith, Wm. [bookbinder] Portland, ME ME
Smith, W.H. (W.H. Smith, Bookseller and Stationer) No. 55 Superior-st., Cleveland. OH
Smith's Book Store (Smith's Book Store, Old & New Books) 805 N. Howard St., Baltimore, MD. MD
Smith & Cushman (Smith & Cushman, Booksellers & Druggists) Wilmington, VT. VT
Smith & English (Smith & English, Booksellers) 36 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia. PA
Smith & Reid (Smith & Reid, Bookbinders) Augusta, Maine ME
Smith, English & Co. (Smith, English & Co. Booksellers & Importers) No. 710 Arch Street Philadelphia. PA
Smythe, A.H. (A.H. Smythe Bookseller and Stationer.) No. 2 Deshler Block Columbus, Ohio. OH
Smythe, A.H. (A.H. Smythe Bookseller and Stationer.) 41-43 South High St, Columbus, O. OH
Solomons and Chapman (Solomons and Chapman Agts.) Washington, D.C. DC
Soltmann, E.G. (E.G. Soltmann) 134 W. 29th St. New York NY
Somerby, J.A. (J.A. Somerby's Newspaper & Periodical Depot) No 2, Pleasant St. Newburyport. MA
Sower, Samuel [printer and binder] Fayette-Street.
Spalding, William Edward (William Edward Spalding)
Spangler, B.F. (B.F. Spangler's Headquarters and News Depot) Columbia PA
Spangler, B.F. (B.F. Spangler Bookseller & Stationer) Front Street Columbia, Pa. PA
Spangler, B.F. (B.F. Spangler Bookseller & Stationer) No 5, East Market St. York PA PA
Spangler's Cheap Book Store North Queen St., Lancaster, Pa. PA
Spangler's Cheap Book Store North Queen Street, Lancaster, PA. PA
Sparhawk, John [bookseller] Philadelphia PA
Sparhawk, John [bookseller and stationer] Philadelphia
Sparhawk, John [bookseller] At the London Book-Store, in Second-Street, five Doors below the Friends Market-Street-Meeting, Philadelphia PA
Spalding, J.D. (J.D. Spalding's Book Bindery) Highland Courier Office, Newburgh. NY
Spinning, J.H. (J.H. Spinning, Binder) 162 Nassau-Street. New-York. NY
Spon, E. & F.N. (E. & F.N. Spon, Scientific Publishers) 35 Murray St., N.Y. NY
Spon & Chamberlain (Spon & Chamberlain, Books on Mecahnics, Engineering, Electricity, Trades, &c.) 12 Cortlandt Street, N.Y. NY
Spooner, E.B. & Co. (E.B. Spooner & Co. Printers & Book-Binders) Office of the L.I. Star, No. 10 Front, near Fulton-street, Brooklyn, L.I. NY
Spotts, Wm.
Sprenger & Westhaeffer (Sprenger & Westhaeffer, Books, Stationery Fancy Goods &c.) No 33 North Queen St. Lancaster, Penn'a PA
Sprenger & Westhaeffer (Sprenger & Westhaeffer, Booksellers) No. 33 N. Queen-st, Lancaster, Pa. PA
Sprenger & Westhaeffer (Sprenger & Westhaeffer's Cheap Book Store) No. 33, North Queen Street, Lancaster, PA. PA
Spring, J.D. (J.D. Spring Druggist & Bookseller) Lockport N.Y. NY
Squier's Music & Fancy Repository Wellington Arcade Dover DE
Stacy, John (John Stacy, Bookbinder and Stationer) Concord, Mass. MA
Stacy & Williams (Stacy & Williams Book Binders and Blank Book Manufacturers) Indianapolis, IN IN
Stansbury (Stansbury Binder) New York NY
Stanton and Davenport (Stanton and Davenport, Booksellers & Stationers) 44, 12th St. Wheeling, W.V. WV
Stanwood's (Stanwood's Book-Store, Newspaper & Periodical Depot, Book-Bindery, & Blank-Book Manufactory) Lewiston, ME ME
Star News Co. 605 K Street Sacramento, Cal. CA
Stavers, C. (Portsmouth Book-Bindery) NH
Stebbins, Henry S. (Henry S. Stebbins Bookseller, Stationer & News Dealer) 115 Summit Street Toledo, Ohio OH
Stechert, Gustav E. 810 Broadway New-York. NY
Stechert, Gustav E. 828 Broadway New-York. NY
Stechert, G.E. & Co. (G.E. Stechert & Co.) New York NY
Stechert, G.E. New York NY
Stechert-Hefner Inc. 31 E 10 St. New York 3 NY
Stedman, E. (Books Charts & Stationary Sold by E. Stedman Newburyport-Book-Store) NH
Steel, A. (A. Steel Bookbinder) At His Shop, Opposite the Province-House, Marlborough-Street.
Steele, Charles [bookseller] Essex-str. Op. Dr. Holyoke's, Salem, MA
Steele, Charles [bookseller] Essex-street, Salem opposite Dr. Holyoke's MA
Steiger, E. 17 North William St. New York. NY
Stephens, J.N. (J.N. Stephens General Western Book Agent) Atchison, Kas. KS
Stephens, Thomas 60. South 2d. St. Philada. PA
Stevens, Henry (American & Antiquarian Bookseller) London England
Stevens, S.C. (S.C. Stevens, Book-Binder, and Bookseller) Dover, N.H. NH
Stevens & Russell (Stevens & Russell, Dealers in Books & Stationer, Periodicals, &c.) 515 Washington, opp. Beach Street, Boston. MA
Stevenson & Marsters Inc 373 Fulton St. B'Klyn 30 Church St. N.Y. NY
Stewart, Wm Hagerstown MD MD
Stewart, W. (W. Stewart's Book Store & Bindery) Hagerstown, Md. MD
Stewart, Wm. (Wm. Stewart's Book Store, and Bindery) Hagers-town, Md. MD
Stimpson, C., Jr (C. Stimpson, Jr. Book Binder) 72 Washington St, Boston. MA
Stimpson, C. (C. Stimpson, Bookseller & Bookbinder) 106 Washington street, Boston. MA
Stimpson, C., Jr [binder] No. 80 State-Street, Boston. MA
Stockbridge, N.P. (N. P. Stockbridge, Bookseller & Stationer) Columbia st. Ft. Wayne IN
Stoddard, A. [bookseller] corner of Warren and Third Streets, Hudson NY
Stowell & Rood (Stowell & Rood, Booksellers & Binders) Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, Michigan Ter. MI
Strachan & Fairchild (Book-Store & Printing-Office) Ogdensburgh, N. York. NY
Strahan (Strahan Engraver) No. 2 Carters Alley, Philadelphia. PA
Stratton, Lewis (Lewis Stratton, Dealer in Books, Stationery, Paper Hangings, &c. &c.) No. 122 Essex St., Lawrence, Mass. MA
Strong, C.D. (C.D. Strong, Book Binder and Account Book Manufacturer) No. 94, State Street, Boston. MA
Strowhuver, George [binder] Cincinnati OH
Stuart Bros. (Stuart Bros. Stationers) 412 Market St. Philadelphia. PA
Stuart, R.T. (R.T. Stuart) [binder] 615 Shipley St. Wilmington, Del. DE
Studley, R.P. (R. P. Studley, Printer & Binder) St. Louis MO
Studley, R.P. & Co. (R. P. Studley & Co. Book Binders, Printers and Lithographers) S.W. Cor. Main & Olive Sts. St. Louis. MO
Suckow, B. (B. Suckow Book Binder) Beloit, Wis. WI
Sullivan, John T. (John T. Sullivan's Paper Blank Book & Stationary Warehouse) N.E. corner of Market & Front Streets Philadelphia. PA
Sullivan & Brown (Sullivan & Brown, Book Binders, Steam Power Printers, and Blank Book Manufacturers) North Fourth Street, adjoining Court House, Zanesville, O. OH
Sutton, Thomas (Thomas Sutton, Bookseller & Stationer) No. 202 N. Third Street, Between Vine and Callowhill-sts. Philadelphia. PA
Swett, Hubbard W. Boston MA
Swift, H.B. (H.B. Swift, Missionary American Sunday School Union. Depository at M.W. Westcott's Book Store) 97 Main Street, Keokuk, Iowa. IA
Taber, Augustus No. 2 Purchase St. New Bedford. MA
Taber, Wm. C. [bookseller] New-Bedford. MA
Taber, W.C. & Son (W.C. Taber & Son) 45 Union St. New Bedford. MA
Tanner & Disturnell (Tanner & Disturnell's Map Establishment) No. 124 Broadway New York NY
Tappan & Foster (Tappan & Foster Booksellers) Portsmouth, N.H. NH
Taylor, Hudson (Hudson Taylor Bookseller & Stationer) 334 Penna Avenue Washington City DC
Taylor, Hudson No. 334 Penn. Avenue Washington City DC
Taylor, Samuel [bookbinder] Philadelphia PA
Taylor, Wm. (Wm. Taylor's Newspaper Depot) No. 6 North-st. Baltimore. MD
Taylor & Maury (Taylor & Maury Booksellers & Stationers) Penn Av. Near 9th St Washington City. DC
Taylor & Young (Taylor & Young Bookbinders) 128 Fulton-street, Cor. Of Nassau. NY
Teasdale, H.M (H.M. Teasdale Books. Stationery. Musical Goods) No 6 Merchants Block Columbus, Miss. MO
Telegraph Book Bindery Nashua, N.H. NH
Terhune, J., Jr. (J. Terhune, Jr.'s, Book and Stationery Store) No. 2 Rathbone Building, Monroe-st, Grand Rapids. MI
Terry, H.G. (H.G. Terry [binder]) 62 Sudbury St. MA
Terry, H.G. (H.G. Terry, Book Binder) 116 Washington St. MA
Terry, H.G. (H.G. Terry, Binder) 62 Sudbury St., Boston. MA
Thiry, J.H. (J.H. Thiry American & Foreign Book Seller) 732 Broadway N.Y. Bet 4th St & Astor Place NY
Thomas, Boughman & Co. (Boughman Thomas & Co. Stationers Booksellers Binders and Blank Book Manufacturers) No 421 Market St. Wilmington Del. DE
Thomas, C.F. & Co. (C.F. Thomas & Co.Stationers Binders and Blank Book Manufacturers) Wilmington Del. DE
Thomas, Isaiah, Andrews & Penniman Albany NY
Thomas & Whipple [booksellers] Market Square, Newburyport. MA
Thomas & Whipple Newburyport MA
Thomas, M. (M. Thomas, Bookseller) No. 108 Chestnut Street, 4 doors below the Post office, Philadelphia PA
Thomas, M. [bookseller] 52, Chestnut St., Philadelphia. PA
Thomas, Robert B. [bookbinder] Springfield, Mass. MA
Thomas, S.W. (Methodist Episcopal Book Room S.W. Thomas Agent.) 1018 Arch St. Philadelphia, PA. PA
Thompson, Geo. (Geo. Thompson, Bookseller, Stationer and Book-Binder) Princeton, N.J. NJ
Thompson, P. Washington City DC
Thompson, T.J. (T.J. Thompson, Colporteur) Bedford, PA PA
Thomson, Peter G. (Peter G. Thomson Bookseller, Stationer & Importer) Arcade Bld'g 179 Vine St. Cincinnati. OH
Thomson, W.B. & Co. (W.B. Thomson & Co., Booksellers) New Britain, CT. CT
Thomson, Wm. [bookseller] 51 w. 125th St., New York. NY
Thorpes Book Store (Thorpes Book Store Books and Stationery) Aiken, S.C. SC
Thurston, Brown & Co. Portland, ME ME
Tilden, Geo. (Geo. Tilden, Book-Binder) Keene, N.H. NH
Tilton, J.G. State Street, Newburyport. MA
Tilton, John G. & Co. (John G. Tilton & Co.) 21 State Street, Newburyport, Ms. MA
Tisdale, G.H.
Toon, J.J. (Franklin Printing House and Book Bindery [?] J.J. Toon, Proprietor.) Atlanta, GA. GA
Torres, Eliseo 1469 St. Lawrence Ave. New York 60, New York. NY
Townsend, T.D. [bookdealer] 807 Washington Ave., St. Louis, MO. MO
Tracy, G. [bookseller] Utica. NY
Traver's Book Store Trenton NJ NJ
Tremper, L. Post-Officce, Staunton, Virginia VA
Tretler, J. (J. Tretler, Binder.) Washington City. DC
Trickett, William [stationer and bookbinder] Philadelphia PA
Tripp, E.H. (E.H. Tripp, Bookseller & Stationer) 262 Greenwich st., N.Y. NY
Tripp, E.H. (E.H. Tripp, Printer and Stationer) 272 Greenwich Street, N.Y. NY
Turnbull & Connell (Turnbull & Connell, Books & Stationery) 663 6th Av., N.Y. NY
Turner & Hughes (Turner & Hughes, Stationers, Publishers and General Book Agents) No. 10, John Street, New York, and No. 1 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh, North Carolina. NY
Tuxworth, Geo. W. (Geo. W. Tuxworth, Binder) No. 14 Main-st. 3d st. Cincinnati, Ohio. OH
Twin City Book & Sta. Co. 408 Cedar St. St. Paul MN
Ulman, Willm (Willm Ulman Bookseller and Binder) 308 Washington St. Boston. MA
Ulman, William (William Ulman, Bookseller & Binder) No. 50 Cornhill, Boston. MA
Ulrich, Mahel (Mahel Ulrich's Book Shop) Minneapolis MN
Ultima Book Shop Providence RI RI
Underwood, Wm. H. (Wm. H. Underwood Pocket-Book Manufacturer, Stationer & Book-Seller) Main, Cor. Of Douglass St. Cambridgeport, Mass. MA
Union Book Co. Inc. 257 State St. Schenectady, N.Y. NY
Union Book Co. Book Department 257 State St. Schenectady NY
Urbino, S. 19, Winter-Street Boston. MA
Van Beuren, G.A.C. (The Bookstore) 221 & 223 Bleecker-st. NY
Van Fleet & Son (Van Fleet & Son Plate Badge & Job Printers) 132 So. 8th St. Phila. PA
Van Nostrand, D. (D. Van Nostrand Publisher & Importer of Scientific Books) New York. NY
Van Nostrand & Dwight Am. Tract Society House, 146 Nassau-street, New-York. NY
Van Siclen, Henry K. (Henry K. Van Siclen Bibliopole) 95 Fifth Avenue N.Y. NY
Van Siclen, Henry K. (Henry K. Van Siclen Bibliopole) 133 Nassau St. N.Y. NY
Vedanta Press 1946 Vedanta Place Hollywood, Calif. 90068 CA
Vermeulen, C.H. (C.H. Vermeulen Book-Binder) 205 Jefferson-avenue Detroit MI
Vicary (Vicary Publisher & Bookbinder) 50 Pratt Street Baltimore MD
Vickery & Co. (Vickery & Co Booksellers) Norfolk, VA. VA
Vickery & Griffith's (Vickery & Griffith's Cheap Bookstore) 19 Main-st. Norfolk, Va. VA
Villagra Book Shop Santa Fe, N.M. NM
Vincent, E. [bookseller] Westerly, R.I. RI
Vinson, M.A. (M.A. Vinson Dealer, Importer Books on Architecture & The Arts & Crafts) 1114 Citizens Bldg. Cleveland OH
Virginian Bindery Norfolk, Va. VA
Von Wiatt's Buchbinderei N. 270 Nord 2te Stra[ss]e Philadelphia PA
Voorhies, J.S. (J.S. Voorhies Law Bookseller & Publisher) 20 Nassau St. New York NY
Vroman's Pasadena CA
Wadsworth, S. New Haven CT
Waggoner, J.N. (J.N. Waggoner Bookseller) Galena Ill IL
Wagner Free Institute of Science
Waite, M.[H?]. C.D. Snyder (M.[H?]. Waite. C.D. Snyder) Salem, Oregon OR
Waite's Bookstore 138 Balto St. Baltimore. MD
Waite, M.H. (M.H. Waite, Bookseller & Stationer) 138 Baltimore St. [?] Baltimore MD
Wakefield Bookshop, Inc. 21 East 34th Street New York City NY
Waldorf (Waldorf Fine Binding) St. Paul Minn. MN
Waldteufel, A. (A. Waldteufel Importer & Dealer in Books & Stationery) Murphy's Block Market St. San Jose. CA
Walker, Joseph (Joseph Walker) Charleston, S.C. SC
Wallace, Thomas (Thomas Wallace, Stationer) No. 70 N. Third St. Philadelphia. PA
Waltz's Book Store Lebanon, Pa. PA
Wardwell, S. (S. Wardwell, Book Binder) Burbank's Block, Pittsfield, Mass. MA
Ware's Book Shop New Rochelle, N.Y. NY
Warfield, G.F. & Co. (G.F. Warfield & Co. Booksellers & Stationers) Hartford, Conn. CT
Waring, E. (E. Waring's Book-Store) Tyrone, PA. PA
Warner, George (George Warner Book-Binder Nashua Village Dunstable N H NH
Warren, A. (A. Warren's Centre Square bookstore) near the Post Office, Lancaster, Pa PA
Warren, M.R. & Co. (M.R. Warren & Co. Stationers Account Book Manufacturers) 14 School Street, Boston. MA
Waters & Stevenson [booksellers] 244 Baltimore-st. MD
Watkins (Watkins Binder)
Watt, R.T. (R.T. Watt's New & Second-hand Book Stand) S.W. cor. Second and Union sts. Philada. PA
Watts, E. (E. Watts, Book-Binder) Charlottesville, Va. VA
Watts, T. (Cheapest Store in the World for Books, Prints and Oil Paintings. T. Watts, Librarian) 102 Nassau Street, N.Y. NY
Wayne, Robert C. (Robert C. Wayne Dealer in Books Stationery & Fancy Articles) No. 115 Fall St. Seneca Falls, N.Y. NY
Webb, Samuel [binder] Boston MA
Weber, F. & Co. (F. Weber & Co. Artists' Materials, Art Works, Draughtsmen's Supplies) 1125 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. PA
Webster, N.B. [bookseller and stationer] One door North of the Crawford House, Portsmouth, VA. VA
Weed, Geo. L. (Geo. L. Wee, Theological, Classical, Miscellaneous and Juvenile Bookseller and Stationer) Fourth St., Cincinnati. OH
Weedon, W.J. (W.J. Weedon, Bookseller) 419 421 Fulton St., Brooklyn N.Y. NY
Week-End Book Service 959 Madison Ave. New York City NY
Weinstock, Lubin & Co. Sacramento, Cal. CA
Weishampel, J.F., Jr. (J.F. Weishampel, Jr. Bookseller & Stationer) 484 W. Baltimore st., Near Pine st., Baltimore, Md. MD
Weishampel, John F., Jr. (John F. Weishampel, Jr. Bookseller) No. 484 W. Baltimore St., bet. Pearl & Pine. MD
Wells, Wm. A. (Wm. A. Wells, Binder) No. 91, Washington-St., Boston. MA
Weiser, Samuel Inc. (Samuel Weiser, Inc.) 734 B'Way N.Y., N.Y. 10003 NY
Welch, G.W. (G.W. Welch, Pioneer Book Store) Main St. Nevada NV
Welch, Milton (Milton Welch, Bookseller and Stationer) Court Street, Houlton, Me. ME
Weldin, J.R. & Co. (J.R. Weldin & Co. Booksellers) 101 Wood St. Pittsburgh, PA PA
Welsh & Co. N.W. Cor. 6h Walnut. Philada PA
Wenzel, Phillipp (Phillipp Wenzel, Book-Binder, Paper Box Manufacturer, Dealer in Pictures & Frames) 58 Congress st. Portsmouth, N.H. NH
Werden, E. (E. Werden, Dealer in Books, Stationery, Wall and Window Paper, Curtain Fixtures, Kerosene Lamps and Oil, Wrapping Paper [?] 27 North St. Pittsfield, Mass MA
Wesby [binder] Worcester MA
Wesselhoeft, J.G. (J.G. Wesselhoeft's German, English and French Book Stores) 9, Bread Street, near Arch, Philadelphia. 471, Pearl Street, near Chatham, New York PA
Wesselhoeft, J.G. (J.G. Wesselhoeft, Bookseller and Importer of German Books) No. 124, North Second Street, Philadelphia. PA
West, S. Stillman (S. Stillman West, Binder) 191 Essex Street, Salem. MA
West, A. & Partners Ltd (A. West & Partners Ltd Drawing Office Equipment) 36, Broadway, Westminster
Westermann, G. & B. Bros. (G. & B. Westermann Bros. Deutsche Buchhandlung) 290 Broadway New-York NY
Westermann, B. & Co. (B. Westermann & Co.) New York 440 Broadway NY
Westermann, B. & Co. (B. Westermann & Co.) New-York 812 Broadway NY
Westermann, G. & Co. (G. Westermann & Co.) New-York 290 Broadway NY
Westermann, B. & Co. (B. Westermann & Co.) New-York 524 Broadway NY
Westermann, B. & Co. (B. Westermann & Co.) New-York 838 Broadway NY
Westermann, B. Co. Inc. (B. Westermann Co. Inc. General and Scientific Books in All Languages) 13 W. 46th St. New York NY
Westermann, B. Co. Inc. (B. Westermann Co. Inc. General & Scientific Books in All Languages) 24 W. 48th St. New York NY
Westermann, B. Co. Inc. (B. Westermann Co. Inc. General & Scientific Books in All Languages) Westermann, B. Co. Inc. (B. Westermann Co. Inc. General & Scientific Books in All Languages) NY
Westwinds Bookshop Duxbury Massachusetts MA
Whaler Book Shop Inc. 106 School Street New Bedford MA
Whipple, C. (C. Whipple [bookseller]) No. 2, State-street, Newburyport MA
Whipple, Henry [bookseller] Salem MA
Whipple, S.K. & Co. (S.K. Whipple & Co.) 161 Washington St. Boston. MA
Whipple & Lawrence [booksellers] Salem MA
Whipple & Son [booksellers] Salem MA
White, N. [bookseller] No. 34, North Main-street, Providence. RI
White, T.B. & E.L. (T.B. & E.L. White) Newburyport MA
White house (White house Books in Various Languages) San Francisco CA
Whitemore, C. Richard (House of Whitemore Old Books [?]) Westborough, Massachusetts MA
Whiting, Isaac N. (Isaac N. Whiting, Bookseller & Publisher) Columbus, (Ohio.) OH
Whiting, Isaac N. (Isaac N. Whiting, Bookseller & Stationer) Columbus, (Ohio.) OH
Whittaker, Thomas (Thomas Whittaker Publisher, Bookseller and Importer) 2 & 3 Bible House, N.Y. NY
Wiant, George (George Wiant, Book Binder and Blank Book Manufacturer) Lancaster, PA PA
Wiant, Geo. (Geo. Wiant Book Binder and Blank Book Manufacturer) Lancaster, PA PA
Wiant & Barnitz (Wiant & Barnitz, Book Binders and Blank Book Manufacturers) Lancaster, PA PA
Wickersham Printing Co. (Wickersham Printing Co. Printers and Binders) LAncaster, PA PA
Wiggins, E. (E. Wiggins, Second hand. Law, Medical and Miscellaneous Books) No. 310 North Third Street St. Louis, MO. MO
Williams, J.I. (J.I. Williams Bookseller) 24 Pearl St. Worcester, Mass. MA
Williams, N. Bangs & Co. (N. Bangs Williams & Co. Booksellers) 54 Westminster St., Providence, R.I. RI
Williams, N. Bangs & Co. (N. Bangs Williams & Co. Importers, Publishers, Booksellers) 52 Westminster St. Providence, R.I. RI
Williams, N.M. (N.M. Williams. Catholic Bookseller) 1181 Wash'n St, near the new cathedral, Boston. MA
Williams, Nicholas M. (Nicholas M. Williams, Catholic Bookseller & Stationer) 1181 Washington St,. Opposite the new Cathedral, Boston. MA
Williams, Nicholas M. (Nicholas M. Williams, Catholic Bookseller) Boston MA
Williams, R. P. & C. (R.P. & C. Williams) Boston, [?] Cornhill Square, (between No. 58 & 59 Cornhill) MA
Williams, Samuel (Samuel Williams Bookbinder) Newark, New Jersey NJ
Williams, V.S. (V.S. Williams, dealer in drugs and medicines, confectionery, toys, perfumery, books and fancy goods.) Union Block, Main Street, Milford
Williams, Wm. [bookseller] No. 60, Genesee-st. Utica NY
William's Book Store Worcester Mass MA
Williams' Book Store 224 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, Minn. MN
Williams & Baker (Williams & Baker, Booksellers and Stationers) Omaha, Neb. NE
Williamson & Co. 5 King St. West Toronto Canada
Willing & Williamson 12 King St. Toronto Canada
Wills (Wills Binder)
Wills, Neal 29 Market St., Baltimore MD
Wilson, Chas. W. & Co. (Chas. W. Wilson & Co. Booksellers Stationers Printers and Blank Book Manufacturers) 126 Main St. Norfolk, VA. VA
Wilson, J. (J. Wilson, Bookbinder, Bookseller, and Stationer) Wilmington, Del. DE
Wilson, James [binder] No. 105 Market-Street Wilmington. DE
Wilson, James (James Wilson, Bookseller and Stationer) Wilmington, Del. DE
Wilson & Drake (Wilson & Drake, Booksellers and Stationers) No. 18 West Fourth Street South Side Cincinnati OH
Wilson & Heald (Wilson & Heald, Booksellers, and Stationers) 107 Market Street, Wilmington. DE
Wilson & Heald (Wilson & Heald, Booksellers and Stationers) 107 Market St., Wilmington. DE
Wilson & Wesby (Wilson & Wesby, Book Binders) 102 Main-st., Worcester. MA
Winslow, M. (M. Winslow, Binder)
Winsor & Perrin (Winsor & Perrin, Booksellers) 140 Westminster St. Providence. RI
Withers, C.A. (C.A. Withers, Bookseller & Stationer) Lynchburg VA
Witkower's (Witkower's Booksellers & Stationers) 77-79 Asylum St., Hartford, Conn. CT
Whittemore Associates 16 Ashburton Pl. Boston, Mass. MA
Wittenborn Art Books 1018 Madison Ave., New York 21 NY
Witter, C. (C. Witter) No. 21 South 4th Str. St. Louis, MO MO
Wood, O.D. (O. D. Wood, Agent) Boston. MA
Wood, Phoenix N. (Phoenix N. Wood Bookseller & Stationer) 86 Baltimore St. Baltimore MD
Wood, Samuel & Sons (Samuel Wood & Sons, Booksellers & Stationers) No. 261, Pearl-St. Two doors below Fulton-street, New-York. NY
Wood, Wm. K. (Wm. K. Wood, Stationer and Bookseller) 1197 Broadway NY
Wood, Wm. & Co. (Wm. Wood & Co. Publishers Booksellers and Importers.) 61 Walker St. New York. NY
Woodhouse & Parham (Woodhouse & Parham, Booksellers, Stationers, and Dealers in Piano Fortes) Richmond, Va. VA
Woodruff, D. (D. Woodruff, Bookseller & Stationer) Tuscaloosa, Ala. AL
Woodruff, D. (D. Woodruff, Bookseller) Tuscaloosa, Alabama. AL
Woodside, John
Woodside, J. (J. Woodside, Engraver)
Woodward's Book Store and Circulating Library 16 Myrtle Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. NY
Woodward, J. (J. Woodward, 2d. Bookseller) Taunton, Mass. MA
Woodward, William W. (William W. Woodward, Printer, Bookseller, and Stationer) At the sign of Franklin's Head, no. 17, Chestnut near Front Street, Philadelphia. PA
Worthington, R. (R. Worthington, Bookseller Stationer and Bookbinder) 30 Gt. St. James St. Montreal. Canada
Wright, H.T. (H.T. Wright, Bookseller and Stationer) Kansas City, MO. MO
Wyatt, S. (S. Wyatt, Dealer in Books) 1329 Market St. S.F. CA
Wylie, Chas. D. (Chas. D. Wylie Bookseller & Stationer Wall Paper, Window Shades & Toys) Bath, N.Y. NY
Yeager, J. (J. Yeager, Engraver) No. 103 Juniper first door below Chestnut & Race Streets Philad PA
Young Books 23 East 63rd Street. New York, N.Y. NY
Young, C.E. (C.E. Young, Binder) 156, Main-St. Exchange Buildings Buffalo. NY
Young's New & Cheap Book Store near the Post Office, Lancaster, Pa. PA
Young, H. & Co. (H. Young & Co. New & Cheap Book Store) near the Post Office, Lancaster, Pa. PA
Young, Wm. H. (Wm. H. Young Bookseller & Stationer) 216 River St. Troy. NY
Younglove, M.C. (Bookstore and Blank-Book Manufactory, by M.C. Younglove) Cleveland, under the American House. OH
Younglove, M.C. American House, Cleveland, O. OH
Zahm, S.H. & Co. (S.H. Zahm & Co. Dealers in New & Second Hand Books.) 33 S. Queen St. Lancaster, PA. PA
Zahm, S.H. & Co. (S.H. Zahm & Co. Dealers in Books & Stationery.) 18 & 20 South Queen St, Lancaster, Pa. PA
Zeitlin & Ver Strugge (Zeitlin & Ver Strugge, Booksellers) Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles CA
Zickel, S. No. [10 ?] Street New-York NY
Zook, Jno. G. (Jno. G. Zook [?] Bookseller & Stationer) Litiz, Pa. PA

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