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Search Tips:

    • You may search the papers by keyword, author, place, or recipient.
    • An index of 44 subject headings is available if you would like to browse the papers by subject.
    • When searching for specific names, words, locations, etc. be sure to think of alternate spellings or abbreviations. The letters were transcribed exactly as they appear in the original (e.g., the transcribed "rec'd" preserves the abbreviation of "received.")
    • You do not need to search in last name, first name order. You may search Mary Lyon (instead of Lyon, Mary).
    • Use Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT to help retrieve results.
    • The search results are not anchored. When you click on the link it will not take you to that keyword in the letter, you will have to Ctrl + F or Apple + F (Control Find) to locate the word.
    • The resources page has additional tips on how to use this site, including a key to the transcription markings.