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The History of the Deacon Grant Farm

The Deacon Grant Farm is located in Connecticut on the Norfolk-Colebrook border. Deacon Elijah Grant (1728-1787) was the great grandson of Matthew Grant (1601-1681) who immigrated to America in 1630 on the Mary and John. Matthew was a first settler of Dorchester, Massachusetts and, in 1635, was a founder of Windsor, Connecticut. Matthew's youngest child John (1642-1684) led a contingent of twenty men to the relief of Westfield and Springfield in 1676 and returned to the homestead in Windsor. John's son, Josiah Grant, (1682-1762) left Windsor for Litchfield, Connecticut where he was an active civic leader.


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Josiah's son Elijah (1728-1798) moved to Norfolk and was selectman and representative in the state legislature. Upon his death, Joel (1756-1796) took over the family farm but was killed when he was struck by a well sweep, which had come loose during a storm. Joel's eldest son, Elijah (1782-1867) became head of the family at age fourteen. With the help of his uncle, he purchased what came to be known as the Deacon Grant Farm. He served his community in numerous town offices and as Deacon of the Congregational Church.

Elijah's youngest son James Marcus Grant (1827-1868), referred to as Marcus, tried his hand as a gold prospector with his brother Daniel (1818-1892). Neither had much success in the venture and when Marcus returned to Connecticut he assisted his father in running the farm. He inherited the farm when his father died. Marcus had no children. The farm was purchased from Marcus' heirs by his niece Jane Munro Grant, daughter of his older brother, Elijah Phelps Grant. Jane's sister, Mary Grant wife of William Wallace, later purchased the full interest. Mary's daughters, Janet (Jennie) Munro Wallace Curtis and Mary (May) Raynolds Wallace were the final family owners of the farm.

The Deacon Grant Farm Papers consist of letters and related material associated with Deacon Grant's grandson, Elijah, members of his family and various other descendants. Additional letters are held in the Archives of Mount Holyoke College.

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