Wilderness Views: Nature as Other, Self, and Enterprise in American Culture c.1776-1900

American Studies Seminar
Janice Simon

The following American Studies Seminar research papers were written by students in the 1995 seminar, "Wilderness Views: Nature as Other, Self, and Enterprise in American Culture c.1776-1900.," under the supervision of Professor Janice Simon.

  • "Pioneers, Prisoners, Pilgrims, and Promoters," by Samantha Inness Ker
  • "The Lady in the Landscape: The Feminine Wildernesses of Thomas Cole and Alfred Jacob Miller," by Carolyn M. Kiley
  • "Across the Great Corillera," by Suzanne Campbell
  • "Grizzly Adams: The nature of an Enterprising Mountain Man," by Kurt R. Stanley
  • "Awaiting a Reformed Earth: Millerism and Millenialism in Jacksonian America," by ames McCartin
  • "Moral Tales: The Child in Garden and Wood," by Christina C. Chmielewski
  • "The Music of Nature: "Idlewild," N.P. Willis and the American Gothic Residence," by Joseph P. Cornish
  • "God Against the Indians," Alexander Nguyen
  • "Santa Fe: The American Conquest of the Southwest or "How the West was Won"," by Mardi Garcia
  • "The Nature of the "Real" American Landscape: Yosemite and Yellowstone as Painted by Albert Bierstadt and Thomas Moran," by Eric Eyles.

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