The When and Where of American Print Culture in the 1700s

In this video, Elizabeth Watts Pope, the Society’s curator of books and digital collections, introduces when and where printing began in colonial America and how it developed over the course of the eighteenth century.

This educational video explores themes discussed in The News Media and the Making of America, 1730-1800, the 2021 NEH summer institute.

Primary sources, listed in order of appearance
The following primary sources were discussed in this video.

Timestamp Thumbnail Access Title Item details
0:32 Two volumes of the History of Printing The history of printing in America ... AAS catalog record
1:04 Page from Encyclopedia depicting the printing press Encyclopaedia; or, A dictionary of arts, sciences, and miscellaneous literature AAS catalog record
1:58 By The Governour & Council By the governour and Council AAS catalog record
2:17 Title page for Remarks on the Trial Remarks on the trial of John-Peter Zenger ... AAS catalog record
2:17 The trial of John Peter Zenger ... AAS catalog record
2:17 The Case and tryal of John Peter Zenger ... AAS catalog record
3:18 Page from the Boston News-letter The Boston news-letter. AAS catalog record
3:23 Title page of the Jamaica courant The Weekly Jamaica courant AAS catalog record
3:27 Title page of Pamela Pamela: or, Virtue rewarded. AAS catalog record
3:52 A catalogue of books A catalogue of books, lately imported from Britain ... AAS catalog record
4:22 Michigan essay Michigan essay or, The impartial observer. AAS catalog record
4:42 Poems on various subjects, religious and moral ... AAS catalog record
4:52 Maps are from The colonial book in the Atlantic world AAS catalog record
5:12 Shelf of Evans' Bibliography American bibliography: A chronological dictionary of all books, pamphlets, and periodical publications ... AAS catalog record
5:33 Title page of Common Sense Common sense; addressed to the inhabitants of America ... AAS catalog record
5:48 Page from Psalms of David The Psalms of David, with hymns and spiritual songs. AAS catalog record
6:08 Page from the American primer The American primer improved. AAS catalog record
6:18 Page from the American primer The New-England primer, improved ... AAS catalog record
6:33 Page from Rivington's New-York gazetteer Rivington's New-York gazetteer ... AAS catalog record
6:58 Boston news-letter detail The Boston news-letter. AAS catalog record
8:02 A page from the Geographic view A geographical view of all the post towns in the United states of America ... AAS catalog record
8:17 A page from A premium. A premium. AAS catalog record
8:37 Page of the Catalogue Portsmouth, April 15th, 1791. AAS catalog record
8:47 Image from the American Jest Book The American jest book AAS catalog record
9:02 Drawing of the Green Dragon Tavern The Green Dragon Tavern, 1773 AAS catalog record
9:23 Print of barber shop All in my eye! AAS catalog record
9:33 The triumphs of temper ... AAS catalog record
10:13 Page from An epitome of universal geography An epitome of universal geography ... AAS catalog record
10:28 Baltimore Typographical Society price list Scale of prices of the Baltimore Typographical Society ... AAS catalog record
10:33 Page from Short History of the Printing Press A short history of the printing press ... AAS catalog record

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