Webinar- Searching the Catalog: NAIP

Wednesday, May 13, 2020 - 3:00pm


This webinar session discusses searching the AAS catalog specifically for pre-1801 imprints.


Questions addressed include

  • How do I find books published by Lydia Bailey?
  • How do I find materials owned by Isaiah Thomas, Jr., not by Isaiah Thomas, founder of AAS?
  • How can I find Evans 11812 (An elegiac poem, on the death of that celebrated divine, and eminent servant of Jesus Christ, the late reverend, and pious George Whitefield by Phillis Wheatley) or ESTC W22956 (Benjamin Banneker's Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia almanack and ephemeris, for the year of our Lord, 1792 …)?
  • Why am I seeing materials I can’t request in the reading room? How do I search for just materials I can request in the reading room?
  • Can I see what other libraries hold this title?
  • Is everything in Evans in the North American Imprints Program (and, therefore, in the AAS catalog)?


Formally, topics include

  • What is the North American Imprints Program?
  • Keyword searching
    • Name keyword
      • The different kinds of contributors being searched
      • Title keyword
        • The different kinds of titles being searched
        • Bibliography citation keyword
      • Library forms of name / authorized access points
      • Exact searches
        • Printer/publisher/bookseller
        • Illustrator/engraver
        • Provenance
      • Browse searches
        • Name
        • Subject
      • Not at AAS records
        • Sources of Not at AAS records
        • Finding materials at AAS
        • Other holding libraries



About Our Host

Amy Tims, Cataloging Initiatives Librarian. Amy joined the AAS staff in 2012 as a cataloger for the North American Imprints Program (NAIP), and she now takes on a variety of projects to enhance access to the Society's holdings.


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