Webinar - Searching the Catalog: Keyword and Browse

Wednesday, July 22, 2020 - 3:00pm


This webinar session explores how to refine your searches by taking advantage of different kinds of searches that the catalog can do.


Questions addressed include

  • Why am I getting this search result when my search terms aren’t in the record?
  • How do I find this record again?
  • There are many A. Hams -- how do I search for the one who dueled Aaron Burr?
  • Can I divide these 800+ search results into smaller chunks?
  • Is there an alphabetical index of the catalog?
  • Can I just #AskACataloger about this?


Formally, topics include

  • MARC view (a glimpse behind the scenes)
  • Catalog record numbers / bibliographic identifiers
  • Marks of truncation
  • Library forms of name / authorized access points
  • Keyword searching
  • Keyword anywhere
    • Name keyword
    • Subject keyword
    • Boolean searches
  • Browse searches
    • Name browse
    • Subject browse
    • Cross references


About Our Host

Amy Tims, Cataloging Initiatives Librarian. Amy joined the AAS staff in 2012 as a cataloger for the North American Imprints Program (NAIP), and she now takes on a variety of projects to enhance access to the Society's holdings.


This webinar is full.

Each session is standalone and includes time for an open Q & A with an AAS staff member.

The webinars are held on Zoom.

Upon signing up, participants are emailed a link to the Zoom meeting and a link to a reference sheet that they can download, take notes on, and print out at their convenience.




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