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Virtual Book Talk

Virtual Book Talks - 2020 to present

The Virtual Book Talk showcases authors of recently published scholarly monographs, digital-equivalents, and creative works broadly related to book history and print culture. Each installment includes an informal presentation from the author and a Q&A with the audience.

Since the program's inception in May 2020, virtual book talks have been streamed live for registered participants and are recorded for posterity. Talks typically last 45 minutes to one hour. For more information, contact Kevin Wisniewski, Director of Book History and Digital Initiatives at To receive notifications about upcoming PHBAC programs, join the PHBAC mailing list

05/28/2020 Derrick R. Spires Watch on YouTube
06/25/2020 Glenda Goodman Watch on YouTube
07/30/2020 Jonathan Senchyne Watch on YouTube
08/27/2020 Amy Hildreth Chen Watch on YouTube
09/24/2020 Jessica Pressman Watch on YouTube
10/29/2020 Adam Gordon Adam Gordon Watch on YouTube
11/12/2020 Rodrigo Lazo Rodrigo Lazo Watch on YouTube
12/03/2020 Brigitte Fielder Watch on YouTube
01/12/2021 Craig Dworkin Craig Dworkin Watch on YouTube
02/25/2021 Megan Rosenbloom Megan Rosenbloom Watch on YouTube
03/25/2021 Lucas Dietrich Headshot of Lucas Dietrich. Watch on YouTube
04/29/2021 Koritha Mitchell Koritha Mitchell Watch on YouTube
05/27/2021 Laura Heffernan and Rachel Buurma Laura Heffernan and Rachel Buurma Watch on YouTube
06/24/2021 Melissa Homestead Melissa Homestead Watch on YouTube
07/29/2021 Billy Coleman Billy Coleman Harnessing Harmony Watch on YouTube
08/26/2021 Elizabeth Kimball Elizabeth Kimball Translingual Inheritance Watch on YouTube
09/30/2021 Gordon Fraser Headshot of Gordon Fraser Star Terrifory Watch on YouTube
10/28/2021 Corinna Zeltsman Headshot of Corinna Zeltsman Ink Under the Finger Nails Watch on YouTube
11/18/2021 Elizabeth McHenry Headshot of Elizabeth McHenry Bookcover for To Make Negro Literature Watch on YouTube
12/02/2021 Mark Rifkin Headshot of Mark Rifkin Bookcover for Mark Rifkin Watch on YouTube
01/27/2022 Matthew G. Kirschenbaum Headshot of Matthew Kirschenbaum book cover for Bitstream Watch on YouTube
02/24/2022 Reed Gochberg Headshot of Reed Gochberg Book cover for Useful Objects Watch on YouTube
03/31/2022 Hannah Farber Headshot of Hannah Farber Book cover Watch on YouTube
04/28/2022 Jennifer Putzi Headshot of Jennifer Putzi Bookcover for Fair Copy Watch on YouTube
05/26/2022 David K. Thomson Headshot of David Thomson Book cover for Bonds of War Register
06/30/2022 Sarah J. Purcell Headshot of Sarah Purcell Book cover for Spectacle of Grief Register
07/21/2022 Michael Lawrence Dickinson Book cover for Almost Dead Register

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