Photographs of Tuskegee Institute: An Illustrated Inventory of the American Antiquarian Society

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Cabin life - the Black Belt

Image of two African American women and three children seen sitting on the breezeway porch of a cabin in the Black Belt region of Alabama.

Cotton scene - cabin life

Group portrait of eight African American cotton pickers standing outside of a wooden cabin near Tuskegee, Alabama. Two men, one boy, one girl and four young women are seen.

Artesian well - divided out for races

View of an artesian well covered by a wooden gazebo near Tuskegee, Alabama. The gazebo is divided into two sections to segregate blacks and whites. A young white girl is seen inside at left under the "White" section, and an African American woman is…

Camp meeting - snuff dipping

Image of African American men and women seen standing around at a camp meeting near Tuskegee, Alabama. A woman is seen bent over looking into her hand, possibly dipping tobacco.

Camp meeting - lunch counter

Image of two African American woman and a man seen working a lunch counter under a tree at the site of a camp meeting near Tuskegee, Alabama. The cart on which the food is placed is upside down and reads "Tennessee."

Conference scene - "I'se gwine hole my smoke"

Image of two older African American women at the Tuskegee Negro Conference. The woman at left is about to place a tobacco pipe in her mouth. The woman at right has a pipe in her mouth and looks at the viewer, with her arms crossed. The People's…

Conference scene - some styles

Image of some of the women, including one white woman, attending the Tuskegee Negro Conference. The women are all dressed in stylish dresses and hats. They stand ouside of one of the buildings on campus. The People's Conference, or Tuskegee Negro…

Conference scene - ready for lunch

Image of an African American man and woman seen sitting outside of one of the buildings at Tuskegee Institute during the Tuskegee Negro Conference. A picnic basket is beside the woman, who holds a smaller basket. The People's Conference, or Tuskegee…

Conference scene- just arrived

Image of an older African American woman seen driving into Tuskegee in an ox-driven cart. The People's Conference, or Tuskegee Negro Conference, now known as the Farmer's Conference has been held annualy since 1892.

Annie Campbell - student at T.N.I.I.

Half length portrait of a female African American student named Annie Campbell at Tuskegee Institute, class of 1899. She sits facing right and is seen in profile view.