Photographs of Tuskegee Institute: An Illustrated Inventory of the American Antiquarian Society

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Snow Hill School, W.J. Edwards '94 T.N.I.I.

Image of African American students and teachers gathered outside of the Snow Hill School in Snow Hill, Alabama. Founded by William J. Edwards, a graduate of the Tuskegee Instistute.

School improved by Cornelia Bowen '85 T.N.I.I.

View of the two story children's school in Tuskegee, Alabama, with African American students standing outside, boys on the left, and girls on the right. The school was principaled by Cornelia Bowen, a graduate of Tuskegee Instistute.

School house where W.J. Edwards '94 attended public school

View of a rustic, single room, wooden school house, where William J. Edwards attended public school. An African American man, likely Edwards, stands in front of the school.

Phelps Hall for Bible training

View of Phelps Hall, for Bible training at the Tuskegee Instistute in Alabama. The three story building has two chimneys and a wrap-around porch.

Original buildings at Tuskegee Inst. in 1882

View of the small, wooden buildings of the original Tuskegee Instistute.

Improved school of Tuskegee Institute

View of a single story school house at the Tuskegee Institute. African American teachers and students are gathered in front of the school, separated by gender.

Improved school and church near Tuskegee

Image of a single room school house near Tuskegee, Alabama. Dozens of African American students and their teachers are gathered in front of the school, separated by gender.

Agricultural building, T.N.I.I.

View of the two story, brick agricultural building at the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama.