Photographs of Tuskegee Institute: An Illustrated Inventory of the American Antiquarian Society

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Evolution of farmer's houses

View of two farmer's houses near Tuskegee, Alabama. In the foreground is a new, small wooden house with central chimney and front porch. Two African American men are seen on the porch. In the background is a small rustic and partially delapidated…

Parker model house for senior girls

View of the Parker model house for girls at the Tuskegee Institute. African American men and women are seen gathered in front of the house. The women sit while the men stand behind them.

Residence of Booker T. Washington, principal

View of the large, two story Victorian house belonging to Booker T. Washington, near Tuskegee Institute.

Improved house of a colored man near Tuskegee

Image of a small, single story Victorian bungalow, owned by an African American family near Tuskegee, Alabama. Two young African American children sit on the porch.

Home of an ex-slave owner in cotton section

View of the plantation house known as Grey Columns, built in 1857 by William Varner. The house is now used as the residence of the president of Tuskegee University. The two story Greek revival house has a collonaded porch and large cupola.

Residence Warren Logan, treasurer Tuskegee Institute

View of the large, Queen Anne style house of Warren Logan, treasurer of the Tuskegee Instistute.