Slavery and Antislavery in American Civilization, 1820-1861

American Studies Seminar
William W. Freehling

The following American Studies Seminar research papers were written by students in the 1991 seminar, "Slavery and Antislavery in American Civilization, 1820-1861," under the supervision of Professor William W. Freehling.

  • "John Brown: Lydia Maria Child's Knight in Shining Armor," by Maria Cronin
  • "Seeing "Red": Perceptions of the American Indian in Lydia Maria Child's Juvenile Miscellany," by Patricia Laprey
  • "The Reaction of Abolitionists to Uncle Tom's Cabin: Simply a Matter of Black and White?," by Michael Lorenzini
  • "The Cuban Question, 1858-9," by William B. Morse III
  • "Moments Musicales avec de Noirs Americains- Musical Moments with Some American Negroes: Excerpts from a personal Narrative by Giscard Duva," by Stanley Pierre-Louis
  • "'No right': Roger B. Taney and his Sectional Imperative," by Diane M. Saska
  • "Antebellum Republicans: Pragmatic Political Opportunists or Blundering Representatives of the Moral Majority," by E. Thomas Willett
  • "Abolition of the Double Standard: 19th Century Men who Championed Women's Rights," by Lisa Wilson
  • "Abolition Women's Use of the Bible to Justify their Appearance upon the American Political Stage," by Karen Wozniak.

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