Private Writings: Their Uses and Value for History and Literature

American Studies Seminar
Helen R. Deese

The following American Studies Seminar research papers were written by students in the 2002 seminar, "Private Writings: Their Uses and Value for History and Literature," under the supervision of Helen R. Deese.

  • "Big Men on Campus?: Levi Lincoln Newton and the Harvard riots," by Erin Bartram
  • "The Letters of George Gustavus Kimball: A Reflection of the Greatest Generation," by James Bostock
  • "A Young Woman's Battle with Tuberculosis: A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Diaries of Sarah Josephine Stoughton," by Sara Campbell
  • "Serious Business: Growing up in 19th Century Massachusetts" by Meghan Griffiths
  • "The Significance of Private Writings: An Analysis of A Convict's Diary, an Unpublished Manuscript," by Jane McGowan
  • "Selected Letters of Lucy Chase, 1870's," by Janet O'Brien
  • "A New England School Boy in 1874: The Diary of Kenneth Allen," by Erin Penoyer-Gerbino
  • "Selected Journal Letters of Jonas King," by Elizabeth R. Salazar
  • "Abby and Stephen Foster: A Personal Perspective," by P. Thomas Spencer
  • "Levi Lincoln Newton, b. 1820, d. 1847 Worcester Unmarried: The Story of Levi Lincoln Newton," by Daniel Wajnowski

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