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Annual convention Grand Clan, Mass. O.S.C. [Order of Scottish Clans] Boston, Feb. 22, 1898

Printed purple ribbon with gold ink. Has metal pin at top and button with seal of the Order of the Scottish Clans.
Has label: The Whitehead & Hoag Co. badges, buttons, ... Newark, N.J.

Newark, N.J.

14 x 5 cm.

New England Laundrymen's and Allied Trades Association. Boston, Mass. Sept. 13-15, 1897

Red printed ribbon badge, printed in gold ink, with button at top showing the old and new state houses of Massachusetts.
Includes label: The Whitehead & Hoag Co. ribbon, metal and celluloid badges ... 611 Washington St. Boston, Mass. Main office &…

Annual convention American Antiquarian Society - Worcester, Mass. October, 1898

Printed purple ribbon badge with metal pin and white button featuring the Massachusetts state seal on it. Button has label "The Whitehead & Hoag Co., badges, button, banners and advertising novelties, Washington & Warren streets, Newark, N.J."