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Louis Prang: Innovator, Collaborator, Educator

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Scene after Dutch landscape artist A.J. van Wyngaerdt. Lithographed by Hermann Harring, a chromist that worked for Prang for over fifteen years taking paintings and breaking down their colors to create a replica in lithograph form. "Springtime" was…

Late autumn in the White Mountains.

This scene depicts the New Hampshire fall foliage, set against the background of the White Mountains. A river runs through the center of the scene with colorful maple and birch trees lining the shore. This chromo was a companion to "Early Autumn on…

Harvesting, near San Jose

View of men seen in a field, loading hay onto an ox drawn cart in northern California. In the foreground, a man sits in the grass on a blanket. In the distance, mountains are seen. This print was part of a set of fourteen scenes of California painted…

Pumpkin time.

This idyllic fall scene depicts two men working in a field of corn and pumpkins, tying corn stalks. Across a stream at left is a farm house and barn. Ducks and cows are seen grazing in the yard. This print was advertised in the Publisher's weekly in…

The Yellowstone National Park, and the mountain regions of portions of Idaho, Nevada, Colorado and Utah

The Yellowstone National Park is considered one of Prang's greatest chromolithographic achievements. Taking the watercolors from Thomas Moran's 1871 expedition to Yellowstone for the United States government, Prang recreated Moran's fifteen…

Early autumn on Esopus Creek, Kingston, N.Y.

This landscape is one of L. Prang & Cos. first published chromolithographs. Part of a set of two, depicting scenes by Alfred T. Bricher, the set sold for $12, a large amount of money at the time, especially compared with scenic lithographs…