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Louis Prang: Innovator, Collaborator, Educator

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The Yellowstone National Park, and the mountain regions of portions of Idaho, Nevada, Colorado and Utah

The Yellowstone National Park is considered one of Prang's greatest chromolithographic achievements. Taking the watercolors from Thomas Moran's 1871 expedition to Yellowstone for the United States government, Prang recreated Moran's fifteen…


This print is from a set of calendar pages published by Louis Prang in 1876. These scenic prints show the New England landscape through each month of the year, and marks Prang’s first collaboration with floral and bird painter Fidelia Bridges.…

Early autumn on Esopus Creek, Kingston, N.Y.

This landscape is one of L. Prang & Cos. first published chromolithographs. Part of a set of two, depicting scenes by Alfred T. Bricher, the set sold for $12, a large amount of money at the time, especially compared with scenic lithographs…

Peace on Earth Christmas card

This card, designed by Lizbeth B. Humphrey, won the third prize in the 1881 Christmas card competition. Here, a blonde woman stands on a crescent moon and extends an olive branch that she holds in her hand, while a dove escapes from the other.

Prang's Prize babies

This progressive proof book shows the process in creating an image from nineteen separate color stones. The book was made for salesmen selling the print, to explain the process. The image, after an oil painting by Ida Waugh, depicts six infants…

Should with joy ye mortals pray

This card, designed by Dora Wheeler, won the second prize in the 1881 Competition. The retail cost of this card was $1.25 with fringed trim, or $.75 without. The poem on the back of the card is by New England poet Celia Thaxter. After winning $2000…

Good Saint Santa

This card, designed by Lizbeth B. Humphrey, won the second artist’s prize in the 1881 competition. A young girl kneels while Santa Claus is seen in the corner with a hand to his ear, listening to the girl’s wishes.

Boston Prize card

Entered for the fourth and final competition of Prang's Christmas cards in 1884, Humphrey's card won the popular prize by Boston votors and garnered much attention. Known as the "Boston prize card" this card depicts a woman and two children standing…

Plate LXIV. Quadrangular vase (Fang P’ing) of the Ch’ien-lung period, 1736-1795.

Plate LXIV from Prang's master work Oriental Ceramic Art, published in 1897. After testing lithographers throughout Europe to reproduce his ceramics collection, William T. Walters gave L. Prang & Co. the commission after seeing the quality of…

Spaniel and woodcock

One of a pair of scenes depicting hunting dogs after Arthur F. Tait. Tait, a British artist, began his artistic career painting wildlife, turning more towards domesticated and farm animals later in his career after his move to the United States.…