Primary Sources

The full range of AAS’s digital assets will be available to participants during the Institute. A good portion of the Society’s collections have been digitized and are part of commercial databases that are available on campus and from which participants will be able to download digital facsimiles of sources that they discover. Additionally, many of the materials discussed during the library workshop sessions are available through the Society’s website, accessible from anywhere, such as those below.

The News Media and the Making of America, 1730-1865
The history of America has always been intimately entwined with the history of communications media—and that has always been changing. This exhibition broadly explores the interconnectedness of American news media, in all its formats, with changes in technology, business, politics, society, and community from 1730 to 1865. There are 116 primary sources, such as the Massachusetts Gazette pictured to the right, from the AAS collection that are available digitally.

The Adverts 250 Project
The Adverts 250 Project explores the history of advertising in eighteenth-century America. It features a daily image of an advertisement published in a colonial newspaper 250 years ago that day. Brief commentary accompanies each advertisement.

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