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Nelson and his wife, 90 years old.

Albumen print mounted on card. Elderly Pallyup couple standing in front of lean-to.

Indians and Canoes. #305

Albumen print mounted on card. Image of a group of beached canoes. Puyallup men and women are arranging goods packed into the canoes.

Miss Irvine and class

Albumen print mounted on card. Photograph of a Caucasian female teacher sitting with her nine Native American girl students sitting around her. She holds hands with one of the girls.

Family seated on ground outside of grass covered dwelling

Albumen print. Image of four Native American adults sitting outside of a grass covered dwelling. One figure holds an infant on their lap. Baskets and bowls are strewn about.

An Arizona belle

Albumen print cabinet card. Half length portrait of a Native American woman. She is bare-chested and wears multiple necklaces and a plaid skirt. She leans on a carved pedestal and wears white face paint.

"A group of Mariposa belles"

Stereograph. Group portrait of five Native American women of California, all wearing long-sleeved dresses, three wearing woven headbands.

"Fresno Squaws and papoose"

Stereograph. Image of two Native American women of California sitting on the ground wearing long-sleeved dresses. The woman at right holds a sleeping baby in a cradleboard.

"At the Rancherio, Mendocino County, California"

Stereograph. Image of a young Native American infant seen playing with a basket or cradleboard. A group of women are seen sitting in the background.

Group portrait of Osage men and women

Cabinet card albumen print. Group portrait of nineteen Native American, men, women and children gathered in front of a building. The men stand, and the four women and one child are seen kneeling or standing in front of them.

"Ma-nu-ni, all of the tribe; with Mormon and Gentile spectators. No. 51"

Stereograph Photographed by Jack Hillers for the US Topographical and Geological Survey of the Colorado Valley, 1874.
Image of a group of Native Americans and Caucasians seen gathered together in a field.