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Puyallup Indian Betsy Boston.

Albumen print mounted on card. Portrait of elderly Puyallup woman Betsy Boston seen sitting along the banks of a river, with a canoe in the background.

Group of Native American boys in uniform

Albumen print mounted on card. Group portrait of nine adolescent Native American boys seen posing in a studio, all wearing buttoned uniforms and holding their hats in their hands.

Last Horse

Platinum print. Half length seated portrait of Oglala Sioux man Last Horse seen holding a long pipe to his mouth. He wears a large feathered headdress and beaded shirt made of hide.

Umpqua Reserve, 1859

Salted paper print. Oval portrait of a Native American man holding a bow and arrow in his proper left hand.
Photo is pasted on heavier stock and has a ribbon at top to hang image.

Ute warriors

Albumen print. Full length portrait of two Ute warriors with long braids and feathered headdresses, each holding a pistol in their hands.

Ouray, Ute chief

Three-quarter length portrait of Ouray, an Ute Indian chief wearing a suede suit and his hair is in braids.

Oragis and Powatch. Ute braves, 1875

Albumen print. Portrait of Ute men Oragis and Powatch, seated.

John, Ute chief

Albumen print. Half length portrait of Ute Indian John, wearing traditional buckskin clothing and his hair in braids.

Gurno or Guerro. Ute chief

Albumen print. Half length seated portrait of Ute Indian Guerro, or Gurno. He wears a long sleeved shirt with an anchor embroidered on it.

Guaratche and Sha-wa-no. Ute chiefs

Albumen print. Portrait of two Ute chiefs, Guaratche and Sha-wa-no, both seated.