Native American Photographs

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"A group of Mariposa belles"

Stereograph. Group portrait of five Native American women of California, all wearing long-sleeved dresses, three wearing woven headbands.

"A log of bucks. 1577."

Stereograph. Image of five Native Americans of California seen sitting on a large fallen log. All are dressed in shirts, pants and hats.

"Albert Bierstadt's studio."

Stereograph. Image of the American artist Albert Bierstadt seen sitting outside of a wooden hut, painting at tabletop easel. He is surrounded by five Native American men standing behind him, and two others sitting at right. Two dogs lie in the sand.

"An octogenarian. 1580."

Stereograph. Image of an elderly Native American of California seen sitting on a log in front of a wooden dwelling. A young child sits at left.

"Donald McKy [i.e., McKay] the celebrated Indian scout"

Stereograph. No. 1622. Half length seated portrait of Donald McKay, a Warm Springs Indian, sitting in a chair, wearing a plaid shirt and light jacket, and holding a rifle in his lap.

"Fresno Squaws and papoose"

Stereograph. Image of two Native American women of California sitting on the ground wearing long-sleeved dresses. The woman at right holds a sleeping baby in a cradleboard.

"Shoshone Indians at Corinne [Utah]"

Stereograph. No. 754. Group portrait of three Shoshone men standing near a railroad track, with a railcar seen at left. The man at center points his bow and arrow at the camera. Two women kneel on either side of the group.