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Chilcat chief with blanket, Alaska, 1891

Albumen print mounted on grey board. Portrait of an Alaskan Chilkat chief wearing a decorative woven blanket draped over him.

"A log of bucks. 1577."

Stereograph. Image of five Native Americans of California seen sitting on a large fallen log. All are dressed in shirts, pants and hats.

"Albert Bierstadt's studio."

Stereograph. Image of the American artist Albert Bierstadt seen sitting outside of a wooden hut, painting at tabletop easel. He is surrounded by five Native American men standing behind him, and two others sitting at right. Two dogs lie in the sand.

"Bogus Charley"

Albumen print. Half length portrait of captured Modoc man known as Bogus Charley, wearing a light colored shirt and scarf tied around his neck.

"Boston Charley."

Albumen print. Half length portrait of captured Modoc man known as Boston Charley. He wears a light colored shirt and jacket.

"Breaking up camp."

Stereograph. Image of a Ute family seen gathered near a partially dismantled tipi. A boy is seen at far right holding a rifle.

"Burgess and Boston Charley"

Albumen print. Portrait of Boston Charley standing with John C. Burgess of Yreka, California. Charley holds a rifle in his hands.

"Cappolas, capturer of 'Captain Jack' of the Modocs."

Albumen print. Full length portrait of Modoc chief Cappolas (Capolis), wearing a buckskin top and pants adorned with feathers and furs. He holds a bow and arrow in his proper right hand.