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Nelson and his wife, 90 years old.

Albumen print mounted on card. Elderly Pallyup couple standing in front of lean-to.

Leading the blind

Albumen print mounted on card. A young Native American boy leads a blind man using a branch as they walk along a road.

Indians and Canoes. #305

Albumen print mounted on card. Image of a group of beached canoes. Puyallup men and women are arranging goods packed into the canoes.

A group of boys chopping and hauling lumber

Albumen print mounted on card. From the Puyallup Reservation in Tacoma, Washington. Image of Native American boys seen working in a lumberyard with Caucasian men supervising them. An ox led cart is seen at right.

Indian Treaty at Fort Sully, Dakota Territory

Albumen print. Image of a large group of Native American men sitting on the ground in front of a large log cabin with three stone chimneys. Caucasian men stand against the building.

Inscribed on verso: Indian treaty at Fort Sully, Dakota…

Plenty Coups

Silver gelatin print. Half-length portrait of Crow chief Plenty Coups (1848-1932) holding a book titled America: The life story of a great Indian, which was the autobiography of Plenty Coups, published in 1930.

Last Horse

Platinum print. Half length seated portrait of Oglala Sioux man Last Horse seen holding a long pipe to his mouth. He wears a large feathered headdress and beaded shirt made of hide.

Ouray and other Ute men

Albumen print. Group portrait of Ouray and four other Ute Indian men.

Dog train from Pembina, [North Dakota]

Albumen print. Image of two Native American men and a child standing near a dog sled. Four dogs are seen tied to the sled.
Embossed with photographer's name: Whitney, St. Paul.
This photograph was used later as a stereograph.
Inscribed: For the…

Umpqua Reserve, 1859

Salted paper print. Oval portrait of a Native American man holding a bow and arrow in his proper left hand.
Photo is pasted on heavier stock and has a ribbon at top to hang image.