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Omaha schoolchildren

Included in W.H. Jackson's Descriptive catalogue of photographs of North American Indians, Department of the Interior, U.S.G.S., Washington, D.C., 1877, no. 474.Albumen print. Image of a young Omaha girl seen standing in a field carrying an infant on…

"Our boys and girls at the Indian Training School, Carlisle, PA"

Cabinet size albumen print. Collage with photographs of thirty four Native Americans who attended the Indian Training School in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. The sitters are named on verso.

Miss Irvine and class

Albumen print mounted on card. Photograph of a Caucasian female teacher sitting with her nine Native American girl students sitting around her. She holds hands with one of the girls.

"Sitting Bull's camp; sectional view"

Stereograph. Image of a Native American man in a patterned shirt with a blanket wrapped over his shoulder. Two young boys are seen wearing oversized shirts.

A group of boys chopping and hauling lumber

Albumen print mounted on card. From the Puyallup Reservation in Tacoma, Washington. Image of Native American boys seen working in a lumberyard with Caucasian men supervising them. An ox led cart is seen at right.

Leading the blind

Albumen print mounted on card. A young Native American boy leads a blind man using a branch as they walk along a road.

Puyallup Indians

Albumen print mounted on card. Image of a group of eight Pallyup boys seen wearing blankets and headdresses and carrying arrows. They walk in a line across a brush-filled area.

Siwash Camp. #837

Albumen print mounted on board. Image of a Siwash or Salishan Indian camp made up of a row of tents. A boy looks at the camera.

"Jack’s family—Lizzy (young wife), Mary (his sister), old wife & daughter"

Albumen print. Portrait of three Modoc women and a young Modoc girl. The two younger women sit to the left, and the older woman sits and holds her daughter, who stands in front of her.