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This exhibition was produced through a collaboration between the American Antiquarian Society and the undergraduate and graduate students in Dr. Lindsay DiCuirci’s course on women and American periodicals at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (fall 2015).

Dr. DiCuirci’s class would like to thank Dr. Molly Hardy of AAS for her instruction, feedback, and tireless hunting through the stacks. The AAS curatorial and cataloging staff also helped locate items and offered suggestions for improving the site. Ken Albers of George Mason University provided invaluable training on Omeka and was readily available for troubleshooting. The class is also thankful to the UMBC special collections staff, who provided a space for research and collaboration.

 Dr. Hardy would like to thank Andrew Bourque, Dan Boudreau, and Nicole Grdinich, as well as her fellow AAS Omekans. 


From Fall 2016:

Alexa Abee
Lauren Amoruso
Allison Atkins
Amanda Burns
Elizabeth Chen
James Harris
Grace Kim
Brittney Kramer
Rachel Lanspa
Samuel Manas
Nicki Njapau
Elizabeth Pickering
Trevor Ruben
Ging Shamberger-Sandosky
Sarah Spicer
Mary Taylor
Kevin Wisniewski

From Spring 2017:

Anne-Marie Abaagu
James Gallagher
Eyal Handelsman
Cheyenne Johnson
Joshua Lee
William Leisher
Hannah Mathwich
Joseph Nash
Carolyn Noe
Natalie Phillip
Jason Stitcha