Current Members - New Hampshire

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Residence Election
Boggs Colleen Hanover, NH 10/25/2019
Bowers Q. David Wolfeboro Falls, NH 4/11/2003
Burns Kenneth Lauren Walpole, NH 10/21/1992
Calloway Colin Gordon Hanover, NH 4/20/2012
Cunningham Valerie Ragland Portsmouth, NH 4/21/2007
Dewey Morgan Bowen Lebanon, NH 10/18/2002
Gould Eliga Hayden Durham, NH 5/2/2014
Kelley Mary C. Old Lyme, NH 10/16/1991
Nylander Jane Cayford Portsmouth, NH 10/17/1984
Nylander Richard Conrad Portsmouth, NH 10/19/2007
Strickler Susan Elizabeth Manchester, NH 10/19/1994
Tolles Bryant Franklin Concord, NH 4/22/2006
Watters David Durham, NH 4/22/2006

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