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Residence Election
Baker Jean Harvey Baltimore, MD 10/18/1989
Bauer Ralph Robert College Park, MD 4/11/2008
Bonner Christopher James College Park, MD 10/22/2021
Casper Scott Evan Holden, MA 4/23/1999
Cole John Young Chevy Chase, MD 10/16/1985
Dietrich Henry Richard, III Chevy Chase, MD 10/22/2010
Farren Donald Chevy Chase, MD 4/24/2004
Flint Richard W. Baltimore, MD 10/24/2008
Furstenberg Francois Baltimore, MD 11/8/2013
Goldman Stephen Alan Oxford, England, MD 4/15/1987
Gonzalez Aston A. Salisbury, MD 4/29/2021
Goodheart Adam K. Chestertown, MD 10/22/2010
Greer William Hershey, Jr. Chevy Chase, MD 4/16/1986
Grosvenor Edwin Stuart Rockville, MD 4/15/2011
Heyrman Christine Leigh Churchville, MD 10/18/2002
Johns Elizabeth B. Hagerstown, MD 10/16/1995
Johnson Michael P. Baltimore, MD 4/11/2003
Jones Martha S. Baltimore, MD 10/26/2018
Lapides Linda F. Baltimore, MD 4/19/1989
Loewentheil Stephan Martin Stevenson, MD 10/21/2005
Lyons Clare Anna Silver Spring, MD 4/15/2011
Marcum Deanna Bowling Kensington, MD 4/15/1992
Marriott Nancy Peery Potomac, MD 4/19/1991
Miles Ellen Gross Bethesda, MD 4/11/2003
Morgan Philip David Baltimore, MD 10/21/1998
Papenfuse Edward Carl, Jr. Baltimore, MD 4/15/1987
Platt Andrew David Silver Spring, MD 4/21/2022
Reaves Wendy Wick Chevy Chase, MD 4/22/2006
Sheppard Beverly Kay Annapolis, MD 10/21/2005
Siegel Nancy J. Baltimore, MD 10/26/2018
Smith Clint Silver Spring, MD 10/22/2021
Sutton Robert Kent Bethesda, MD 4/9/2010
Tabb D. Winston Baltimore, MD 4/24/2004
Thomson John Coe Chevy Chase, MD 4/13/2018
Wood Joseph Sutherland Baltimore, MD 4/22/2006
Wulf Karin Anne Rockville, MD 10/22/2004
Ziff Larzer Baltimore, MD 10/17/1979

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