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Residence Election
Blew John Charles Chicago, IL 10/23/2015
Breen Timothy Hall Evanston, IL 10/19/1994
Dawdy Shannon Lee Chicago, IL 10/22/2010
Erkkilä Betsy Evanston, IL 4/9/2010
Gilfoyle Timothy Joseph Chicago, IL 10/19/2007
Gromacki Joseph Paul Chicago, IL 10/24/2014
Gustafson Sandra Marie Chicago, IL 4/11/2003
Gutierrez Ramon A. Chicago, IL 10/22/1999
Harris Leslie Maria Evanston, IL 4/15/2011
Harris Neil Chicago, IL 4/16/1980
Holt Thomas C. Chicago, IL 10/20/2000
Krummel Donald William Urbana, IL 4/20/1988
MacLean Barry L. Mundelein, IL 4/20/1996
Martin Robert Eden Chicago, IL 10/21/1992
Marty Martin Emil Chicago, IL 4/19/1978
McBride Dwight A. Evanston, IL 10/27/2016
Rowe John William Chicago, IL 4/15/1992
Schreyer Alice Donna Chicago, IL 10/23/2015
Slauter Eric Chicago, IL 4/12/2013
Spadafora David Charles Chicago, IL 10/19/2007
Wedgeworth Robert Chicago, IL 4/5/1981
Wills Garry Evanston, IL 4/20/1988
Wilson Douglas Lawson Galesburg, IL 4/22/1995
Wisecup Kelly Chicago, IL 4/21/2022

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