Current Members

This directory is a list of all current members elected to the Society.

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Residence Election
Fabian Ann Vincent New York, NY 4/19/1997
Fabre-Moreau Geneviève Paris, France 4/20/1996
Fahs Alice E. Irvine, CA 10/17/2003
Fairbanks Jonathan Leo Westwood, MA 10/20/1982
Faragher John Mack New Haven, CT 10/20/2000
Farren Donald Chevy Chase, MD 4/24/2004
Fates Richard Janney Ipswich, MA 10/16/1996
Faust Drew Gilpin Cambridge, MA 4/14/2000
Favretti Rudy John Storrs, CT 4/15/1987
Feimster Crystal N. New Haven, CT 10/26/2018
Felcone Joseph James, II Princeton, NJ 10/21/1992
Feld Stuart Paul New York, NY 10/19/2001
Ferguson Stephen Princeton, NJ 4/20/2012
Fern ALn Maxwell Chevy Chase, MD 10/20/1976
Ferriero David Sean Washington, DC 4/9/2010
Fields Barbara Worcester, MA 11/19/2020
Fiering Norman Sanford Providence, RI 4/5/1981
Finkelman Paul Albany, NY 4/3/2009
Finlay Nancy Ann Unionville, CT 10/24/2014
Fiori Dennis Andrew Concord, MA 4/22/2006
Fischer David Hackett Wayland, MA 4/21/1971
Fleming Patricia Lockhart Toronto, Canada 4/22/1995
Fletcher Mary Froiland Worcester, MA 10/20/2000
Fletcher Warner Stoddard Worcester, MA 10/21/1981
Flint Richard W. Baltimore, MD 10/24/2008
Foner Eric New York, NY 10/18/1989
Forbes Timothy Carter New York, NY 10/15/1986
Foreman Pier Gabrielle Wilmington, DE 4/13/2018
Formisano Ronald Paul Lexington, KY 10/15/1980
Formwalt Lee William Bloomington, IN 10/20/2006
Forsberg David P. West Falmouth, MA 10/24/2014
Foster Frances Smith San Diego, CA 10/28/2018
Fowler William Morgan, Jr. Reading, MA 10/21/1998
Fox Richard Wightman Los Angeles, CA 4/20/2002
Fraker Lilllian Eve Lanesboro, MA 10/27/2017
Frank John V. Akron, OH 4/11/2019
Frank John V. Akron, OH 4/11/2019
Franklin John Whittington Washington, DC 10/19/2007
Franklin Wayne Steven Hebron, CT 4/20/1996
Freehling William Wilhartz Fredericksburg, VA 4/18/1990
Freeman Joanne B. New Haven, CT 10/18/2002
Friary Donald Richard Salem, MA 10/17/1979
Fuhrer Mary Babson Littleton, MA 10/24/2014
Fuller Mark William Boylston, MA 10/22/2004
Furstenberg Francois Baltimore, MD 11/8/2013

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