Current Members - Connecticut

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Residence Election
Abbot Quincy Sewall West Hartford, CT 4/24/2004
Adler John Riverside, CT 10/16/1995
Aretakis Nick Guilford, CT 4/11/2019
Ball Edward Rowley New Haven, CT 4/24/2015
Berkley William R. Greenwich, CT 10/22/1999
Blackhawk Ned Hamden, CT 10/21/2011
Blight David William New Haven, CT 10/15/1997
Brown Daniel Putnam, Jr. West Granby, CT 10/24/2014
Brown Irene Quenzler Hampton, CT 4/24/2004
Brown Richard David Hampton, CT 4/5/1981
Bruhn Thomas Paul Storrs, CT 10/26/2012
Buel Richard Van Wyck, Jr. Essex, CT 10/20/2000
Capshaw Katharine Storrs, CT 10/27/2017
Clark Christopher Frederic Storrs, CT 4/22/1995
Cooke Edward Strong, Jr. New Haven, CT 4/9/2010
Cornell Saul Redding, CT 10/19/2007
Dangremond David W. Old Lyme, CT 10/21/1998
Dayton Cornelia Hughes Ashford, CT 10/20/2000
Dimock Wai Chee New Haven, CT 4/22/2005
Duane Anna Mae Milford, CT 10/27/2016
Edwards Jared Ingersoll Hartford, CT 10/26/2012
Faragher John Mack New Haven, CT 10/20/2000
Favretti Rudy John Storrs, CT 4/15/1987
Feimster Crystal N. New Haven, CT 10/26/2018
Finlay Nancy Ann Unionville, CT 10/24/2014
Franklin Wayne Steven Hebron, CT 4/20/1996
Freeman Joanne B. New Haven, CT 10/18/2002
Gibbons Susan Lynn New Haven, CT 4/12/2013
Gitlin Basie Bales Hamden, CT 10/22/2021
Glick William J. Meriden, CT 10/26/2018
Goetzmann William Nelson New Haven, CT 4/15/1992
Halladay Terry G. Hamden, CT 10/26/2018
Harris Sharon Marie Storrs, CT 4/11/2008
Helfand Jessica Hamden, CT 10/24/2008
Herzog John Edward Southport, CT 10/19/2001
Hosley William Newell Enfield, CT 4/21/2001
Hurt Dorothy Margaret New Haven, CT 10/26/2018
Izard Holly Varden Storrs, CT 10/21/2005
Jaeger Sheryl Lynne Tolland, CT 4/6/2017
Kane Katherine Deffenbaugh Hartford, CT 4/15/2011
Kauanui Josette Kehaulani Middletown, CT 10/22/2010
Kimnach Wilson Henry Woodbridge, CT 10/21/1998
Lamar Howard Roberts Orange, CT 4/19/1972
Lehrman Lewis E. Greenwich, CT 10/23/2009
Lesser David Matthew Woodbridge, CT 10/22/2004
Lincoln Crawford Enfield, CT 4/18/1984
Miles George Albert Branford, CT 10/19/1994
Miller M. Stephen West Hartford, CT 10/21/2011
Motley John Henry Hartford, CT 10/22/2004
Newmyer Robert Kent Storrs, CT 10/16/1995
Niles Thomas Michael Toliver Stamford, CT 4/18/1990
Promey Sally May North Haven, CT 4/20/2002
Prown Jules David North Branford, CT 10/19/1966
Roach Joseph Roger New Haven, CT 4/20/2012
Ruggles Rudy Lamont, Jr. Ridgefield, CT 4/21/2007
Scheinfeldt Joseph Thomas Storrs, CT 10/23/2015
Schroeder E. C. Clinton, CT 4/15/2011
Seymour Robert Seth Colebrook, CT 10/22/2010
Shailor Barbara Ann Branford, CT 10/18/2002
Shoemaker Nancy Storrs, CT 10/23/2009
Sicherman Barbara West Hartford, CT 4/19/1989
Sloat Caroline Fuller Thompson, CT 10/26/2012
Smith Robert Hyde, Jr. Hartford, CT 10/15/1997
Spencer James Ronald W. Hartford, CT 4/15/2016
Stoll Steven Benno Guilford, CT 4/3/2009
Stout Harry Stober, III Branford, CT 10/17/1990
Thorson Robert Mark Storrs, CT 4/13/2018
Vincent Robert Arthur Thompson, CT 4/15/2016
Vincent Susan Stark Thompson, CT 4/15/2016
Waller Altina Laura Willington, CT 10/17/2003
Westbrook Nicholas Kilmer Old Lyme, CT 10/19/1994
Wetzel Mark Robert North Granby, CT 10/15/1997
Wilson Lisa Hall Mystic, CT 5/2/2014
Woodward Walter William Storrs, CT 4/3/2009

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