Little Women and Self-Made Men: Gender in the Nineteenth Century

American Studies Seminar
Lee Heller

The following American Studies Seminar research papers were written by students in the 1992 seminar, "Little Women and Self-Made Men: Gender in the Nineteenth Century," under the supervision of Professor Lee Heller.

  • "Lesbianism in Nineteenth Century America," Dana Marie Badway
  • "The Role of Women in Revivals and Camp Meetings," Anna Discenza
  • "Gendering 'Paddy' and 'Bridget': The Invention of Nationality in Antebellum Bostonian Culture," Christine E. Doyle
  • "The Impact of the New York Magdalen Society: A Look at the Moral Reform Crusade in New York City," Mark Fruzzetti
  • "The Causes and Effects of Female College Education in the Nineteenth Century," Patricia Girouard
  • "Will the True Louisa May Alcott Please Come Forward: The Unmasking of a 19th [century] Woman Author," Jennifer Harrak
  • "Caroline Barrett White and the Cult of True Womanhood," Donna M. Kimball
  • "Silent Suffering: A Historical Overview of Nineteenth-Century Battered Wives," Suzanne LePage
  • "The Creation of Identity within Cultural Constructs: A Case Study of Amateur Journalists in the Late Nineteenth Century," Carrie Siler
  • "Frontier Life: The Hardships Experienced by Women in a Moving Society," Melanie Ward

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