Workshops for K-12 Educators

The American Antiquarian Society is pleased to offer professional development opportunities for K-12 teachers through our Hands-On History Workshops, during which participants work closely with scholars and AAS library materials. These workshops are open to all K-12 educators as well as the general public, and professional development points will be available for participation.

Previous Workshops

Independent Gold HunterSaturday, June 22, 2013
“Mining for Minerals: The Pull of the West”
Lead scholar: Kathryn Morse, Middlebury College
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Writing HistoryMonday, August 19, 2013
“Writing History”
Lead scholar: John Demos, Yale University
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Writing HistorySaturday, October 19, 2013
“The Emancipation Proclamation and Gettysburg Address”
Lead scholar: Harold Holzer
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Home EducationSaturday, November 16, 2013
“Picture Perfect: Nineteenth-Century Women in Words and Images”
Lead scholar: Laura Smith, University of New Hampshire
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Independent Gold HunterSaturday, March 29, 2014
“Suffragists, Teetotalers, and Abolitionists: Social Reform in the Nineteenth Century”
Lead scholar: Tom Augst, New York University
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Writing HistorySaturday, May 10, 2014
“Exploring Johnny Tremain
Lead scholar: Joan Rubin, University of Rochester
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Civil WarThursday, June 11, 2015
“No Taxation Without Representation: How the Stamp Act Made America”
Lead scholar: Mary Babson Fuhrer
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