K-12 programsThe American Antiquarian Society is committed to helping to improve the ways in which American history and literature are taught and learned in public and private primary and secondary schools. The Society seeks, wherever possible, to join with teachers, school administrators, scholars, and other interested individuals and organizations in developing important and challenging educational initiatives that will have a positive impact in classrooms locally and nationally.

The Society can best achieve this goal by concentrating its K-12 efforts on undertakings that place the resources of the AAS library and the subject-area expertise of AAS staff, members, research fellows, and others in the Society's scholarly community at the service of school teachers and administrators in providing new curricula and new ways of teaching history and literature through the use of facsimiles of primary source material in the classroom.


K-12 Digital Resources
These resources contain a variety materials, including lesson plans and primary sources, useful for k-12 education.
2021 NEH Summer Institute for K-12 Educators
This Institute is both a colloquium and a hands-on workshop that will explore how media was used during the Age of the American Revolution, a critical era of change in the American news milieu, in media use, in business, politics, and community life.
k-12 workshopsWorkshops for K-12 Educators
AAS is pleased to offer professional development opportunities for K-12 educators that are designed to inspire them both personally and professionally, deepening their content knowledge and energizing their teaching through hands-on activities with original primary source materials, digital tools, and active collaboration between scholars, AAS staff, and other participants.
Class Visits and Group Tours
A class visit can be a great way to introduce your grade 6-12 students to special collections, the research process, and original primary sources.
Isaiah Thomas—Patriot Printer Immerse your students in historic primary source materials with a dynamic theatrical presentation about Isaiah Thomas (1749–1831), a printer who was instrumental in starting the American Revolution and then, as the foremost publisher in the Early Republic, created a uniquely American literature and culture.

School Visit at AAS

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